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  • Ciaran Brock 'uncut'
  • Birthday's only come around TWICE a year
  • Pat,

    Congratulations to everyone who took part in the Bridge to Brisbane on Sunday and thank you to everyone who wished me Happy Birthday along the way.

    Ciaran ran a pb along the way for 10k so now seems an appropriate time to hear what he has to say.

    You will also find below an insight into my memorable Claytons Birthday.



    Ciaran Brock 'uncut'

    I work as a Dentist, live in Spring Hill and have lived in Brisbane since Sept 04 and joined the Pat Carroll running group in Oct 04.

    My favorite restaurant is Hanuman (Thai), try it if youíre ever in Darwin.

    My earliest childhood memory is gee itís bright out here, ouch.

    Being adult is overrated.

    My favorite movie is Pulp Fiction because itís got good tips for resuscitation.

    Brisbane City is right for me because its got nice river runs, good choice of races, lots of enthusiastic runners, fine running weather, running weekends ummm and some other stuff too.

    My regular holiday destination is Ireland and wilderness areas.

    If money was no option I would travel the world (starting with Nepal).

    It frustrates me when Rent Boy texts me his PBs.

    I have been involved in running since 1999 and my most memorable running experience is Warwick Pentath, 30 hours straight of endorphin high, just great.

    I enjoy distance running because a good run puts me on cloud nine.

    My favorite run is a trail through forest.

    Motivation is something sure is!

    Injuries are best nipped in the bud where possible by thinking about the long term.

    Coming to Australia was a turning point in my life because itís got natural wonders, superb wilderness, opportunity, friendly people, great beaches, adventure, need I go on.

    Wearing clothes at the Pat Carroll running group is optional.

    I prefer running in Brissy because Darwin was too damn hot.

    Running is sometimes difficult which is when the infectious motivation of the group is really appreciated.

    The best advice Pat gave me ĎNO PUSSYFOOTIN AROUNDí

    Craig Mottram inspires me because he has strived to emerge from the pack and mix it with the absolute best in the world. I will aim to sit in my rocking chair at 80 and look back without regret.

    Birthday's only come around TWICE a year

    To cut a long story short, Susan was not sure of the date of my birthday and asked me if it was the 7th of August or the 14th. Now we have been together for 3 years so I thought it was high time she remembered my birthday is the 17th of August.

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