April 2006
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  • Good Friday 10k photos
  • Steve Grace - Good Friday 10k Feedback
  • Gold Coast 2006 - GOALS
  • Pat Carroll Running Group Sponsorship
  • Gold Coast Airport Marathon - LESS THAN 11 WEEKS TO GO!
  • pb sports nutrition
  • The Ship Inn
  • Your next run is only as good as your last recovery!
  • Fuel Belt - INTRAINING
  • Brisbane Marathon - LESS THAN 2 WEEKS TO GO!
  • Auscript
  • Karla - MASSAGE
  • Pat,

    Congratulations to all of the PCRG members who took part in the Good Friday 10k. There were so many impressive performances! Photos below.

    When race day arrives there is no doubting that distance running is very much an individual sport however it has been proven that training in a group helps you get the most out of yourself. Researchers from Princeton University in the US say exercising with others is better for the brain. Full article here.

    Steve Grace is one such runner who is thriving on the PCRG environment. You will find a brief report from Steve below.

    With the best part of eleven weeks till Gold Coast we all have ample time to become stronger and fitter. Attending the group sessions and rolling through your own relaxed runs will ensure you have left no stone unturned.

    Catch you ALL in the morning.



    P.S. It will only take a PCRG session or two to rid yourself from feeling guilty about all of that chocolate you have indulged in!

    Good Friday 10k photos

    Yes, we now have a PCRG canopy which will prove an ideal meeting point at events.

    The canopy will soon be decorated in large PCRG lettering.

    Steve Grace - Good Friday 10k Feedback

    Just another "over the moon" group member.

    It was like one of our training session out there. PCRG runners everywhere still encouraging each other as if we were at training. Thank you PCRG, it definitely kept me going and helped me achieve the 48.04.

    The training sessions have been tough but exceptional and group support has taken the effort to the next level. Not only is this thanks to you Pat, our inspirational trainer who keeps us honest at training, but also a huge thanks to Sue and PCRG members for the support and great team spirit.

    The word is out about the PCRG. There is an air of unity, energy and support that people want to get amongst.

    Gold Coast 2006 - GOALS

    I will post your Gold Coast 2006 Goal on my site as well as on a board which will be displayed at the group sessions.

    I encourage you to accept the challenge.

    Please get out your diaries, your PATHWAY to success will involve these important dates.

    Pat Carroll Running Group Sponsorship

    Possibly you (or your company) would enjoy being a PCRG 'Countdown to Gold Coast' 2006 sponsor.

    There are also opportunities available to be a naming rights sponsor for a PCRG post training session breakfast and/or a PCRG seminar.

    Gold Coast Airport Marathon - LESS THAN 11 WEEKS TO GO!

    You can enter online.


    Make sure you visit INTRAINING @ Park Rd Milton for all your running needs.

    Thank you INTRAINING for being a PCRG sponsor.


    Australia's newest and most comprehensive running magazine.

    The April/May Issue of R4YL is OUT NOW.

    Look out for the basics of Mountain Running, the Beautiful side of Sarah Jamieson, Vegetarian versus Meat Lovers diets, Commonwealth Games Preview, National Track and Field wrap up, Returning from Injury, plus a plethora of others assortments and of course all of the usual race results and reports.

    Thank you R4YL for being a PCRG sponsor.

    pb sports nutrition

    Thank you to pb sports nutriton for your ongoing support in providing product which is used at the group sessions.

    The Ship Inn

    Thank you ''The Ship Inn'' for being a PCRG sponsor.


    INTRAINING stocks an extensive range of MIZUNO shoes and running apparel.

    Thank you MIZUNO for being a PCRG sponsor.

    Your next run is only as good as your last recovery!

    If you fail to follow a sensible diet your body will not gain full benefit from all of those enjoyable and challenging runs and you won't recover as well as you possibly could.

    Kerith Duncanson is an accredited dietician as well as a former International class runner. An online dietary assessment by Kerith may assist you to achieve your goal.

    Kerith offers 20% off her advertised fees to any runners involved with me through online coaching or any runner who is a regular member of PCRG.

    Fuel Belt - INTRAINING

    You can purchase your Fuel Belt from INTRAINING.

    Thank you FUEL BELT for being a PCRG sponsor.

    Brisbane Marathon - LESS THAN 2 WEEKS TO GO!

    The Brisbane Marathon/Half Marathon and 10k is the second event noted on our 'Countdown to Gold Coast' pathway.


    Thank you ''Auscript'' (Peter Wyatt) for being a PCRG sponsor.

    Karla - MASSAGE

    A regular massage will help prevent niggles turning into injuries. I totally recommend Karla.

    Thank you Karla for being a PCRG sponsor.

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