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  • Pat,

    I have been contemplating instigating (and I am thinking aloud here) an annual group 3k challenge against groups such as In Training, The Run inn etc.

    Points being awarded to runners from each group finishing in the following placings: 1st/ 5th/ 10th/ 15th/ 20th, etc. Same points awarded to 1st place and 20th placed runner from each group. The strength/camaraderie of a group, in this way, will be more widely measured rather than focusing more on the runners who cross the line first. The winner of the challenge will reveal the group which is the strongest throughout.

    Possibly this could take place one evening with everyone meeting back at The Ship Inn for a celebratory drink or three.

    Once again this is just an idea and I am open to any suggestions you may wish to put forward.

    Mark Jones (profiled in this Newsletter) has been absent from training this week, unfortunately the bloke has been crook. Regardless of what Noosa reveals it will not take away the fact that Mark has been in superb form of late and that he has many great performances ahead of him.

    Good luck to everyone running on Sunday and possibly we can all get together for brunch once the formalities come to an end.



    Mark Jones 'uncut'

    I work as a dead animal collector for Brisbane City Council, but I tell everyone Iím an architect. I live in Ashgrove and have lived in Brisbane since April 1959 and joined the Pat Carroll running group in September 2003.

    My favourite restaurant is probably somewhere in the Greek Islands but I havenít been there yet.

    My earliest childhood memory is getting my tonsils out and having to sleep in a cot even though I was over 2 years old!

    I am one of the few adults in PCRG. Most of those kids arenít even 40 yet.

    My favourite movie is Gladiator.

    Brisbane City is probably a good soccer team but I follow League and Union because Iím a heterosexual Anglo-Saxon.

    My regular holiday destination is Byron Bay Ė love it.

    If money was no option I would fund an election campaign, become Prime Minister, establish the Republic and cut off diplomatic ties with the USA (if thatís alright with them).

    It frustrates me when people say they have no time for exercise because of their work.

    I have been involved in running since 1971. I gave up running in 1980 and started again in 1998 and my most memorable running experience is hurdling a copulating couple on a bush trail when I was an innocent 18 year old.

    I enjoy distance running because itís my meditation.

    My favourite run is anywhere, anytime.

    Motivation is something I am lucky enough to have in abundance, especially since my big injury layoff.

    Injuries are an opportunity to learn more about yourself, both emotionally and physically.

    My marriage breakup was a turning point in my life because everything got better from there, including rediscovering my running.

    The Pat Carroll running group are a pack of complete loonies! Iím the only normal person there.

    I prefer running in a balaclava if I ever have to run in that pink dress because someone in the street will recognise me!

    Running is not difficult just keep putting the back foot on front of the front foot - over and over again.

    The best advice a wise man once gave me is Ďyou think there are limits but THERE ARE NO LIMITS!í

    Mandela inspires me because he taught the world the value of forgiveness. (Iím not very good at that). I will not regret beating Slash at Gold Coast because it might never happen again.

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