Nov 2006
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  • Pat,

    Someone asked me recently if there was an incentive we could offer individuals to attend their first PCRG session. Reason being it can be a daunting task for some people to front up for the first time and join in with a group of complete strangers.

    Will I fit in and what if itís a clicky group are two of the most common reasons which keep some runners away from that initial session. I often receive feedback from first timers who do Ďfinallyí make it along about how friendly and supportive PCRG was.

    Last Tuesdayís 3k Time Trial hit home to me how much of a supportive group PCRG has become. Karen/Sarah/Liz/Glenda/David Bourne/David Bourke and Andy all made sure cyclist and pedestrians were aware PCRG was out and about and Tori/Jan and Gary ran as pace runners.

    Fiona Galloway has recently committed to running her debut Marathon at next Julyís Gold Coast Airport Marathon.

    Fiona noted in her profile: 'PCRG are an mazing collection of highly motivated individuals full of encouragement and infectious enthusiasm that you canít help but take with you for the rest of the day'.

    Fiona was contemplating travelling to New York for her debut Marathon however I advised that support from her family and from PCRG will make her debut experience @ Gold Coast more manageable.

    You have made a wise decision Fiona and PCRG will be with you all the way!

    I hope you enjoy getting to know Fiona just a little bit more and catch YOU in the morning for another first class kick start to you day.



    P.S. Please contact me via return email if you would like to submit your profile.

    Fiona Galloway 'uncut'

    I work as a full time parent of four teenage daughters at the moment and I love it, however they do feel a little over parented. When I did work I worked as a practice manager of healthcare practices. I live in Clayfield, I have lived in Brisbane most of my life & I joined PCRG in April 2006 to prepare for my first half marathon, in fact my first ever race.

    Some of my favourite restaurants are Green Papaya, East Brisbane; Isis, Fortitude Valley; Longrain, Sydney or Melbourne; ok so I love to eat out.

    My earliest childhood memory is Sunday lunches with the family all ten of us, a roast (always hiding the peas on the ledge under the table), soft drink and some delicious dessert. This would be followed by Sunday night reading by Dad typically from a hard covered book, with recurrent lessons on how to turn the pages correctly, my favourite was Treasure Island.

    I say to my kids that sometimes even being an adult is not easy.

    My favourite movies are Killing Fields, The Usual Suspects.

    Brisbane City is fantastic because it is where most of my family live at the moment.

    My regular holiday destination is usually different from the last with family and friends. We love a good family road trip with great CD compilations a good book on tape or just the sound of family banter.

    If money was no option I would live by the beach, have a house in the mountains share with my family, friends and those that needed it more than me.

    It frustrates me when people make even the simplest of things complicated.

    I have not been involved in running since I was little. I am a newie to running, soaking up all the experience that surrounds me at PCRG. My most memorable running experience is finishing the Gold Coast Half Marathon ,wanting to do another and build on my running experience.

    I enjoy distance running because it teaches me a lot about, discipline, patience, consistency all attributes that I am working on. I am constantly amazed by the power of the mind and where that takes you on a long run. I love that sense of accomplishment when it is over.

    My favourite run is with buddies, anywhere I can see the water, listen to good music and know that at the end I can enjoy a great cup of coffee.

    Motivation is something I have a lot of, happily share and top up on from others especially PCRG members.

    Injuries are a time when your family go out of there way to help you get better as quickly as possible because having you around and not exercising is not much fun.

    Loosing my Grandparents was a turning point in my life because I still miss them even though they died many years ago. They were kind generous people whose door was always open. My Nan especially had a great sense of humour the kind that would make you laugh until you cried. Nan was always sneaking around corners laughing at the most inappropriate times a trait that she kindly bequeathed to her daughter, my mother and me.

    PCRG are an amazing collection of highly motivated individuals full of encouragement and infectious enthusiasm that you canít help but take with you for the rest of the day. As a Labrador that sits at the back of the pack I greatly appreciate the words of encouragement, thank- you.

    I prefer running in the morning because that is when I have the least amount of energy to think of a good enough excuse not too.

    Running is difficult when you honestly know that it is only hard work and consistent commitment that will move me forward. The best advice my grandmother gave me was if you think nice things you should always say them out loud.

    So much inspires me, those around me that overcome adversity that is not in their control, my parents for living true to the motto of ďitís never too late for anythingĒ, my husband for his alibility to stay sane in a household of five women, my children for what they continue to teach me. I will try to move through life without regret.

    PCRG Apparel

    You can purchase online via c/c or eft.

    Alternatively - see Susan @ training for a better deal!

    Adidas Sunglasses PCRG Summer Series - < 3 weeks to go!

    The Adidas Sunglasses PCRG Summer Series commences on Tuesday Dec 5 and concludes on Friday February 16.

    The Adidas Sunglasses PCRG Summer Series is designed to:

    • Provide group members with a focus during the summer period.
    • Reward loyalty to PCRG.
    • Provide sponsors a marketing opportunity and to ensure sponsors are acknowledged accordingly.

    Brisbane Running Groups 3k Challenge - Feb 16

    The 2007 Brisbane Running Groups 3k challenge will be held @ 6pm on Friday February 16.

    All running groups will meet at The Ship Inn (South Bank) and the 3k challenge will take place in the Botanical Gardens. Presentations and drinks etc will be held @ The Ship Inn.

    Adidas Sunglasses - INTRAINING

    You can purchase your Adidas Sunglasses from INTRAINING.

    Thank you Adidas Sunglasses for being a PCRG sponsor.


    Make sure you visit INTRAINING @ Park Rd Milton for all your running needs.

    Thank you INTRAINING for being a PCRG sponsor.

    Majer Recruitment

    Brisbane's own ''Majer recruitment'' was recently voted Australiaís favourite Generalist Small to Medium sized recruiter.

    Majer competed against the nationís top firms in the Seek Annual Recruitment Awards.

    Thank you Majer Recruitment for being a PCRG sponsor.

    Run For Your Life

    The latest R4YL issue is out now!

    Thank you R4YL for being a PCRG sponsor.

    pb sports nutrition

    Thank you to pb sports nutriton for your ongoing support in providing product which is used at the group sessions.

    The Ship Inn

    Thank you ''The Ship Inn'' for being a PCRG sponsor.


    Intraining stock a full range of Mizuno shoes and apparel.

    Thank you MIZUNO for being a PCRG sponsor.

    Your next run is only as good as your last recovery!

    If you fail to follow a sensible diet your body will not gain full benefit from all of those enjoyable and challenging runs and you won't recover as well as you possibly could.

    Kerith Duncanson is an accredited dietician as well as a former International class runner. An online dietary assessment by Kerith may assist you to achieve your goal.

    Kerith offers 20% off her advertised fees to any runners involved with me through online coaching or any runner who is a regular member of PCRG.

    Help Phil make a difference!

    During Movember (the month formally known as November) Iíll be growing a moustache. Thatís right Iím bringing back the Mo because Iím passionate about changing the state of menís health. Male health is a major issue.

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