Online Coaching Testimonials

I definitely want to retain you as my online running coach. Your coaching has made a world of difference to my running in such a short time. I was talking to my family about it over the weekend and everyone is so impressed with how well your plan is working for me. Thanks so much !! You are amazing…

Michelle Bartlett

I felt a deep confidence throughout the run that I’d done the work and benefited from such a great program. Had your voice ringing in my ears about staying relaxed and embracing the challenge.  A massive thanks for all the help and great advice. It’s just been incredible having someone of your calibre and knowledge in my corner. Really amazing service that you offer.

Thanks again. You’ve been invaluable.

Nicholas Hookway
Hobart Half Marathon

I knew my goal of running the Gold Coast half was achievable, but I never expected the get the result I did. I didn’t have a running buddy so I needed something/someone to make me accountable and provide guidance. Enter Pat Carroll’s on-line program. It was perfect for me. The program was well structured and the training advice, encouragement and support were amazing. Pat is such a professional and so giving of his time. Thanks again Pat!!!!

Belinda Parish

GC Half Marathon 2017


Pat, thank you for your support and guidance mate, the fact that you changed my schedule 3 times to accommodate my illness really shows that you are invested in the runners you mentor via online coaching.

Glen MacKellin
New York Marathon

I am very grateful for your support through the entire training program. The benefit of which was experienced on the start line where I wasn’t concerned about finishing the race but instead was focused on how I would run it. I was calm and excited for what lay ahead. This was due to the preparation which was guided by yourself. My sincerest thanks and I now look forward with enthusiasm to the next challenge, whatever it may be.

Marcus Trant
Melbourne Marathon

“In early 2017 I set myself a goal to run my first marathon.  A friend recommended that I engage Pat’s services as an online running coach, which in hindsight was great advice.

Pat developed a training program that was tailored to my running goals, lifestyle, and running capability.

As my fitness improved throughout the training program Pat helped me to realise what I was capable of through setting challenging but achievable time targets for time trials and lead up races.

I not only achieved my goal/dream of a sub 4 hour first marathon but also substantially improved my PBs at the half marathon, 10km and 5km distances.

Pat’s services are great value for money and I highly recommend them to anyone who has a running goal to achieve.”

Michael Sleap
2017 Melbourne Marathon


I just want to say a huge thank to Pat for providing me with the support, motivation and confidence to run my first marathon. I contacted Pat Carroll to help me train for The Great Ocean Road 44K.  Being my first marathon I had many questions and as I looked for answers on the internet I felt lost in a sea of training plans and conflicting advice. To say the least I was a little overwhelmed. I quickly decided that I need a trainer.  I was a little dubious about using an online trainer, I wondered just how useful could they be? How wrong I was!  Pat contacted me and through a series of questions about my running/fitness history and more importantly my life schedule he devised me personal and challenging yet workable training plan. He set goals to keep me on track and kept in touch weekly to provide support and mentoring. I feel privileged to have had the advice and guidance of such an incredible athlete.

Thank you Pat Carroll for pushing me to achieve my best. I ran my first marathon with success and I enjoyed every minute of it. I cannot thank you enough and will definitely be contacting you again for my next running event.

Sarah Collins
Great Ocean Rd Marathon
4hrs 40min

“ I engaged Pat to provide a 30 week marathon program to assist me complete my first marathon. Not only was the program a day by day breakdown of what I needed to do but the ongoing support and guidance was nothing short of sensational. The goal sessions and the accountability that Pat provides gave me an overwhelming sense of confidence that not only would help me achieve my goal of completing the marathon but it would give me a level of fitness that I would not have had in 25 years. Pat’s constant support and reinforcement of staying true to the program but also reassuring me that I am on track is the reason why I have now completed my first marathon. If anyone would like to run in any event at any distance I would strongly encourage you to engage Pat’s services – not only will you succeed with your goal but you will be hooked”

Andrew Cairns
2017 Sunshine Coast Marathon
3hrs 40min 08sec

Words can’t express how unbelievably thankful I feel to have been coached by the legend Pat Carroll.
When I first reached out to Pat 7 months ago, I was broken and just got back into running. I found it was helping me move past my grief so I thought I would try and achieve an ambitious goal of a sub 2 hour half marathon result.

Pats legendary and expert coaching helped me achieve this result not once but twice this year.

Pat, You believed in me so much that I started believing in me too. That was the true trigger.

If you ever want to give this running gig a go I strongly suggest you contact Pat. He still holds the record for a half marathon with a super impressive time of 61:11 An all round superstar!

Heleen Barlett
2017 Sunshine Coast Marathon

“The program is spot on. If you ever need a referee on the benefit of your program, I’d be more than happy to recommend it to anyone. It’s worth it’s weight in gold!!”

Tony Quinn

Thanks for a fantastic program and guidance along the way. Your knowledge and experience gave me the confidence to have a go at a time I thought was past me.

Alastair Dow
Brisbane Marathon 3:19:49

“Having a structured training program has helped my running in every way. Pat plans my workouts based on my individual capabilities and it paid off recently as i set a half marathon PB taking off 20minutes from my previous time. My goal is to progress and improve and Pat helps me achieve this. I look forward to setting new PB’s under Pats coaching, thanks mate.”

John Sindicic
Jetty2Jetty Half Marathon 1:37:58

I can’t thank Pat enough for his training plan and advice to get me a 22 minute PB at the GCAM!  Pat’s personalised training plan reinforces that consistency really is the key to success.  I look forward to continuing to improve my running working along with Pat!

Glenn Edmonds
Gold Coast Airport Marathon 3:05:20

I’m really happy with the results from your program! I have been smashing PBs left, right and centre!

Andrew Daniels
Gold Coast Airport Marathon 3:28:30

I have been following Pat’s training program for a couple of years now and have found that my times for the half marathon have improved quite significantly as a result.  His expertise and ‘after sale service’ ensured that my goals were not only achieved but exceeded.

Teri Garner
Gold Coast Half Marathon 1:57:47

To say I’m elated doesn’t even begin to cover it!! I can’t thank you enough Pat for your program and guidance these past 11-12 weeks.  I felt completely relaxed & confident in my prep, and while there was some soul searching with 2-5km to go, your guidance helped carried me through. I started with the 4.30 pacers but felt good, so backed myself to stretch it out, running to the pace I’d been doing in my training. I’m just thrilled with the result.

Louise L
Gold Coast Airport Marathon 4:16:35

Thanks very much for all your advice, have very much enjoyed the training plan and look forward to more races in the future that I will get you to “coach” me on.

Cath Griffin
Gold Coast Airport Marathon 4:32:00

I wanted to thank you for your help and most of all your encouragement along the way I signed up not knowing to expect, but your training program was the basis for many things I have learnt about running over the past 6 months.

Prunella Blinman
Gold Coast Airport Marathon 3:39:25

Thank you for writing my training schedule. I was explaining it to an acquaintance who ran and had been using an ASICS training pgm which worked with km increments. They thought yours with time increments sounded much better. I shall recommend you.

Maggie Flemming
Gold Coast Half Marathon 1:49:55

I also want to say a massive thank you for the 16 week program and the support you gave me throughout. I had a few hiccups along the way but that just made it more interesting……… and you stayed positive which helped me to continue pushing through. I thoroughly enjoyed the program and the sessions you provided. I would recommend your programs to anyone and I look forward to hopefully getting another program from you in the new year for the Marathon.

Kellie Jamieson
Online Client

Your training methodology and abundance of useful information made it so much easier to get to the start line. I have recommended your online coaching to many people.

Trent Davidson
Gold Coast Airport Marathon 3:28:00

Thank you very much for all your assistance and training tips.  I noticed a lot of people running out of juice and walking at around the 34km mark or so and I’m sure I would have been one of them without your training programme.

Richard Symons
Gold Coast Airport Marathon 3:16:00

Thanks again for everything – I found the whole coaching experience to be both personal and rewarding.

Michael Masters 3:27:39
Gold Coast Airport Marathon

Thanks so much for your help in getting that PB, your program made me work harder and do what I didn’t think I was capable of.

Sharon Sondergeld
Gold Coast Half Marathon 1:58:59

I am very happy with result as my original goal when contacting you was under 6 hours with 5.5 as great and 5 as outstanding. Thanks for your support and encouragement over life of plan, was a little worried mid plan I may not have been able to complete a full marathon, your encouragement was hugely beneficial.

John W
Gold Coast Airport Marathon

Mate – a huge thanks for your help with my GCAM campaign. This has (for me) solidified the value of a targeted program versus a ‘one size fits most’ solution.

Andrew Lane
Gold Coast Airport Marathon 3:28:33

Over the last few years, I’ve had you outline programs for me for several different goals, from running a fast 5km to full Marathon. Your programs have always become the core of my training and focus – and they’ve always helped me achieve my goals. Without your programs and guidance, I would have likely made major mistakes which would have led me to frustration and doubt – and not being able to achieve the kind of results that are within my reach now. I have a much more complete and deeper understanding of my running & training as a result of your programs.

I wanted to say a big thank you for the last year of support and programs, you are a true inspiration Pat and I’ve enjoyed having you as a coach!!

Jared Davis
2017 Asics Half Marathon (1:38:41)

I wanted to say a big thank you for the last year of support and programs, you are a true inspiration Pat and I’ve enjoyed having you as a coach!!

Trin Patch

Just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for your help with my running over the past 12+ months. Your advice and encouragement was fantastic. The highlight was definitely my 5k pb last year for the win. Even if it was in the slowest race of the meet! I couldn’t have done that without your help.

Thanks again

Rohan Simkin

“I couldn’t even run more than 300mts at the start of the year, your plan has given me purpose in my training & confidence.”

Kerry Priest
Online Client
7th April 2017

“Thanks for your help and even though I don’t contact you much it really does motivate me knowing that at any time you might pop up with an email to check on me.”

Janelle McPherson
Online Client
30th March 2017

“I want to say a huge thank you for your program and support – it only takes one person to believe in you to make you believe in yourself and that person was you – thanks Pat!!”

Trin Patch
2016 Amsterdam Marathon
16th Oct 2016
3hrs 30min 15sec

“ My location (NW NSW) and work means that training with others let alone within a group is not possible, Pat has provided wonderful support to me giving me the confidence to put my best foot forward every time I train and race. In September 2014 I attempted a marathon (self trained) which ended very badly, so much so I said I would never do another. December 2015 I decided to have another go and contacted Pat for help. Together we worked towards Melbourne Marathon 2016, along the way the PB’s just kept coming in the ½ marathons. Melbourne marathon 2016 was a 23min PB and more importantly the desire to get training again with Pat to smash that PB again. Thank you Pat for the help you have given me. It is the extra effort you go to beyond just writing the program.”

Gavin Whitburn
Melbourne Marathon
3hrs 58min 58sec

“Pat’s tailored marathon training plan from first enquiry to successfully achieving my goal was exceptional. It was realistic but at the same time challenging and it kept you accountable. Pat’s timely and personal feedback with encouragement was always appreciated. I would recommend a plan devised by Pat to anyone who wants to achieve a running goal whilst at the same time enjoying the journey, thanks again Pat.”

Steve Thompson
Melbourne Marathon
3hrs 28min 10sec

Thanks so much for all your guidance and encouragement – you have been wonderful and kept me motivated and confident.
Marc Hughes

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with you for the past 8 weeks. Your guidance and knowledge has been inspiring during this time. Also knowing you would be at the finish line mentally helped on those last few km’s.

Karen Withers
Sydney Marathon

I asked Pat to help me with a personalised plan to run my first marathon. Pat’s planning and advice provided me with the structure and support I needed to confidently achieve this important life goal. It wasn’t smooth, and we had to make some slight changes to the plan along the way – but Pat was able to help adapt the program for me at different stages as required. I would never have been able to achieve this without Pat’s program and advice. Thanks Pat!

Jared Davis
2016 Brisbane Marathon

Thanks for guiding me through again Pat – it was quite an adjustment this year and thanks for flexing up the program as I worked through the motivation and injury issues. I have enjoyed your programs and emails to keep me motivated over the past several years and this is probably my last although I will never say never and if I get my mojo back and start chasing improved 10k or 5 k times I will be in touch.

Steve Embry
2016 Gold Coast Half Marathon

Thanks for all your coaching, it definitely paid off and I’m VERY glad I had a program written up!

Gemma Hayley
Gold Coast Airport Marathon

As a competitive master’s cyclist, I wanted to switch across to running, targeting the 2016 Gold Coast Marathon as my first Marathon. Pat put together a training plan for me and coached and guided me through the program. He tracked my progress, kept me accountable and adjusted the plan as needed. He was quick to share his depth of knowledge with me, which for a novice runner like me, was really valuable. Communication was always prompt and help was readily at hand. I ended up running a 3:35 Marathon, which I was very happy with for my first one. Now I have new dreams and targets in sight and I have asked once again for Pat’s help to bring those goals and dreams to fruition.

Mark Vainikka
Gold Coast Marathon, 2016

Thank you so much for the training program.  Honestly, knowing what to do was the hardest part.  Having a program meant all I had to do was get up when the alarm went off and do what was written for me – that made a massive difference and thanks to that, I achieved my goal.

Liz Gaber
Gold Coast Airport Marathon

Thanks for the training plan. I don’t think I would have done the time, or recovered so well without it!

Kylie Barker
2016 Gold Coast Airport Marathon

Thanks for everything Pat. I’m not always the most motivated runner and I know that I wouldn’t have got anywhere near the amount of training done if I was left to my own devices with no one to report back to. And if anyone I know embarks on a marathon campaign I will certainly point them your way.

Patrick Drummond
2016 Gold Coast Airport Marathon

Thanks so much for all your guidance and support!!!! I wouldn’t have even made it to the start line without you. I have really enjoyed all your insights and tips. Great to deal with a Lauries’ legend!

Tim Foley
2016 Gold Coast Airport Marathon

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for giving me such a bloody good program to follow and for all the the advice and encouragement. I couldn’t be happier or more proud of what I have achieved. 8+mins off my PB should be shouted to the rooftops!!

Erin Skewes
2016 Gold Coast Airport Marathon

Having halfheartedly had a bash at a marathon and a 50km-er previously, I thought it was about time I had a go at seeing what I could achieve with some “proper” training. Pat’s program was just right – it fit in around my other commitments and was set at just the right level – tough enough to push me out of my comfort zone but not so hard I gave up, with the right amount of support when I felt disheartened and pulling into line when I tried to pull the excuses! Come race day at GCAM everything “ran” like clockwork, I grinned the whole way round the 42km and managed to smash my previous PB by 35 minutes!!! Thank you Pat!

Vicky Dawes
Gold Coast Airport Marathon
3hrs 44min

I followed one of Pat’s programs it was fantastic. I achieved my goal of a sub 2 hr half marathon and along the way did PBs for 5 and 10 km distances during the training. The feedback was always prompt and helpful. I would highly recommend Pat Carroll to anyone trying to improve their running.

Lynn Gay
2016 Gold Coast Half Marathon

Your e-mail messages in the 2 weeks prior offered some great and much needed advice which saw me going into the half more relaxed and confident for any event I had ever done.  I completed the course in just under 3 hours av pace was 8.15 until the final 2 kms, so overall 8.22, which I am happy with for my first attempt, more importantly I really enjoyed it (except perhaps the last 2 kms… haha), and finished with a smile and am injury free – a little tight but no major complaints.

Nicole Gibbs
2016 Gold Coast Half Marathon

For those wanting a personalised training plan, I couldn’t recommend Pat’s programs more highly. The program considered my current level of fitness, had lots of variety and a number of goal sessions to help track progress and keep accountable.

Quick responses to my questions via email meant that living in Melbourne was no barrier.

With Pat’s help and encouragement I was able to achieve a 13min PB at the 2016 Gold Coast Marathon. I am going to sign up again to help achieve my next goal.

Darren Bowden
2016 Gold Coast Airport Marathon

Just wanted to thank you for getting me across the line again!!! I tried doing my own thing once but it never worked for me. Your encouragement and knowledge and experience give me the confidence to know all I have to do is put myself out of my comfort zone a little and make an honest effort and follow your program and it all falls into place for me after the gun goes off ‘as you say’.

Thanks again Pat I like that you not only encourage me but you educate me. That stops me from panicking close to race day when I hear other people panicking and doing long runs when they should be tapering. I’m able to relax and trust in your program. I know I’m not overtraining as I think so many people do and I know rest days and recovery days do allow me to absorb my training and help make me stronger.

What I see different is the mental preparation from your support and education allowed me to run smart and relaxed on the weekend knowing the last 5 kms would be a little tough but trusting in my training and banked kilometres allowed me to not walk at all and not stop until my race had been run, knowing how rewarded I would feel having done this.

Trish Poole
Gold Coast Half Marathon

‘I have used Pat’s online coaching services since 2014 and thanks to his support, enthusiasm, honesty and guidance, I have been able to take 6 minutes off my personal best and achieve my goal of a sub 4 hr marathon.

I can highly recommend Pat’s online coaching and would have no hesitation in using his services for future goals.’

Alana Pollard
Gold Coast Airport Marathon
3hrs 57min

Thanks, Pat. Thanks for putting up with my whinging, and my constant barrage of emails. Thanks for your wise words, and your very personal approach.

If I ever do another one, you’ll be the first one to know.

Matt Martin
2016 Gold Coast Airport Marathon

I cannot thank you enough for your support. I would thoroughly recommend your training program. You had me running 15kms sooner than I thought. I will not hesitate to use you again in the future when I am ready to attack my goals.

Kylie Steffan

So Pat, a big thank you to you. I am very impressed with your program, help, support and encouragement. Your understanding as to where I was (running wise) and  how to get the best from me over 8 weeks is very impressive. I will be back in touch soon for my next program in the not too distant future. Next time I will try to make it with more lead in time and who knows what may be achieved.

Brent McWilliams
Rotorua Marathon
4hrs 40min

I can now say I have done two marathons, and that’s something I’m pleased with.  To put it into context, in July last year I was almost 98kg and not in any shape except for round.  Since getting active again and through the continued training, I’m back closer to 80kg, feeling better, and able to run, making 2016 Paris Marathon significant for me.

Thank you again for your patience and guidance and I remain amazed at your ability to get people like me through such events.

Brett Considine

Once again Pat,  I must thank you for keeping me motivated for the past 10 months. You helped me achieve my goal of a sub 2 hour half marathon at the Gold Coast…that was a fantastic feeling!! One I will never forget. Although I didn’t quite make it again in Melbourne in October, (illness just prior to that did flatten me somewhat), I was happy with my effort. Added to this was Sydney’s City to Surf in August, which I completed in the time you set for me. Having a personalized training schedule works so well, and gets results for me that I don’t think I could achieve otherwise. You put me out of my comfort zone with your time trials, and this is a good thing for me ( although I didn’t think so at the time) I would never do that by myself. I have learnt so much about myself and my running while training with you…all to my advantage. And your encouragement when I thought things weren’t going so well, gave me confidence.

Thank you

Chris Banney
Nov 2015

Thank you so, so so much for your amazing coaching – I definitely wouldn’t have trained properly or had any idea as to how to approach the event without your guidance. I’ll DEFINITELY be calling upon you in the new year for another event training scheme!!

Catherine Gilford
Melbourne Half Marathon
2hrs 4min

I’d like to thank you for your support throughout the training and I can 200% say without the guidance I would not have started nor finished yesterday. I am extremely proud to now call myself a Marathon runner. For the short future I will enjoy the spontaneity of running with a desire to complete half marathons as a way of keeping in tune should I wish to step it up . Again Pat, many thanks!!!

Peter De La Mare
Blackmores Sydney Marathon

Pat – I just want to say the biggest Thank You for your on-line coaching, guidance and support.  You helped to put me in the best possible physical and mental condition to complete my first marathon even though I am the wrong side of fifty.  The 23 week program was tailored for me with a half marathon event in the middle for added motivation, it took account of my goals, my previous performances and a realistic view of how my training could fit into my work and family commitments.  At the same time you gave me some effort tasks which pushed me out of my comfort zone which I found enjoyable and I am sure made me a better runner.  Your email feedback on my training results was always so hugely positive and encouraging in a way that gave me a lot of confidence. Your tips on injuries, diet, race pacing  and mental preparation were all spot on.   I completed the Gold Coast Marathon and know that after following your program I was able to give it my best on the day.  It was probably the hardest thing I have done but because I was ready for the day I was able to really enjoy the whole experience, to take it all in, and it is hard to describe how I felt when I finished.  Thanks again.

Tony Cooper

Pat you helped me achieve my goal, which was to cross the finish line for my very first full marathon. Your coaching pushed me out of my comfort zone many times but this proved to be worth it on the day. Being accountable to you over the 20 weeks kept me focused. You always answered my emails every week and your encouragement is priceless. I would most definitely recommend you to anyone needing a run training program.

Thanks again Pat

Best regards,
Cathy McInerney

I can not recommend Pat’s online coaching program highly enough. Pat personalises the program so much and no matter how many times I needed program adjustments either due to injury or ‘life’ he was so positive, encouraging and accommodating. My running has improved so much, beyond what I could ever have imagined from a ‘virtual coach’. Pat’s communication is friendly, warm, and he even manages to get his enthusiastic comedic self across in his emails. Looking forward to kicking some more goals in my next program!

Caet Young
4hrs 53min
2015 Gold Coast Airport Marathon

I didn’t believe that I could or would ever run a sub-90 minute half. Not only did you help me to a 1:22:57 half, but the first half of the marathon was ~1:29. I am, quite simply, ecstatic with how far I’ve come in 18 months training with you.

Bayden Russell
Gold Coast Airport Marathon

Thank you Pat for helping me achieve my half marathon goal – A goal I set for myself but didn’t know if I could really achieve it.
Training is both a physical and mental and you supported me with both. The program was well structured and easy to follow and I appreciated how you modified the sessions when I had an injury.
The personalised emails were encouraging and supportive and your words of advice helped me with self doubt and gave me focus on race day.

Thank you
Andrea Quinn
Gold Coast Half Marathon

I know that the training plan you did for me has worked.  I have never felt to strong and my running times have significantly improved especially over the shorter distances.  Your training helped me do an amazing half marathon PB in Mackay (1.50.17).

So, just wanted to say, thanks very much Pat.


Amanda Lee-Ross

I signed up with Pat Carolls online coaching in September last year with the goal of running a sub four hour marathon at the Gold Coast marathon this year.

Pat designed a program for me based on this goal. It was a challenging but enjoyable program. Pat would set me time goals to aim for throughout the program which kept me motivated.

Pat was quick to answer questions and provided encouragement  throughout the program.

I have no hesitations in recommending Pat’s online coaching to anyone looking for a structured program that’s enjoyable and keeps you accountable with the aim of helping you achieve your goals.

Alana Pollard.

Your program has made such a difference to my running in such a short time. I can’t wait to see what the next 12mths will bring!

Alana Mckeon

It’s been a real honour to have you as my coach over the last 20 weeks, I really appreciate and value your word and experience, the training was very full on but I know it will be so worth it on the day.

Cathy McInerney

I found Pat via simple online search after becoming dissatisfied with a generic HM training regime. Liking to do my homework, my research soon assured me that Pat has the rungs on the board. Being a Qldr was a bonus! I set out to achieve reliable coaching advice to assist me to confidently go forth, happy in the knowledge that I was following a program appropriate to ME (middle aged, middle distance, and mid range time goals).

What I got was a man who struck a balance between firm and encouraging. Pat seemed to have my best interests at the heart of all advice, and I enjoyed more than a year ‘answering to’ him, safe in the knowledge that as long as I did my best and kept communicating, I was running at my best.

For me coaching wasn’t so much about taking time off my PBs, as running confidently, at my best, injury free. I achieved this in spades.

Thanks Pat. I miss you, and the next race I sign up for might just justify another period of coaching. If I ever lose my mojo – I’ll sign up again just for the fun of it!

Denise Craig

Thanks so much for your support & encouragement Pat. I feel very lucky that you are my coach. I imagine at this time of year you have many runners in your online stable, in addition to your PCRG. Your ability to authentically connect with each email is a huge talent & strength. You make me feel, as I’m sure you do for all your runners, that you care.

Best regards,
Ruth Byrne

Pat Carroll’s online training program helped guide me back after a year or so away from running. I had lost my confidence and thought I would never get back to my previous level of fitness.
I came across Pat Carroll’s website offering an online training program and after signing up I realised I was more motivated and my running fitness levels and confidence in running increased.

I completed the Auckland Half Marathon the same year in November 2014 and would like to thank Pat for guiding the way.
I look forward to my first full marathon in November 2015 and will be using Pat’s customised online program. I highly recommend.

Thank you Pat!

Kate Smith

“I must thank you for how far you’ve brought me in the last 12 months. The BIG achievement in my mind is that your program has meant that I’ve run 4 times per week for pretty much the entire year without injury, something that I haven’t ever managed to do before. This consistency combined with your encouragement, motivation and a little shove on occasions has meant that I’m running faster than I ever have before. The PB’s have rolled this year, and I’ve even had a few top 10 finishes!
5 km: 18:30 (no previous PB)
10 km: 39:23 (2:20 min PB)
12 km: 45:56 (2:08 min PB)
Half mara: 1:25:11 (7:37 min PB!!!!)

Bayden Russell

I first used Pat for the Gold Coast Marathon back in 2011 and managed to take 20 minutes off my PB for a 3:30 marathon. When I signed up for the 2014 Paris Marathon, it was a no-brainer for me to go back to Pat for a new plan to improve once again! Pat’s program gave me the structure, flexibility and focus to attack my training with an renewed enthusiasm. The regular report backs and feedback kept me accountable to my program and allowed Pat and I to adjust and reset depending on how I was going and how my body was responding to the work load.

Along the way to Paris, I managed to get PBs for 3km (15 seconds), 5km (30 seconds), 10km (2:30 mins) and 21.1km (3:00 mins). Paris was another story altogether – I managed to run extremely consistent 5km splits and finished with 3:19:24 – a PB of 11:30 mins! Thanks again to Pat for another awesome program and I look forward to working together on the next one!

Jeremy Williamson

“After competing in my first marathon in 2013 I set myself a challenge to qualify for the 2015 Boston Marathon. That meant I had to knock a whopping 10min off my marathon time. I knew this was something that I couldn’t achieve on my own. I looked into what coaching options were out there and couldn’t go past the convenience and value for money that Pat’s service provided. If one of Australia’s best ever runners couldn’t get me there then who could! Pat wrote me a solid program that fitted into my busy lifestyle. At first I thought it light on but thought Pat know’s best! And how correct I was! Pat encouraged me throughout the program sending positive vibes and also letting me know if I was softening up…..always in a nice way of course! In the end I managed to run the Sunny Coast Marathon in a time of 3:04, some 13 minutes faster than when I started with Pat, and Boston is now locked in. Further I smashed just about every distance PB during the process. So folks if you want expert advice in the convenience of your own home at a very reasonable price, then give Pat a go. You won’t be disappointed!”

Guy Schweitzer

I approached Pat Carroll online coaching service after a recommendation from a friend who is an avid runner that has experienced great improvement with PC programs. I first called him to let him know my thoughts and goals after few marathons done last 2 years (some great, some disappointing) and my idea when I call him was to talk about a half marathon program in Melbourne which was 11 weeks away (although my prefer race are marathons I was not convinced I was going to be ready to run another marathon then). But after talking to Pat, he reassure me that 11 weeks was going to be enough with the running base I had and I could make my decision down the track about which event I will feel more prepared for.

So we decided on a marathon program. He not only send me my personalized program but also an extensive document outlining very important things during training I should be aware of (nutrition, cross training,etc). The part I like the most was that I not only will have an structured program to follow but also the back & forward feedback from him as a coach and the establishment of some small goals along the way to work towards to too.

Then I started the program with low expectations, but firmly following it to the teeth to see where it would take me.
The program was a combination of mostly easy runs but few challenging work outs/runs. I found in the program a perfect balance between easy runs and really hard runs which gave me an unexpected improvement of fitness but also has kept me injury free.
The results along the way started to reveal. In 4-6 weeks my speed sessions improved dramatically (I used to run 400 mts at a 4:20-4:30 min/km pace to end up doing 1 km in 3:52-4:18 min). I couldn’t believe what it was happening. After some goals and trials he set up for me in the program, I knew I have found the program that suits me really well. I participated in a couple of races during that training and all of them ended up in PB’s. I have been chasing to run a marathon in less than 4 hours for 2 years. My best time was 4hr 02 min before training with Pat.

11 weeks went by and I finally put all the hard work and guidance I have from it to the test in the Melbourne marathon 2014. That day was a highlight of my running journey that I will never forget: I completed my 9th marathon, 3rd marathon for 2014, I ran it in 3hr54min (less than 4 hours) and a 8 min marathon PB. If you have asked me 11 weeks prior before starting that this will be the outcome, I wouldn’t have believed it.

I found I was supported the whole time during my training, he was very approachable, knowledgeable and encouraging. My experience has been so fantastic that I am continuing training under his guidance and programming for my next marathon in early 2015.

I highly recommend Pat Carroll to anyone or any runner.

Valentina Milosevic
Melbourne Marathon
3hrs 54min

Thanks for your help this year Pat . Your program got me there and having you on the end of an email greatly assisted in keeping me committed to training when I often felt like pulling the pin.

Steve Embry
Melbourne Marathon 4.29.58

I just wanted to thank you for assisting me in reaching my goals of (1) a sub 1h 40m half marathon; and (2) running a 5k or 10k PB during the training.

You prepared a professional and challenging 14 week plan which I was able to follow closely for the first 7 weeks but then needed to adapt due to a hamstring injury. You provided prompt and helpful advice throughout the training program and helped me to achieve both goals. I ran 1.39.35 at the Gold Coast Asics Half Marathon on 6th July and, as part of the training program, 21.37 in the Westerfolds Park Run on 17th May. Both were PB’s.

The hamstring injury was frustrating but you were supportive and helped me to make good decisions about dealing with it and minimising the impact. This included amending the program as necessary to take account of lost time and physio advice etc. It wasn’t the perfect preparation but in a way that’s made still achieving the goals even more satisfying.

Peter Keating

When I first joined up with you, I wanted a sub 5 hrs, but by the end of my training we set around 4.45. However, I’m even happier with my 4.35 finishing time! When I first decided to do the marathon, I thought it could be my first and last ( depending on how it all went of course ) so I wanted to have the best shot at it that I could. As I’ve said earlier, you not only gave me a training regime, but you gave me a belief in myself, and encouragement that made me more confident in my running. I can honestly say I wouldn’t have stuck to my training if I didn’t have to report back to you. But now I look forward to going out running by myself – just chilling and thinking how lucky I am to be able to do just that…run.

Chris Banney
Gold Coast Airport Marathon

Just wanted to say a massive thank you for your support for the recent GC Half Marathon on 6 July 2014! It was my first ever attempt at running in any type of event and after perusing the GC Marathon website back in March 2014 you seemed like the obvious choice as a Trainer.

Overall I was so impressed with the training plan you provided for me and the ability to be able to make/receive contact with you (if needed) with ease.  All the material you provided to me was clear and concise and easy to follow. Everything you have ever said to me made absolute sense – especially the advice prior to race day!  I also appreciated the way you were able to incorporate some breathing space for me within the training period after I experienced a nasty fall which affected my lower back.

None the less race day arrived and I felt calm, prepared and ready to run!  It was so much fun and I happily achieved a solid finish in 2.13!  Not bad for a first timer in her 40’s!

I couldn’t have done it without you!

Thanks Pat.
Kathy Bateman

“Pat’s online training program helped me exceed my goals for my first Half Marathon, which I know I would not have been able to achieve, without Pat’s customized program. Not only was my program customized to my goals and requirements, even when I suffered a calf muscle injury during my training, Pat re-adjusted my program and offered me the essential advice I needed to help me recover and get back to my training again – and still achieve a personal best beyond my expectations! I cannot recommend Pat’s program highly enough for others who want to improve their running and achieve new personal bests!”

  • Half Marathon PB before program – 1:51
  • Hopeful Goal at start of Program – 1:45
  • Actual goal achieved at end of program – 1:40:31

Thanks Pat!

Jared Davis
Gold Coast Half Marathon

Thank you Pat. I have no doubt that I wouldn’t have trained as consistently or as hard over the last 6 months without having you there to guide, encourage and push me along. You’ve had me running sessions and times that I didn’t think I could and now I’m inspired to see what I can do. And after today I know that there’s more to come – I did a 6 minute PB, which is 1 minute per month of the program. Can’t argue with that for return on effort!

Bayden Russell
Gold Coast Half Marathon

Thanks for your online training. It worked very well for me, stretched me to go faster/further without injury and kept me accountable. It was great to have 33 weeks training time as it gave me time to adjust for the odd niggle or the times I couldn’t run as per spreadsheet. I felt far more confident going in to the event this year due to time and effort I could put into training that you set.

Bruce Jay
Gold Coast Airport Marathon

Thank you so much for your program, support and encouragement. You truly know your stuff. I’ll be in touch when I choose a new goal!

Kelly Bedford
Gold Coast Half Marathon

I absolutely loved your training program and have raved about it to friends and clients. So thorough and enjoyable to follow and your personalised emails were great boosters to the confidence. Will definitely call upon your help again for my next one!


Nicola Williams
Gold Coast Airport Marathon

Thank you so much for all your motivational encouragement and feedback. Your support was so important to me. I have no doubt that without your  program I would have struggled. I know that you have a few clients but you still made me feel ‘special’.

Jo Brown
Gold Coast Airport Marathon

Thanks again for your coaching program. It definitely help me to achieve my goal and give me the motivation to keep at it.

Christine Tenacious
2014 Gold Coast Half Marathon
2hrs 35min

It’s been a pleasure training under you.  You have helped greatly in bringing out my best….

Mark Collinson

Thank you for the encouragement you have given me and making me believe in myself. I knew when I embarked on this journey, I needed to have direction….being accountable to someone and going out of my comfort zone would not have been possible otherwise.

Chris Banney
01/July 2014

Your program – in fact all the programs you have set for me – got me to the line in the best shape possible having regard to the limits and interruptions I had. When other things start going wrong, I actually know that if I stick to what you set me it will get me into the best shape I can be. I really value your training guidance, the overall wisdom the program provides and the wisdom you provide on the side. So thank you very much. You really do make the world of difference to how I run and race.

Nicholas Chen
2014 smh half marathon 1.24.00

As a vote of confidence/thanks for your program and encouragement, every time you set for me lately makes my eyes pop out – I never thought I’d be running times like this so something is working!

Bayden Russell

In 2012 Pat helped me nail a sub-50 minute 10k (48.48, now 46.53), in 2013 a sub-2 hour marathon (01.45.39) and in 2014 my first every marathon (London 2014 in 03.58.06). Previously I had run a handful of 10k and half-marathons but had never broken a 60 minute 10k or 2.20 minute 1/2 marathon. Pat provides the platform and motivation to go out there and be the best I can be – thanks again Pat! Next goal? With Pat’s help, a 50km ultra marathon.”

Alan Mercer
London Marathon

“I really appreciate your help through the program and my feedback is entirely positive. The main benefits for me of the online program are the flexibility of being able to incorporate it into my schedule, the accountability of reporting back on time trials etc. and the variety of it which gave every week a new challenge. I learnt a lot through the whole process. Although I’m  a “back of the pack” runner I felt that I received the same attention and encouragement as an elite. I’ll take some time over the summer to think about a new challenge and would be happy to seek your assistance in future.”

2013 New York Marathon

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all your help and guidance throughout this journey, I know that without you things would not have gone as well for me as they did today.

Katrina Ward
New York City Marathon

I just want to say thanks Pat for helping me achieve my goal of a sub 3.10 marathon in Melbourne this year. I’d previously ran two marathons without any coaching and ran a 3.29 and a 3.19 but never thought in my wildest dreams that a 3.08.52 would be possible. Your online coaching program was very easy to follow and having you making me accountable I believe made all of the difference. Perhaps a Sub 3 one day!

Peter Trethowan
Melbourne Marathon

Thank you so much for the help the past year.. it went so fast! I never would have made the marathon without your continued help and support.

Tanya Baker
Melbourne Marathon

Your training program really made a difference and gave me the confidence to go for it. Never hitting the wall really came to fruition as I felt great all the way through.

Brendan Royal
Melbourne Marathon
3hrs 38min

Thank you so much for your expert guidance and support in my training, not just for this event, but over the past few years. I can’t thank you enough – you have helped me become a better runner without doubt.

Tracie Edmondson
Chicago Marathon

Thanks for everything Pat, your guidance set me up to achieve this goal easily, no injury, no problems. The program you set got me to achieve what I use to see as the impossible, seeing the improvement in my running has been the biggest thing I have taken away from this, not the medal. Over the next couple of weeks I’m outlining my running goals for the next 12 months, and I think it would be great to have your guidance moving forward so I will be in touch.

Dan Wenn
Melbourne Marathon
3.48 (debut)

I’m on cloud 9 particularly since I wasn’t sure I could get under 3 and then I never dreamt of being able to get under relatively well. I thought it would be by the skin of my teeth!

Thanks for your help

Steven Koh
Melbourne Marathon

“Last year Pat helped me to my first sub-50 minute 10k (48:48) and this year he helped me nail my first sub-2 hour half marathon with a 01:45:40 after a 12 week training plan. During the program I also achieved a 5km PB of 21:18! My half marathon time was over 30 minutes faster than I have ever run a half-marathon before. If you are serious about hitting a running goal then get Pat on-board. Next year is my first marathon and my first stop? Sign-up to a four-month training plan with Pat.”

Alan Mercer
United Kingdom

Your programme was different to any other I had followed before and a good mix of challenging intervals and long runs. Four runs per week I also liked rather than the five I had previously done. It pushed my boundaries and I believe if I had followed my usual programme I would have finished in over 3 hrs. 30m. Each time you communicated you were positive and encouraging.

Alastair Dow
Perth City2Surf Marathon
3hrs 25min

Thanks for the program and all your extra advice. I much prefer the fact you set parts of the program to being “time based” rather than distance for every run. It was a great program to follow and I would recommend your service to anyone.

Helen Lawrence

I want to say a very BIG thank you to you. I would not have gotten to the end yesterday without your fantastic program.

Stacey Binns
Half Marathon 2hrs 12min

Thanks so much for your help with my training Pat, I really appreciate it, I think it was great.  I have been very quick to recommend you and your program to those in my circle and you will definitely be hearing from me again next year!!

Jody Brady
Sunshine Coast Half Marathon

THANKYOU so much for your expertise and advice along the way, I have managed two PB’s in 4 weeks- The 46min 10km was faster than I ever thought I could run.

Grant Foley

Many thanks for helping me to achieve this – I would not have been able to without your guidance.  It was the best feeling to see the clock as I crossed the line.

Alisia Bean
Gold Coast Half Marathon

Thanks Pat for all your help. You have been fantastic. As I mentioned previously I have coached many guys over time in Aussie Rules & have been lucky to meet some of the great coaches of AFL. I place you with them. You have a fantastic way to motivate & keep the individual in the moment & focused on the goal at hand. It’s easy to get caught gazing too far ahead or lose focus but you always brought me back to the reality quickly. Thank you. This is a special gift.

I am happy to recommend your services to anyone i meet (I have already many times over already) – keep up the passion for the sport you love and maybe I will bump into you at a race in the future.

Guy Calcagno
Hatyai Marathon

“I can’t believe how far I have come in 6 months. I actually ran 10km the other morning on one of my longer easy runs. When I started with you I struggled to run/walk 3km and now I can comfortably run 10km. I’ve enjoyed all the workouts you’ve given me. Some days I didn’t want to do it but I just did it and finished the training session feeling great.”

MaryAnn Bright

Your guidance throughout the program, and when that niggle presented itself, was terrific and reassuring. I can’t thank you enough.

Troy Spinks
Hobart Marathon

Once again, thank you very much for the program’s and your help over the last 6 months. You’ve given me focus and a better structure than what I thought possible and my substantially improved times are the result. 10 minute improvements over both the 10K and Half Marathon. Awesome! You’ve also inspired me to keep improving and I can’t wait til next year to do it all again.

Anthony Wood

I can’t thank you enough for helping me to achieve my goal. I can’t believe I knocked 5 min off my time in 12 weeks of the training program. I’m not very sore tonight so I’m ready to find a new running competition soon!

Thank you so much again Pat. You’re a legend!!!

Britt Saddington
Fernleigh 15

I’ve recommended your program to everyone I know. You managed to train me, with all my random injuries, via email, to a successful first marathon.  I’m really happy with the result. Couldn’t have gone better! I’m just over the moon and can’t believe I actually made it!!!  Thanks very much for all your advice and for a program that was realistic and achievable for a fun runner like me.

Belinda Cook
Melbourne Marathon

I can’t thank you enough for the guidance that you have provided me this season.  I know for certain that my results and commitment to training would not have been the same without your program and feedback – I can’t thank you enough.

Phil Hoyt
Melbourne Half Marathon

Your training program definitely helped me improve my run both physically and mentally.

Trish Webster
Melbourne Marathon

I just wanted to say thank you so much Pat!!! My result yesterday and over the last 12 months wouldn’t be possible without the programs you have put together for me and the honest feedback you provided. As of March this year you have been able to give me PBs in all distances that I competed in:

10kms previously 36:55 and now 35:00
21.1kms previously 1:19:59 and now 1:18:35
42.2kms previously 2:53:35 and now 2:51:45

Thank you so much for all your help so far. Gold Coast 2013 beckons!

Chris Armstrong
Melbourne Marathon

Thank you so much pat, you have taken me from 3:09 at Gold Coast in 2009 to an elite runner in 2012 2:42“! Still cannot believe that I held 3:49′s from start to finish!!

Sean de Morton
Melbourne Marathon
2hrs 42min

Thanks so much for all your help – there’s no way I would have made it (and injury free!) without you and your training program.

Jasmine Stringer
Melbourne Half Marathon
2hrs 40min

I found Pat’s site through an Internet search, read the testimonials and thought “right, this is the help I need to hit my running targets”. Even though I live in the UK and Pat is in Australia he always replied quickly with great tips and advice; and in an 8 week training program I broke the 50 minute 10k barrier at last – 48.48 – and knocked over 4 minutes off my PB for the 10k. I also lost over 1 stone (7.7kg) in weight and my resting heart beat dropped to around 50. Thanks a million Pat and I’ll be back next year to hit my sub 2 hour 1/2 marathon target

Alan Mercer

Thanks again Pat, I wasn’t sure how the online coaching concept would go but like any coaching when there is a program with goals to achieve and a reporting back mechanism it certainly provides a serious motivating factor to do your best. Having a running legend provide advice and share experience and wisdom (even if it is the odd kick up the backside) is invaluable.

Steve Embry
Gold Coast Half Marathon

Discussions on coolrunning

I enjoyed your program and felt I was definitely at peak fitness for this run so thanks very much.  I will definitely be in touch when I am ready to start my next campaign.

Cameron Hoban
online client

Thank-you so much Pat for the training plan. It really helped me focus on my running and gave me no excuses. I loved the challenging sessions, particularly the hills (!) and I have no doubt that it helped me get a 10 minute PB on Sunday – as well as a PB in the Sydney half and the Nike 10k.

Justine Carmichael
Gold Coast Airport Marathon

I crossed the line in 4:21:25 so beat my previous PB by 11 mins, got the sub 4:30 that I wanted and came in just a tad over the time you predicted!

I had a great day yesterday & so far not too sore yet. Thank you so much for helping get there.

Julie Moore
Gold Coast Airport Marathon

Well I had a GREAT day today and achieved 1:05:24 Yahoo!! It’s a great feeling to have achieved this with not such a great prep. Also, I just really want to thank you for keeping me running over the last 18 months.  There were times when if I did not have to email my results from a time trial, I just would not have headed out that door so thank you very much.

Lisa West
Gold Coast 10k

Thank you so much for guiding me through this campaign, I truly enjoyed being on your program. Just the assurance of knowing I’m on the right track and not having to worry about what I need to do and if I’m doing too much or too little really provided peace of mind. Thanks for all the great pre-race advice and support through the season. It has been a great experience.

Elzette Roos
Gold Coast Airport Marathon

Thanks again for your support. I have achieved so much since starting work with you just over a year ago. You have taught me to believe in myself and helped me push myself that little further which on my own, I doubt would have happened. Your realistic training plans have made it all achievable.

I expect I may well be back for the next plan soon.

Jodie Searle
Gold Coast Airport Marathon

Thanks very much for the program and the encouragement. I’m so happy with how it has all gone. I have never worked to a consistent structured training program before, and the results are fantastic, well beyond my expectations.

Peter Hogg
online client

Thanks so much for getting me here! I was just thinking, when I started all this I felt like a real beginner and quite out of my depth, but now I feel like I’ve really found my feet. You’ve taught me how to read and gauge myself, and all those little wins along the way have definitely given me much more confidence in my abilities to run! 12 mins off my 10k time – gotta be happy with that!!!

Sophie Arnall
online client

“Hugely impressed that Pat Carroll gave me a full refund because I could not continue running due to a family illness. I had only just begun his program but had left an extended period before I cancelled completely. Pat replied to my request quickly, and on a weekend! I’m so touched by his generosity and his concern. I will be back!! And in the meantime, I will be highly recommending Pat Carroll. Thanks again Pat.”

Jo Justin
online client

I’ve learnt a lot from your training sessions and will be referring back to emails and your training schedule every now and then to keep jogging my memory on the little hints I have learnt along the way. Thank you very much and I hope to be in contact again soon for the 2012 New York Marathon.

Kate Brien
online client

I truly appreciate both the program and advice that you have given. It was invaluable to me, and quite frankly there is no way I could have achieved the half marathon or marathon this year without your assistance. I hope others use your services to achieve goals in their life, because it seems obvious to me that we can achieve far more with the RIGHT assistance, than we can on our own.

Please accept my grateful thanks for all you have done for me.

Ian Hainsworth
online client
Rottnest Marathon 3.51

I’m really loving this program, it’s so great to have these goals and to push myself to achieve them.

Alison Andrews
online client

I want to thank you so much for all of the advice you provided to me over the last few months. Not only the challenging running program you put together but the marathon specific advice that I drew on many times during my debut Marathon.

Matthew Baynes
online client
Melbourne Marathon

Many thanks for your encouragement, training program, keeping me focussed and helpful advice. You’re inspirational!

To have improved my Gold Coast Half Marathon time by nearly 10 mins in 12 months. This was a highlight thanks to your training program!

Betty Wedding
online client
Melbourne Half Marathon

A huge thanks to you for your encouragement and help. I’ve achieved something that I thought was impossible 12 months ago. 4.34 down to 3.57.34!

Jenny O’Reilly
online client
Melbourne Marathon

I just want to say a massive thanks for the 43 week program that enabled me to run PB’s at The Sydney Half Marathon, Gold Coast Half Marathon, Sutherland2Surf, City2Surf and debut at The Berlin Marathon “3:21:08″! Thanks Pat! I’ll be back for more!!!

Sandy Hunter
online client

I undertook this adventure [and what a wonderful adventure it’s been!] on the basis of trying something very different and for a bloke who’s never done any speed work per se, or followed a programme [let alone a professionally set one personalised around my rotating shift roster] the idea was to try something radically different and while the outcome wasn’t as expected, the “ride” was enormous fun and put a whole new element of freshness and interest into my running, so if for nothing else apart from that, it was more than worthwhile and I don’t regret for a moment having done it exactly as I did! I want to take the opportunity to thank you sincerely for all your support, guidance, enthusiasm and encouragement over the last 22 or so weeks as it’s been very much appreciated!!

Chris Horwood
online client
Blackmores Sydney Marathon

I want thank you very much for your program, and all the time and effort you’ve put in to get me to this point.

I feel like I’ve turned a few big corners over this last 12 weeks which I was struggling to do on my own. I also loved having the focus which I really felt ‘helped’!

online client
Blackmores Half Marathon

I could never have done it without your training plan – so many Thanks! It made a huge difference to know there was someone who was both supportive and watching my progress.

Deb Lethbridge
online client
Perth Half Marathon

Thanks for your help, guidance and support with the build up to City to Surf, it made a massive difference to my physical and mental performance.

Steve Gamble
online client

We just wanted to say thank-you so very much for all the help you gave us whilst we were training for the 2011 Gold Coast Marathon. Your on-line training programme was absolutely fantastic. It was easy to follow and integrated into our lifestyles with ease. We found your inspirational messages particularly helpful, especially during the tough days. Thank you so much for being so receptive to our questions, even though so of them were probably very silly, and we appreciate your timely responses to our emails etc.

We would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending your service to anyone with a particular goal in mind, whether it be the first timers simply wanting to make it to the finish line or the more experienced runners looking for that special PB. With your help we completed the 2011 Gold Coast Marathon with a 10 minute PB of 4.11.55. Bloody Fantastic!!

Kind Regards

Kath Thomas and Lee-Anne Croft
online clients
2011 Gold Coast Airport Marathon

“Thank you Pat for the terrific program and your advice during my recent marathon journey. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to complete a marathon without some amazing support and advice …. after all, I had only been running for 18 months when I made the decision to run my first marathon. I knew that I would need the help of someone with a solid track record, someone that I would have to remain accountable throughout my training. Pat Carroll was the one!!

There was no way that I was going to let you down. I was determined that I wasn’t going to be the first PCRG member to ‘not complete’ the marathon. I didn’t need to be too concerned though – following your training program ensured me a finish. I was ready. My metamorphosis was completed on 3rd July 2011 …. I am a marathoner! Thank you again Pat. I’m already in the planning stages for my next marathon, and will be sure to enlist your help again very soon.”

Trish Slater
online client
Gold Coast Airport Marathon

Thank you Pat for a fantastic program. I was able to not only break my marathon PB (3.30.47), but smash it by almost 20 minutes and run under 5 mins/km, thus achieving my major goal. Whilst under your guidance I broke 5km, 10km and half marathon PBs and gained confidence, endurance and speed that convinced me at the 37km mark that I had what it takes. Your online coaching service not only set me up for success, but made me accountable. It was also flexible enough to fit around my busy schedule.

If you’re unsure about enlisting Pat as your online running coach, my recommendation would be to embrace it and run with it!

Jeremy Williamson
online client
Gold Coast Airport Marathon

I really enjoyed the program, it certainly helped keep me on track and sticking to the program was a reward in itself. I would highly recommend it to anyone attempting a marathon for the first time or even someone seeking to improve their time.

Craig Atkinson
online client
Gold Coast Airport Marathon

Thank you so much.  Such words don’t seem to cover how grateful I am to you and your fantastic training program. My first ever marathon experience was so much more than I thought it would be.  I was hopeful in finishing in sub 4 hours but after following your training program I was able to finish in 3hr42m18s.  I’m stoked.

There were times when I was slogging it out following the training program, questioning whether I was up to it.  But when things got tough in the marathon (32k-37k) I was able to get thru it, just because I knew I had done all the training.

Again, thank you so much for everything.

Corrie Holford
online client
Gold Coast Airport Marathon

While only a few months into my marathon program I was unlucky enough to suffer a DVT whilst travelling. Treatment meant I could not continue with my program and Pat kindly refunded almost half my program cost.

Online Client

Thanks for putting the training plan together and also thanks for the race advice. There’s no doubt that the structured training plan set me up well for the race in only 12 weeks.

Paul Garske
online client
smh half marathon

It was an amazing experience yesterday and (by my watch) I sneaked under 90 with a time of 89.51 (previous pb 1.41). You might have seen me running like a madman to try and get there. I was so stoked when I looked down at my watch that I almost burst into tears. Pretty sad I know, but it was just this incredible feeling of relief that I hit my goal. You were right…. it did feel like I’d just won the bloody thing!

Thank you SO much for all your help in the preparation. I definitely wouldn’t have got there without the program and your wise advice along the way. I know you must have hundreds of clients, but it really felt that I had my own personal running coach – that’s what I kept telling my mates anyway!

I’m still buzzing, so again… a massive thank you Pat!!

Ben Somerville
online client
smh half marathon

I really appreciate your encouragement; it’s amazing how just knowing I am reporting back to you gets me out the door. It was raining this morning when I did my run, and I think I’d have stayed in bed if not for telling myself I needed to do this and get back to you on times, and as usual I was glad after I’d done it.

Jane Deegan
online client

I want to say that I’m REALLY impressed with not only the way you’ve managed to structure a very comprehensive programme around my weird rotating roster, but the way you’ve done it makes it all so easy to understand, thank you!

All the links to other websites for relevant information and advice, the explanatory notes to help one ‘decipher’ your terminology – it’s great thanks!

Chris Horwood
online client

The program you created for me has been terrific. I’ve been getting fitter with the longer runs and with the regular 1hr runs I’ve been developing my threshold endurance. I actually ran my fastest 10k (55.23mins) the other day without realising that I was travelling at that sort of pace, it just felt so good! My program involves  plenty of rest days which fit great into my work schedule.

Gail Greensill
online client

You’re very encouraging and I’m looking forward to Sunday to see how things pan out and also to just enjoy myself! Thanks again, it’s great having advice at the other end of an email when things don’t go to plan.

Lisa West
online client
15 March 2011

I finished the 6FT Marathon in 5hrs 20min, an 18 minute PB.

What can I say; you really know your stuff.  As you know I was a little concerned when I started this program, that the long runs were not long enough and not enough hill work but I was prepared to trust you and try a different approach and see what happens. The heat and humidity resulted in slower times for the top finishers so I am doubly pleased to have run a PB under these conditions.

Thank you for the program and the encouragement along the way.

Stefica Key
online client
15 March 2011

Thanks very much for all the guidance and support you’ve provided me with your program, I feel that I’m doing much better than I was and have complete confidence that I will achieve my goals if I stick to what you set for me.

Evan Marshall
Preparing for 2011 Gold Coast Airport Marathon

Thanks heaps for all your support Pat. Dad and Mum were definitely right when they said “If you do exactly what he (You) says, you’ll do better than you thought you can.” This experience has given me the motivation and drive to continue running and competing in the odd race. You can also trust that I’ll be spreading the good word about your programs and support.

Shaun Bruce
Online Client

Being accountable to you is a great feeling because otherwise I’m sure I would not be completing these difficult workouts.

Thanks again.

Craig Hopkins
online client

“Pat put together a great program for me when I was pregnant with my 3rd child in order to do a half marathon 7 months after the birth in an effort to get back into shape. Unfortunately due to medical complications after the birth I was unable to start the program so Pat promptly refunded me the bulk of the fee I had paid. I am hoping to start again next year once I am back to full health.”

Anna Staples

From a customer point of view, I’m totally happy with the results so far. I believe I have built an even better running base as a result and learnt a great deal about running… this I will take with me forever going forward and thanks heaps Pat!

Caleb Tang
online client

Well good news, I managed a 3.25 in the Auckland Marathon.

Yahoo, I’m so stoked with the result!!

Thanks heaps for the amazing training program. You’ve helped me progressively pull back 10 minutes over the past three marathons.

You’ve been a real encouragement and provided wise insights into getting through tough patches of doubt etc.

Pete Howcroft
online client
Auckland Marathon

Following the Gold Coast Marathon, I had two goals – firstly, to finish a marathon strongly and then, to be hovering closer to the three-thirties rather than the fours.

Getting on board with the on-line programme and the PCRG sessions after the Gold Coast made both these ambitions a reality. The structure of your programme was spot on, the training advice and support through emails was excellent, and the PCRG sessions invaluable. It makes me wonder why I didn’t get a professional on board earlier.

Liam O’Rourke
online client/PCRG member
Melbourne Marathon

I owe a lot of praise to your training schedule and your constant advice and feedback from your emails as it really helped shave off the minutes.

My first and only other marathon was 3.38 in 2007, so I shaved  40 minutes off my time.

Thanks again Pat. I’m over the moon on how happy I am that I broke the 3hr mark.

Chris MacEachern
online client
Melbourne Marathon

Thanks for the fantastic program and ongoing support! Since following your program I’ve achieved every goal.  My plan is to take it easy for a bit and do some 10ks and tri’s and then I will ask for your services starting 1/1/11 to have a huge Gold Coast campaign! I could not stop smiling all week!

Thanks for getting me there Pat

Sean de Morton
online client
Melbourne Marathon

Thanks for the advice and support again.  I knew that if I could get a good, accurate program to work on the finer points and some speed work it would pay dividends and it did.

Scott Gledhill
online client
Melbourne Half Marathon

Your program was great and I enjoyed every minute of it.

I would like to especially thank you for the refund after I was unable to continue with the program due to health issues.  If I can get over this problem, I will definitely be back.

Glenn Hartley
online client

Glenn paid 12 months online coaching in advance ($600) and unfortunately had to withdraw after 4 months, due to an injury. Glenn was refunded $380, the unused portion of his fee.

Thanks for the help and advice during this year while I prepared for the Sydney Marathon. It really made a huge difference and I have really noticed just how far I’ve come.

Craig Roberts-Thomson
online client
Sydney Marathon 19/09/2010

It would not have been possible to achieve our goals, let alone run the events, without your support.  We both lost our way in the 2 weeks leading up to Gold Coast, just found it hard to keep the legs turning over.  But the belief in the training, km’s, hard work and cold mornings kept us going, along with the desire to achieve.  Entering the events as part of the PCRG team also made a big difference, we both appreciated the words of encouragement from the PCRG members and supporters.

Mal & Dom Keeble
online clients
2010 Gold Coast Airport Marathon

Thanks for all your help with the training – having the structure really helped and not only got me out training more often than I had, but also with a better quality program than I had been using.

Ken Wallis
online client
Gold Coast 10k – 43.11

So, I wanted to say thank you for writing me a fantastic program and thank you for being at the other end of my emails when I needed to refocus. But most importantly, thank you for believing that I could run 42.2k.

I’m a runner!

Carmel Mills
online client

I’d just like to thank you for your support during my training and for always answering my questions and sharing advice. Your program added so much structure to my running and it never felt like I could not achieve the goals you set for me – even if some of it took all my willpower early in the morning! I am now a better runner for it!

I’m sure that I will turn to you again to achieve a goal in the near future.


Eulalia Van Blomestein
online client
Perth Marathon 3.07.58

Thank you for all your guidance, expertise and encouragement – it has been invaluable.

Elizabeth Zelestis
online client
2010 smh half marathon 1.45

Thanks so much for your brilliant coaching, best money I’ve EVER spent in my life. I appreciate your ongoing support. Thanks again Pat for helping me reach my goals, I’m still jumping up and down.

Sara Ross
Online Client
smh half marathon 1.43.09

Thank you for your excellent coaching and guidance. Your words of wisdom went through my head over and over as I neared the end.

Magda Whiteman
Online Client
Greenbelt Half Marathon

Anyway Pat, thanks again mate, your advice and perspective has been invaluable. This won’t be the last time you hear for me, that’s for sure!

Caine Warburton
Online Client
Hobart Marathon

I really enjoyed the program structure and with the extra 30km’s a week I didn’t feel any more fatigued than my old program. One of the main differences I noticed was that I could just get out there and put 100% effort into running your program, rather than spend time adjusting my own program which as it turns out wasn’t nearly as effective.

Adrian Irvin
Online Client
Hobart Marathon

“After Pat helped me complete my first Marathon (Gold Coast) in July 2009 in 3.37, I enlisted his services again to get me to the Melbourne Marathon only about 12 weeks later. Pat got me through some mid program motivation and injury issues with his straight talking approach, seeing me come out of the other side of a difficult patch better than ever. I went on to record a PB in the 3ktime trial prior to the Marathon, and then had a perfect even paced race to record a 10min pb only 12 weeks after my first marathon, running 3.27! Thanks Pat. Your program had me make a great improvement in only 3 months. Now you’ve got me hooked on running!”

Myles Bouvier- Baird
Online Client

Thanks again Pat for your guidance, advice and help all these weeks leading to JoongAng (Korea). Your email responses were always prompt and succinct. I am especially grateful for your words of encouragement and practical optimism (though not overly) when I sprained my ankle and had to be down for 2 weeks. I never thought sub-4 was ever possible and I actually did it, in addition to shaving 34 minutes off my previous PB. Thank you so so much!

Jane Chia
Online Client

I can’t believe how much I’ve improved over the last 8wks and for the first time I’m enjoying running. Thank you SO much for all your help. Your program has been fantastic!!

Online Client
Noosa Triathlon

I have no doubt that I benefited from your guidance over the past 10 months. Now I know how to not only get into a physically stronger condition, without injury, but your input into my mental attitude to running has been just as important and revealing.

Ross McDonnell
Online Client

Pat. Thanks for your help and encouragement. The structured program is terrific for someone like me with family and work commitments that make face to face coaching difficult. My PB of  3.11.56 (previous pb of 3.18.45) for the Marathon surpassed all my expectations and has given me the confidence to try to further improve that time in the near future. I will be returning for more coaching.

Yuri Kontrobarsky
Bentleigh, Victoria
Online Client
Melbourne Marathon

I can only give your coaching the highest possible recommendation to anyone else who would like to achieve a running goal.  Without your help I could not have achieved 3.27.  I would have had much lower expectations.  The successful execution of your training program gave me all the confidence I needed to attempt what I previously thought was impossible.  It feels great to know I did the very best I could.

Mark Wenn
Online Client
Melbourne Marathon
11 Oct/2009

Just wanted to let you know that I am really enjoying the program that you wrote for me.  Apart from having a concrete plan to follow (which always works well for me) I am loving the mix of speed sessions, easy runs and the long run on Sunday.  I feel as if I am working on all aspects of my running and developing a much better understanding of the ‘speed’ element which I previously chose to ignore altogether.  I just thought I was a slow runner and always would be.  Now I’m beginning to think a little differently.

Jody Redler
Online Client
9 Sep/2009

Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou!!! Wrapt with the Marathon result – 3.37.34. Far exceeding my expectations! An absolute highlight of my running life far – such a relief and also feeling of satisfaction when crossing the line. I really think your training plan was a big factor. Thank you so much. It enabled me to get to the start injury free, and your simple no nonsense approach gave me a lot of confidence going into the unknown beyond 35k!

Myles Bouvier-Baird
Gold Coast Airport Marathon
online client

Well what can I say. Yesterday was extremely enjoyable & rewarding to say the least. My official net time was 1h 35m 40s. A time I’m really proud of given the fact my main goal was sub 1.40. Having you in my pacing group was very motivational & a big bonus as I’m sure it probably bought me 4 or 5 mins. The training program you did up for me along with joining PCRG was the best decision I’ve made when it comes to improving & enjoying my running.

A huge thanks mate & I look forward to continuing with the group for a long time to come.

Kevin Gibb
Gold Coast Half Marathon
online client & PCRG member

I’m sure many of your happy customers have told you this but when it comes to running training you are a genius. 39:30 in the RCH Run for Research this morning (18:50 and 20:40) for which I am very stoked. Have been trying for many years to achieve this goal without success, however thanks to your program and having to be accountable to someone every few weeks has improved all my times from the 5k to the half marathon. Thank-you for the motivation and running nous, an awesome result.

Dwane Jackson
online client

Pat helped me achieve my goal of running my first 50km Ultra Marathon in Canberra in April this year.  The program that he designed specifically for me was based on running time (which was new to me) rather than on distance.   I knew that if I kept training my usual way, I would have ended up over-training and doing much longer runs than was necessary.  I was able to achieve this goal on four runs a week. When I crossed the finish line, I still had the stamina to keep on running, which proves that his tailored running programs work.  Being accountable to him and having Pat support me and stretch me by doing speed training is what I needed. Thank you again Pat.

Eliza Leung
online client

Thanks for the guidance over the past months. What I needed was a consistency and structure to get me back on track. I especially needed the structure to avoid overtraining which is what I would have done if I hadn’t had a program in place and feedback to rely on.

Scott Gledhill
online client
9 April 2009

I’ve been running on your program now for about 8 weeks and one thing I have noticed is that I don’t have the same muscle strain issues I’ve had over the past 6-8 months. My previous running was mostly within a limited pace range.  I am enjoying the program you have developed, and my body appears to feel better for it.

Ross McDonnell
online client
18 Feb 2009

Thank you for your support in coaching me.  I wouldn’t be getting through these speed sessions if I wasn’t being held accountable to you.  I am enjoying the challenge.

Eliza Leung
online client

You are very clever at what you do and when I listen to how other people prepare I can say you’ve pretty much got it over most of them. Getting people where they want to be in a shorter space of time without too many really long runs and the faster efforts chucked in seems to get the same result in a lot less time.

I’m very grateful to you and you are a great man doing great things. It’s one thing to achieve for yourself but to share your knowledge and help lift others to greater heights is an even better thing to do in my opinion.

Patricia Poole
online client

Today, I did something that not long ago I would never imagined to have been possible.

a/. Run a marathon.
b/. Crack four hours – 3:57.

Thank you so much for your plan. I was very loyal to it and it was very loyal to me. I feel indebted to your experience and wisdom. Thank you for helping me achieve my personal goal.

Andrew Holman
Adelaide Marathon
3hrs 57min

Firstly I would just like to say thankyou for your support over the past 10 weeks, your program delivered some great challengers that gave me the results I was looking for. It just shows that you really know your stuff.

I stuck to the plan and it felt like I ran the last 3k’s as tough as I ran the 3k time trial on Wednesday, I gave it everything I had. I finished with a time of 47:44. I’m wrapped! Thanks again Pat.

Thanks Pat, it’s been great.

Stuart Cassidy
online client

Hi Pat!!

Thank-YOU so much – I’m absolutely stoked to run 3.44.56.  I gotta say, last Sunday was one of the biggest highlights in my life so far, I absolutely enjoyed every step.

What a fantastic group PCRG is!!! I was very pleased and honoured to wear the PCRG singlet. I arrived at the tent on my own and as soon as I walked in PCRG runners were talking to me and calmed my nerves!  Also along the course PCRG members were so encouraging and at the finish. The spirit in PCRG is incredible and very uplifting.
A few friends had told me the GC atmosphere was really good and I was completely and utterly blown away by it.  There was always someone to talk to out on course and it was great to hear other people’s stories about why they are running it and what they’ve run before and also, the number of spectators  – there was always someone cheering.

And as for you!! – You know my running capabilities better then I do without even having to see me run!! This year so far, you predicted 67min for Run for the Kids and I came in at 66.47 and you believed that I would run close to 3hr45 for the marathon when I thought id run 4hours+.  Thankyou so much for getting me there, I really enjoyed the marathon program, it was so great to see the whole campaign planned out, to be fully what sessions are ahead and also to have your consistent feedback and encouragement.  At times when I doubted my own ability, I at least always know never to doubt your program!!
So, I am stoked to join the marathon club. Before I started training for GC, I thought I’d run it and be done with running and maybe I’d try another sport.   Here’s what I’ve learnt out of this: I am a runner, I absolutely love it, and I am far, far from ‘done’!!!!!!

Fiona Paul
(online coaching client)

Just to let you know I did 38 min 25 secs for the Striders 10k – over a minute PB, really happy. With 1500m to go I was stuffed, but your words were in my head saying stay strong and be positive so I got there. I didn’t wear a watch on purpose and asked people the time at 4 different parts in the race. Really happy mate, your training is really working. Thanks again for all your help it is much appreciated.

Anthony Whitty
online client

That’s actually my second fastest time EVER!!!!  Only 10sec off my PB.  I”m so gonna smash it this year!!  I’m just sooo happy, I had to share it with you!  And it’s ALL thanks to YOU!!!!  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!  I cannot wait to see what else I can achieve this year

I’m one happy client!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


(preferred to remain anonymous)
Online Client

Mate, I was so happy this morning when I crossed the line on my last effort and looked at the time. There was no way that I thought I had that time in me on that last effort. Yesterday I read the commitment and motivation articles on your website and on that last km all I was trying to do was shut out the pain and think about banking the session… So thank you.

Anthony Gilbertson
Online Client

I’ve been very diligent. I got home late from work (had a huge day) and I went out for my run…I would have never gone if I didn’t have to report back and if I didn’t have the program!

Online Client

Thanks again Pat. I have honestly never enjoyed training this much before, I am totally hooked and loving it.

Nick Sommerlad
online client
Think Digital Imaging Solutions

Still loving the focus though, it’s great! Ha ha – there were a couple of times that the thought of having to email you my times kept my pace going when I thought I’d sooner stop!!!!!

Diane Soffe
online client
West Papua

The simple task of running to your plan and goal times really do take me completely out of my comfort zone and something that cannot be achieved with other other training routines I’ve tried – really appreciating your support Pat!

Paul Rushworth
Online Client

I really thank you for giving me a training structure that is achievable but challenging, and varied, yet allows ‘habits’. I also very much appreciate your flexibility, as I have come across some races quite last minute and you always accommodate them. Case in point, Saturday’s 10k and look at the result (40.24).

Since running became a part of my life I’ve always felt better because of it. In the last 2 1/2 years you have added so much focus, and in turn self-confidence to my running, and I feel it spills over to other parts of life.

So thank you again, and I look forward to 2008.

Margreet Dietz
Online client

What works very well for me is to have you as my coach, who simply puts in “2:20 relaxed run” as the goal. On most days, that is enough stimulus to finish the 2:20 as I do not want to report “got bored after 1:30″ or so.

So, the fact that SOMEBODY ELSE sets the challenge helps me a lot. Of course, also knowing that that somebody else knows what I am doing is a huge incentive in itself.

Dr Victor Allis
Online client
CEO Quintiq

I just wanted to update you on yesterday’s Singapore Marathon. Had a great run and although the official times are yet to come out, I timed myself at 3:58:00, so you can imagine I’m pretty stoked with that result.

In the end, I felt pretty strong throughout, my first quarter was a bit slow and I was probably heading for a 4.10 or 4.15, but then the next two quarters I picked up the pace and really kicked on.

I’m happy for you to include my comments on your web site and to add that I wouldn’t have been able to finish so strong without the help of your training programme.

Thanks for all your help!

Ed Larkin
Online client

I would like to say a HUGE thankyou for your guidance this season with my running, I have thoroughly enjoyed your sessions and believe you take a very sensible and measured approach to training, one that includes hard sessions, with plenty of well needed recovery built into the program (something that I am not finding with my tri training program at the moment). I have raced 2 tri’s this season already and won both of them, with the fastest run splits in the woman’s field on both occasions – so you must be doing something right!!!

You will definitely be hearing from me again when next years running season commences!! – I’m looking forward to it already.

Rebecca Wilson
Online Coaching Client

I just wanted to say thank you for all the help you provided in helping me achieve my goal of running my first marathon at Rottnest.

I was expecting this race to hurt, and hurt badly. Isn’t that what marathons are supposed to be about?

As every kilometer passed by I was waiting for the pain to come on, it never did. Over that last 10km or so I ran past many who had slowed to a walk…they hurt, why didn’t I?

I can only put it down to the great training program you put together for me. I must say that when I first received it I was a little skeptical, as there weren’t as many kilometers as other plans as I had seen. The proof is in the pudding though…it worked!

The other thing that made a real difference was having a realistic goal pace set by you to follow. The goal time of between 4:15 and 4:25 was right on the money. Thanks again!

Rob Donkersloot
Rottnest Marathon (Perth)
4hrs 20min

Thanks for all your help over the past 6 months, you definitely gave another element to my training that I would not have incorporated otherwise without your experience there to guide me. I’ll definitely enlist your services again for my next marathon and we can aim at that sub 3:00 mark!!

Daniel Pinne 11/Oct/2007
Gold Coast Half Marathon 1.27.07 (previous pb 1.40)
Run to the G 10K 40.27
Melbourne Marathon 1.30.06 (previous pb 3.36.00)

Pat, your training has shaved 10 minutes off my past marathon time, it gave me endurance to the end, well….almost to the end. It’s given me the ability to believe I can do better in my time next marathon.

Once again, thankyou for your help and support.

David Stevens
Melbourne Marathon

Your program was great, challenging enough to make me work hard, but not so challenging that it was unachievable.

Caroline (2.02.55)
Melbourne Half Marathon
Previous best 2.19

Well, I have now finished my first Half Marathon and am thrilled to bits! Sore as sore can be this morning and feel great for it though. Makes it all worth while.

Apart from not being able to get to my family for around 20 minutes after, as the finish line was bedlam, and we were dodging walkers in the final 2km, which one doesn’t need at that stage of the race, it was a great day.

Great sunshine and a good mood all round, I finished going by my watch in 1h54m51s. Pretty much spot on  5.27/km, thank you again so much for your help and professionalism.

Sav Papadopoulos
Melbourne Half Marathon

Goal achieved – 66 mins for City to Surf 2007! An improvement by nearly 6 minutes over my first go last year and I reckon there’s room to get it lower for next year.

It’s wonderful just what you’ve been able to coax out of this 55 yr old body. Your program completely changed the way I’ve trained and run. Many thanks. I’ll be back for a half marathon after a break away.

Barry Morwood
Online Client

I am certainly hooked and looking forward to doing another half in the near future. All said and done I feel like a runner again, and that was my goal from the beginning.

Thank you for helping me get there, your program, goal setting and encouragement has guided me along this journey.

I know this won’t be the last time we chat as I am keen to employ your services in the future as my goals become bigger and better!

Thanks again Pat

Karey Corrie
Online Client
Townsville Half Marathon 05/08/2007

I hope you realize what a special person you have been in my life this year and I hope we can catch up again when we are next in Queensland.  I look forward to continuing to read what’s happening with PCRG. What you achieve with your group and the way you inspire people to set goals and encourage them to reach them is a gift and it is wonderful that you share it with so many.  Keep up the great work!!!


Helen Bruce
4.24.35  Gold Coast Airport Marathon

I just want to thank you for all your fantastic help.  To improve my time by >30 minutes is fantastic, and your wise counsel I cannot thank you enough for.

Pat – I sincerely thank you for all your assistance over the last 4 months, I couldn’t have made this improvement without all your guidance and support.

Mark Scatena
online client
Perth Marathon

Thank you again for your advice and experience in getting me to the start line in shape and helping me accomplish one of my life dreams to run a marathon. For me the enjoyment was as much in the preparation as in the race itself.

Dave Colpo
online client
Gold Coast Airport Marathon
3hrs 58min

I turned 42 early this year and always wanted to complete a marathon. Due to work and family commitments – I knew that I would have to do most of the training by myself. Not knowing what to do – I turned to you to be my online training coach. Best thing I ever did.

Your program was able to cater for my needs and you were always was on hand to answer the many questions that I sent you (sorry).

Well I finally achieved something I set out to do back in February this year – and that was to complete my very first Marathon – the Gold Coast Marathon.

I ran all the way. Over the final 10k – I kept thinking of the text message you sent to me a couple of days prior to the event  – Sweat and sacrifice means success.

I managed a time of 4 hrs 8 min – 7 min ahead of the goal you set me. Not bad hey. Thanks heaps Pat. Talk to you soon about my next goal.

Dave Keatinge
online client
Gold Coast Airport Marathon

A massive thank you to you for training me achieve all these goals so far. I might physically go out and do these runs, but the backbone of the race comes from all the training and knowledge you pass onto me and I very much appreciate your time and dedication.

Fiona Paul
Great Ocean Rd Half Marathon
online client
1.39.55 (3min pb)

Many thanks again for getting me home in 3:47:52  on what was my 6th marathon and first sub-4 time.  Totally enjoyed the the Canberra experience, quite different from some of the other marathons I have been lucky enough to experience around the world.  Not overlay large or yet to small, it was some how a more intimate running experience with a quality field thanks to the out and back loops.

Thanks for making it all possible Mate!

Martin Ryan

With the improvement in my times over the last couple of years, many people have asked `wow, you are running well’ and I always respond with  two words: Pat Carroll

Margreet Dietz
Canberra Marathon
online client
15 April 2007

As for my performance, well I felt great and was cruising at our required pace up until the 35km mark and felt then that my race had finished but sucked it up and thought I can’t write back to Pat and running friends with bad news, but I can tell you I really think I would have stopped for a rest if it wasn’t for me thinking that.

Thanks so much for your coaching Pat you have really made a difference to my life and if there is anything I can do for you please don’t hesitate to ask.

Scott Brown
Nagano Marathon (Japan)
April 15 2007

What a fantastic weekend it was for the marathon.  I was feeling great going into the Marathon, confident with the knowledge that I was fully prepared and fit, and was then just hoping everything would fall into place on Sunday.  It did!  I was surprised how easy the km’s were ticking by and was passing a lot of people, but still knew the dreaded 35/36km mark would be the test.  I survived and ran a huge pb, 3.14.28 – smashed 10mins from my previous best.

Thanks for all your assistance and encouragement.

Sharon Kirkman
Canberra Marathon
15 April 2006

This year I sought the advice and wisdom from Pat as I endeavoured to finish a marathon well and in a personal best tim.

I had started in 2 previously and finished one in 3:56:58 (Gold Coast 06), the other I didn’t finish. Pats program and service was a really enjoyable process. The speed sessions took me back 20 years, made me feel a lot younger, loving every session.

As a result of his direction and advice I was able to pull off this year’s Melbourne Marathon in 3:36:38, a fabulous outcome for me.

Melbourne Marathon

Thank you so much for the help – I think in the 12 weeks that I was on your program I missed 1 session and found it a really great motivator.  Your advice and guidance was fantastic and I really appreciate the service.

Donovan Jacka

I really do want to thank you for such a great training program – I’ve made a huge improvement in my speed and also my body has never been as well conditioned as it is at the moment. I don’t think I’ve ever felt as good as what I do now!!!!  I’m very pleased I joined the program.  I will take a mini break over summer from running as I like to do the triathlon season and open water swims.

However, I must admit, now that I’ve worked so hard to get my fitness and my body conditioning to where it is with running – I don’t want to let it go!! So I will definitely be in touch early next year to plan for running events in 2007.

Fiona Paul
Melbourne Half Marathon Oct 8 2006
(previous pb 2.02.06)

Can you believe I ran 3hrs 35mins 53secs at Loch Ness last Sunday?? I am so over the moon, and I felt great the whole way round. I had plenty left coming into the last 8k and picked up the pace a bit – even
managed what felt like a sprint to the finish (although I’m sure it looked nothing like a sprint). I felt like I could have kept running
forever and enjoyed every second of it.  Great day, didn’t see the Loch Ness monster, in fact couldn’t even see the Loch the rain was so heavy!

So thank you Pat.  I never thought I would run a sub 3:40 marathon and wouldn’t have without your training.  Your next task is to get me sub 3:30 next year!  I’m going to take a few weeks off training and decide which races and goals I’ll set for next year … but Loch Ness will definitely be in my plans again!  Back soon.  And thank you again!

Elaine Mulcahy
Loch Ness Marathon Oct 1/2006

Frankly just having to report these goals sessions to you helps me a whole lot. If I was doing this same program by myself, I don’t think I would push myself that hard, would be very easy to get lazy on them (and I’m sure I would…). It kind of forces me to do a better effort, which is good.

Isabelle Boutin
Online Client

I am very pleased to have run a 2:39:39! I felt strong throughout the entire race. I was just outside the top 20 spots at 9 miles. I reeled-in runners at 17, 22, 24 mile marks to finish 15th or 16th. Even between mile 26 and the finish, I caught a guy! I worked hard, but it was the most controlled marathon I’ve ever run.

Thanks for all your help. Couldn’t have done another PB (shaving well over 3 min off Boston six months ago) without you.

John Thornell
Portland Marathon (USA)

I wanted to thank you in person but you were obviously talking people across the line. So thanks Pat, I have never felt better in a marathon even though it is a PB of 11 mins and 21 secs!!!! It is the most amazing feeling and I still have to pinch myself that I actually ran that time.

I am very very inspired to stay on your program and feel quite committed to improve my running.

Margreet Dietz
Gold Coast 2006

I want to thank you for your training plans and feedback over the past months.  You have been an intrinsic part of this success and when I look back on the past few months it has seen new PBs at 10k and half marathon and now a marathon debut that has blown me away not just because of the time,  but because of how much I enjoyed the run.

This has been the most unexpected and pleasing elements of the weekend – that is far and away the most pleasurable experience of running I have had.

Jeremy McDonald
Gold Coast 2006

For those who would like to run a marathon or have run one before and would like to improve I found the training programmes developed by Pat Carroll to be a fantastic guide and one which will get you to the start line in great shape.

Alternatively, I have always found Pat to be very approachable and will tell you what you need to know and not what you want to hear (there is a difference).

Glenn Woodrow

I want to take this opportunity to thank you Pat as my coach for preparing me for my first marathon at the Gold Coast (3.02.50) in a very short program (8 weeks).  Not only did you set me a program to follow, you offered me your advice and wisdom that you have obtained through your years of experience.  But most of all you gave me the motivation I needed not to just get me to the finish line, but to the starting line as well.  I look forward to our future goals as I have renewed my on line coaching program with you.

Yours thankfully

Brendon Gray
(online client)

I want to thank you for your training plans and feedback over the past months.  You have been an intrinsic part of this success and when I look back on the past few months it has seen new PBs at 10k and half marathon and now a marathon debut that has blown me away (2.48.46) not just because of the time,  but because of how much I enjoyed the run.  This has been the most unexpected and pleasing elements of the weekend – that is far and away the most pleasurable experience of running I have had.

Jeremy McDonald
(online client)

I kept to the right pace and felt good all the way. I lost a bit of time on the one and only hill around the 5-6km mark. Pushed on and did the last km as hard as I could. Just missed out on the 42.30 by 10 seconds but it was still my best ever time of 42.40.

This time is with your help Pat and without your planning and information I just can’t imagine the race improvements I have made would have taken place. If I can keep it together and stick with my race plan at the Perth Marathon I am really excited about the possible time I can manage.

Mark Bullard
(online client)

I just wanted to let you know how I went on Sunday, what a spectacular morning!!

I finished in 2hr 14min, and enjoyed myself thoroughly; put me down for next year!!

I was so proud of myself, I struggled through the last km after Argyle st, and burst into tears when I saw my support crew cheering me on at the finish.

I felt great all the way through the race and enjoyed every moment. I still can’t wipe the smile from my face.

Thank you for your support and encouragement and I will definitely be doing this again, and will contact you when I have chosen another race.

Sam Jeffries
Smh Half Marathon
21 May 2006

Since we started working together, I think I’ve shaved 15 minutes off my marathon time. It’s great to have another PB. It’s even sweeter to have a PB at Boston.

John Thornell:
(online client)
Boston Marathon 2006

I just wanted to say big thanks for your online coaching and support over the past 3months. I had a great day yesterday and I am really happy with my time of 3:11:01 at Canberra. This is a PB by more than 11 minutes from last year. I think the combination of goal based speed work and your regular words of encouragement have made all the difference to my times and made me a more confident runner too. I couldn’t have achieved this without your guidance. I ran a pretty even pace throughout (slowing a bit in the last 10K’s or so) but I felt really happy that I had control over my pacing. I feel I’ve still got some more potential, with a lot more hard work of course.

Cath Swindles
(online client)

Thanks for all your help and advice it has been fantastic and I guess despite what happens on Sunday I know thanks to you that I have made definite improvements in my running capacity and ability to go faster (even at my level). Your training scheduled has instilled in me a level of confidence and self belief that I have done the work and put in the commitment and so there is no reason why I shouldn’t achieve my goals. For that I thank you.

Margot McGinness
(online client)

Thanks for your all your encouragement! Your feedback, goal setting and your program, all have been extremely motivational and inspiring!

Natalie Chan
(online client)

Thanks again for your inspirational words, your coaching and especially the speed work subscribed by yourself. It all seems to really agree with me.

I have just resigned with you and I am really looking forward to working with you over the next four weeks.

You have really spurred me on again Pat, I was starting to lose my motivation before I signed up. Thank you!!!

But now I really enjoy just getting out and running, speed sessions are very hard but I feel like I am really putting something into my training and I am sure that this hard work will pay off in four weeks time on the Six Foot track.

Thank you very much

Andrew O’Neill

A very happy note: I ran 15:30 today in the 4k. I am so so happy! I was hoping to get just under 16 if I felt good but I didn’t expect to get this far under. Thanks for your guidance, it is obviously working!!!

Margreet Dietz
2006 Australia Day Fun Run
(online client)

Pat Van Dyk paid 12 weeks ($155) in advance and I provided Pat with his initial 4 week training block along with an overview of his campaign leading up to the Canberra Marathon. Unfortunately Pat injured himself in the first week and had to abandon his Marathon dream. As a result I provided Pat with a full refund.

This is what Pat had to say when I advised I would refund him in full:

That’s very kind, much appreciated.  I’m certainly happy to recommend you to others, because your service has been excellent.

Pat Van Dyk

38:31 – got to be happy with that,oh yeah,oh yeah. I calculate that to be about 4.49/km pace, a pb by 3.22!!!!! Thanks sooooo much Pat – I love it!!!!

Margot McGinness
2006 Australia Day Fun Run
(online client)

It is amazing to realize that I have done already two three-month programs with you.

As you know, I love your programs but I also like the way you give your feedback. You are always focusing on the positive, which is really great. I especially appreciate it because I know from experience that isn’t what every coach does.

Margreet Dietz Dec 2005

Just a quick note from New York. I finished the marathon in 3:11:57.  I was really happy with the day.  I was running under 3:10 until around the 25km mark and then I started losing a bit of time.  Overall, I had a great day.
Thank you for all your help with my training.  I have been on holiday for the last week and am returning to Sydney on Sunday so will let you know what my plans are re future races and programs.  I would really like to focus on trying to get closer to the 3 hour mark.

Rebecca Wolfe   Nov 05
(previous pb 3.18)

Well, I did cross the finish line so that’s the main thing! My time ended up being 4 hours 13. I felt fantastic up until about 35km and then just hit the wall. I think in the last 7km I probably ended up walking about 2km of it.

In the last 5km I swore I would never do another marathon (meanwhile swearing I hated everyone cheering us on and everyone else generally!), nevertheless, the agony is pretty much forgotten now and I’m quite keen to do the Gold Coast Marathon in July (call me mad!).

Thank you so much for all your help Pat, I absolutely could not have done it without you!!!

Jane O Callaghan
Melbourne Marathon (Oct 2005)

I ran 42:03 for the 10K event yesterday which I am really happy about. I could not possibly have run that time 6 weeks ago so the benefits of your training program and ongoing guidance are compelling and much appreciated. Pulled up well today and am getting excited about the main challenge ahead.

Mark McDonald

Running under your guidance has been the best thing that has happened for my running. I have absolute faith in the regimes you set me.  The feedback you give me is constructive, to the point and unfalteringly accurate.

After all these years of running it has given me a new lease of life in my running which I find remarkable.

I place my recent running achievements on the top shelf of my life’s events. And you are the person who made it happen for me!

Nicholas Chen

On Sunday I couldn’t get the smile off my face as I ran down the finish chute.  The sense of satisfaction, happiness and relief was enormous!  Thank you so much for the motivating training sessions and the sense of camaraderie you encourage within the group.  Without these two vital elements I doubt very much that my Sunday would have turned out nearly so well!.


Based on your pre-race advice, my plan was to run 5:05/5:10 pace and it turns out that I did just that.  I ran the 10k in 51:43 (a PB), which is just on an average of 5:10.  It was your training guides on the Marathon web site that got me going three years ago and your recent personalized on line plan that put me at a level where I went that extra inch, thanks again Pat.

John Macgregor-Skinner
Executive Officer
Northern Rivers Private Forestry (PFDC)

I ran 1:33:18 in the Gold Coast Half Marathon. I must say I was completely stoked with the result, I owe you a huge thank you, I don’t believe I would have achieved the same results if not for your training sessions. I totally enjoy coming to the Tues & Thurs morning sessions & have love the motivated team of runners, who support each other no matter what level of runner they are. Sunday’s race was a pb by 5 mins & 12 mins. Previous pb at last years Gold Coast 1/2.

Now I’m looking forward to the challenge of Noosa, maybe I could do 1:30??? Many thanks for all your help over the past months!

Nicole Sanders

Just a short note of thanks for the last 3 months. I cannot believe how well I went on Sunday and how it all fell into place.  I am still on a high over 3:10.54.  An improvement of 14 minutes from last year.  And I just checked the gold coast web site and that puts me 202nd overall.

I could not have achieved this time without the last three months on your program.  Without those speed sessions of yours I know I would not have got anywhere near this time.  Since following your program I also realise that in the past I didn’t give myself enough days off or do enough quality runs.

In the lead up to the race I had people ask me about your program and I told them that I seem to be running less but running better. Thanks.

It is now time to get my bike out of mothballs as I am now focusing on triathlons again for a while. I still have a dream of a sub 3 hr marathon.  Next year I will definitely be signing up again for another marathon program.
Thanks again.

Scott Reid

All I can say Pat is thanks heaps!!!  I thought I was good for the distance but with your sprint sessions that make me writhe in pain, I was ready for any pain the race could throw at me.  The pain was nothing like the pain I feel doing your repeats.  I felt confident by the way I was breathing that I was on song today and that I deserved to run well, but I have to say that I am especially wrapt with the 2:54.06.  Full complements to you and your training methods as I could not have expected better.  It was the Carroll difference.

Simon Coates (Xiamen Marathon China 26/03/05)
2.54.06 (previous best 3.25.05)

I’ve been with Pat Carroll as an online student for the last three months, and I’ve just signed up for three more. Gaining strength and improving my running times was the initial motivation for joining this online program. But I chose to rejoin for other reasons on top of these.

When I’ve sent Pat an email, he replies fast and religiously. When Pat sets a program for you it is for you, not someone like you. And Pat gives honest advice. While this type of attitude is as you would expect from a high level athlete I really was blown away by it.

I love this online program because my times are getting faster but I’ll continue with this online program because Pat is an old style gentleman.

Scott Brown

Osaka Japan
Senshu Marathon 3.27.25 (previous best 4.05.00)

What’s great about this program is these time goals & your support. This time last year my training program was becoming stale. I am still very motivated & look forward to the upcoming Races as well as the training ahead!!

Andre Hoeschel
Newark/ USA

I just wanted to tell you how much I did enjoy this mornings session. Thanks for your encouragement and words of wisdom. You gave me allot to think about when I run – to relax, look at the scenery and to take my mind away from it all and to keep my feet going to the beat of the drum. The best thing I liked is that I know when I finished the last 500m, I know I could not have gone any faster – I was completely stuffed! When I got in my car I felt soooooo good and pleased with myself. Since coming back from being sick, I have not done ALL 500m in under 2:30 – especially getting some up at 2:05. I was stoked!

Mary Fatseas

Your running credentials make me look very insignificant.

The reason I turned to you as an online coach is because I figure you above all know what has to be done and how to do it in order to achieve any goal you may set.

The program has made me quite focussed which is something I lacked for a while even though I kept training.

The speed is coming back but the focus is strong and that for any athlete is half the battle.

Belinda Soszyn
3 X Winner Empire State Stair Run
4 X Australian Rep at World Mt Running Champs

Many thanks for all your support and encouragement over the past year.  At the beginning of the year I was recovering from injury: with your help, and carefully-designed program, I’ve been able to run injury free * and  record a personal best at the Auckland Marathon in October.   You’ve been accessible when I’ve needed additional advice, and while the program has been challenging, it has also been realistic in terms of my fitness and running background.

Chris Dixon

I’m feeling fantastic, and I can’t believe how well I performed today.

This is another PB for me. Now I have my 3 PB’S for the year, including Marathon, Half Marathon and 10k’s!!!

Bring on 2005, as I believe I can go quicker still!!!!

Thanks again for the program; it is working miracles for me!!!

Karen K
Central Coast Half Marathon 2005
Sydney Strider and Coolrunner

My training is more consistent than ever. The combination of a very motivated training group, recording my efforts on your spreadsheet, inspirational quotes and articles, races to aim for etc all combines to focus me on giving my honest best effort. I am eating healthy with a view to running.  Mentally I am no longer thinking in terms of my limitations, instead thinking that consistent effort is bound to lead to improvement. I am getting huge satisfaction from running these days.

Ciaran Brock

“After a few years of respectable solo achievements in marathon, your online coaching significantly lifted my game in three ways. Firstly, the integrity of the training program you designed dramatically improved my overall conditioning. Secondly, your constant involvement, even though online, was personal and motivating throughout months of preparation. Lastly, your advice before my race raised my confidence going into the big day.

The result? I was extremely well prepared, physically and mentally, for meeting my marathon goal. Unlike marathons in the past where splits varied by minutes at a time, usually towards the finish, the largest deviation from the plan this year was mid race and only 18 seconds. I ran a smart race and even finished with negative splits. With your coaching, I lopped-off over five minutes from my previous PB and ran a 2:45.

Working with you has been an ‘experience accelerator’ helping me to prepare for, plan and run a 2:45 marathon long before I could have done so on my own!”

John Thornell
Marketing Director, Asia-Pacific
Gold Coast 2004

Pat, I also want to say a huge thank you for all your help, guidance, inspiration, and one on one “online” support – it was that which helped me and get me to my sub 3 and a 9 minute PB – could not have done this without you so thank you so much!

Next time I run a Marathon I want 2.50!!

Helen Slattery
Gold Coast 2004

I can’t wipe the smile off my face as I ran 3hrs 30.13 at the Gold Coast. That’s a PB by nearly half an hour off my old 1993 London Marathon time of 3hrs 59. something !

I’ve only been in Australia since the end of February this year but joining your speed group straight away was the best thing I’ve ever done for my running as it has paid off so much. All my times have improved.

THANK YOU Pat    ..I still can’t quite believe it.

A very happy Liz
Gold Coast 2004

Thanks for all your help, encouragement, and advice over recent months. The injury in December was a real setback for me (& a real shock to be honest – my first significant injury in 25 years of running).  If nothing else, it made me appreciate just how much I enjoy my running, and that I shouldn’t take it for granted.  Since that time, I have no doubt that much of the fitness I’ve regained, along with the speed, is due to the program you’ve set up for me – hard work, true, but I’ve really noticed the improvements.

Chris Dixon

I have come to the conclusion that signing up for online coaching is the best investment I have made this year.

Kitty Hamilton

To be honest I am pleased with today’s run. I would like to have run a bit quicker, but it was not to be. The start line didn’t help much, but not to worry. I will definitely be lining up again next year a much wiser runner!

Pat I can fairly say that if I didn’t have your help and the drive to be committed to your program I would not have run anything like this time. I had been a bit slack for the end of last year and I only got back into it with you. Thank you very much, once again.

Nicholas Chen
SMH Half Marathon 2004

I received your newsletter earlier in the day and while my legs weren’t as willing in the last 3, I enjoyed doing them as I changed my attitude about the good it was doing for me towards my goal rather than just wanting to get them out of the way.

Greg Swan
Managing Director Swan
Financial Group Pty Ltd

Thank you for your help, having a program and knowing I’d have to report to you got me out doing speed work on Friday when I know for certain that I wouldn’t have run if I had been left to my own devices!

Julie McGaw

I ran my 5 x 1k session this am. I averaged 3:20, overall, but had re-starts on #4 and #5. I was spent going into those pieces and stopped early. But, I had you in the back of my mind. So, went back to the start and ran each again. (Something for your next Runner’s World article: runners exceed their individual expectations trying to meet their coach’s expectations even if the coach is not physically with them).

John Thornell

“In 52 weeks of Internet Coaching with Pat I lost 6.5kgs, knocked 26 minutes off my marathon time and most importantly his positive mind has given me a new motto for life….YOU WILL GET OUT WHAT YOU PUT IN!”

Have a great day!

Louise Condon

“Pat’s coaching goes well beyond the usual ‘money for a written program’ that most internet based coaches provide.  He makes himself available for phone conversations and answers questions quickly and succinctly via email.

The program Pat wrote for me has taken me to PB’s I didn’t think possible.  He keeps me motivated and constantly asks me for feedback not only on my progress as an athlete but on his performance as a coach.

The program itself is intelligently structured to my work commitments and find I look forward to each session as they are challenging yet achievable.

The money I spend to engage Pat’s knowledge and help has paid for itself a thousand times over with the satisfaction of running faster and with greater confidence than I’ve ever had before.

Pat Carroll, legendary runner, awesome coach”.

Steve Johnson
Qantas Pilot

“Before I started training with Pat I’d been running for 4 years and was making only slow progress with my marathon times.  With a best time around 3hrs 20mins I thought 3hrs was out of my reach.

Pat’s training programs allowed me to comfortably break the 3hr barrier.  I found the training varied and enjoyable and Pat was helpful and accessible throughout.”

Peter Blackshaw

Having been involved in this great sport of running for 20 years – I had reached the crossroads.  Boredom was setting in, motivation had reached an all time low and the training program I had used for years had lost its appeal. Changes were needed, so I started looking around for a new mentor who could help make the necessary changes.

On the 10th of April 2003 I made the best decision of my running life when I bit the bullet and e-mailed Pat Carroll in sunny Qld to ask him to help me on my quest to run my very first marathon on the Gold Coast July 6th 2003.

I had been upping my training for 15 weeks before getting a personal program written for me by Pat.  My longest training week to date had been 124 klms.  My longest long run 3:05 / 37 klms at 5 min / klm pace.

I was nervous.  I was starting to fatigue but I wanted to run that race.  My determination to achieve this life goal was relentless.  Pat set me on a path of consistency in training which incorporated recovery as well as 100% effort in all tough sessions.  I am proud to say with his expert advice I didn’t miss one session in 12 weeks of being coached by him.

On July 6th 2003 I crossed the finish line of the Gold Coast Marathon in a net time of 3:29:54 and a week shy of my 35th Birthday after completing my very first marathon and coming 12th in my category (women 30-34 years) I couldn’t have been happier.

Experts know what they are doing, that’s why you ask for their help.  Pat just happens to be an expert as well as a really great guy who is encouraging, positive and prepared to go the extra mile for all his clients.  I couldn’t have done it without him.

Thanks Pat for making me feel like a new woman!

Helen O’Leary

I have experienced Pat Carroll’s knowledge and expertise in the running field for the year 2003.  I found Pats training programs full of interest and they were enjoyable to do and maintain.

Working with Pat over the internet was rewarding and never a problem.  His knowledge was wide and variable in the sporting field.  I found him a very good coach at all times.

Marg Maloney