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  • Pat,

    The running group had been slightly hampered of late with a number of runners struck down with injury or illness. To those affected I wish you a speedy recovery and I look forward to seeing the group back to full strength next week.

    I am about to get more apparel printed, new colors and all, and I have been toying with giving ‘Hungry to Achieve’ a rest and replacing with a fresh motto. I was leaning towards ‘Reward Outweighs Effort’ however I ran this past a few people this morning and my proposed motto was met with a varied response.

    I would therefore welcome your feedback, via email, ASAP. Should we stick with ‘Hungry to Achieve’, go with ‘Reward Outweighs Effort’ or alternatively you may wish to propose some fresh wording yourself.

    Peter Hallahan, a reformed cigar smoker, is a dual SUB 3HR Marathon runner and has taken this opportunity to provide us with a true insight into his 2005 Gold Coast campaign.

    Kate Aust is nearing one of the most important days in her life to date and will be off the shelf come November. Kate has come a long way since joining the group and I hope you enjoy getting to know Kate better.



    P.S Drinks at the Ship Inn @ 6pm tonight (Thursday), just in case you are interested.

    Peter Hallahan's Gold Coast experience

    Peter Hallahan, a reformed cigar smoker, is a dual SUB 3HR Marathon runner and has taken this opportunity to provide us with a true insight into his 2005 Gold Coast campaign.

    Kate Aust 'uncut'

    I work because I need to fund all the associated costs with running and do this as a Communication Officer with Queensland Treasury Corporation. I live in South Brisbane (nice and close to the start of Pat’s sessions), have lived in Brisbane since 1997 (with some years away travelling) and joined the Pat Carroll running group in February 2005.

    My favourite restaurant is AJ Noodles in Charlotte Street, it’s just a small place, but has the BEST Vietnamese noodles in Brisbane.

    My earliest childhood memory is my Mum throwing away my Gingerbread Man, who was a soft toy. I am 33 now, and still not over it. Let that be a lesson to all the parents out there!

    Later this year when I get married, I think people are going to start expecting me to act like an adult. No chance.

    My favourite movie is Braveheart. There is something about those rugged Scotsmen in kilts charging around the highlands.

    Brisbane City is a fantastic place to live because the sun stays out in winter, there are great places to visit that are only a short drive away, and the river is a great place to run.

    My regular holiday destination is at this stage New Zealand. I have been there a couple of times in the last few years, but I usually try and change my holiday destinations. Byron is my favourite place for a long weekend away.

    If money was no option I would travel to all the places that are on my list!

    It frustrates me when people drive slowly in the right hand lane of a dual carriageway, it’s just not on. And those people that are smoking when you are running, they really frustrate me!

    I have been involved in running since 2002 and my most memorable running experience is probably this year’s City to Surf. It was a beautiful day in Sydney, the views were spectacular, my partner sacrificed running at his pace so that we could do the run together, and it was great to be part of such a big national event!

    I enjoy distance running because of the feeling of satisfaction you get when you finish, and I have met some great people through running.

    My favourite run is in the evening running along the Brisbane River. We are really lucky to have such a beautiful clean city to run in.

    Motivation is something that I have (otherwise I wouldn’t get up in the early hours to run). I think I need to learn to push myself harder though.

    Injuries are something I have had few off, unless blisters are counted as injuries?

    Going to the Caxton after the England/Uruguay RWC game was a turning point in my life because that’s where I met my fiancé!

    The Pat Carroll running group are a great bunch of positive and motivating people. I love coming to the running group and really admire the way everyone is supportive, even of a slowcoach like me! Being in the group has helped my running heaps.

    I prefer running in Nike dry fit shirts because they stay cool and don’t get sweaty!

    Running is sometimes difficult, but the rewards of getting a PB are worth it.

    The best advice my Mum ever gave me was that I will never meet a nice man in a pub, so I spent years trying to prove her wrong! And I have!

    Bono from U2 inspires me, he is very selfless and giving to others in need. I will always regret not charging my iPod for the Gold Coast Half Marathon. I still think I could have completed a faster time if my tunes had been playing.

    Group member profiles

    At the bottom on my sites GROUP RUNS page you will find a link to previously posted group member profiles.


    Saturday long run

    We are starting at The Ship Inn this Saturday. Some of the crew (Robbie, Michael and maybe others) want to get an earlier start and are meeting at 6.00am. The rest are starting at 6.30am. Runners will be doing varying distances from around 8k up to 25k or more depending on what they are training for. I believe the early group will be out there for 2 hours plus, as will a few of the later group.

    Brekky/coffee afterwards at The Ship Inn. All welcome! Contact if further details are required.

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