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  • Pat,

    All the best to everyone running in the Bridge to Brisbane on Sunday. I entered the 4k event last year and believed there was a possibility that I could rely on memory and still run ok. I was not in contention right from the word go and it was a final realization to me that I could no longer call on my past training.

    It’s all good though and I am more than happy with where I am currently at in life. Gerard Gosens introduced me to the saying ‘Life is a journey, not a destination’. I guess it's also a matter of, when one chapter closes another opens.

    Suzanne Postma works for Queensland Newspapers, so as the Bridge to Brisbane fast approaches it's only fitting I formally introduce Suzanne to you.

    Catch you All at training on Tuesday.



    Suzanne Postma 'uncut'

    I work as a Sales Trainer/ Coach for Queensland Newspapers, live in “the Valley”and have lived in Brisbane since February 2005and joined the Pat Carroll running group in March/ April 2005?

    My favorite restaurant is I’m still discovering the many great restaurants Brisbane has on offer! But Mecca Bah at the Emporium is pretty good.

    My earliest childhood memory is the disgusting jam and cheese sandwiches my mum used to make me eat when I came home from kindergarten. Yuk!

    The longer I am an adult the more I wish I was still a kid!

    My favorite movie is ‘Back to the Future’ because it featured Michael J. Fox, a hot car, great soundtrack and was filmed in the best decade of all – the Eighties! I also like the idea of being able to zip around the ages in a time machine if/ when you get bored!

    Brisbane City is a great place to live but not quite home because my family all live in Melbourne.

    My regular holiday destination is I guess it would be Melbourne these days.

    If money was no option I would travel a lot and tell me husband to relax when the credit card statement arrived!

    It frustrates me when people (runners, walkers, cyclists) block the path stopping others from getting through. If everyone does the right thing there’s room for everybody!

    I have been involved in running since I was 15 on and off and consistently since 2002 and my most memorable running experience is the 2004 New York City Marathon.

    I enjoy distance running because it’s challenging, keeps me fit and has allowed me to meet some of the nicest people.

    My favorite run is the Capital City Trail along the Yarra River or a run along the bay from Black Rock to Brighton in Melbourne.

    Motivation is something that comes from within but is also inspired and encouraged by others.

    Injuries are something I’ve been very lucky to largely avoid so far (touch wood!).

    Going back to ballroom dancing after many years absence was a turning point in my life because that’s how I met my husband Brad.

    The Pat Carroll running group are a friendly yet strange group of people who seem to enjoy pain!

    I prefer running in Brisbane in Winter but Melbourne in Summer because February in Brisbane is a killer!

    Running is sometimes difficult (when you have to get out of bed at 5:15am) but it is one of the most enjoyable and rewarding parts of my life.

    The best advice my Dad gave me was “ask your Mother”.

    My brother inspires me because he was the first person I ever saw run crazy distances and keep going back for more! I think he also inspired the “go hard or go home” motto! I will try never to regret anything as I’d rather look forward to where I’m going than look back to where I’ve been.

    Saturday long run

    We are starting at The Regatta Hotel on Saturday at 6.30am. Runners do varying distances from around 8k up to 35k depending on what they are training for. Brekky/coffee afterwards at steet cafe at The Regatta. All welcome! Contact if further details are required.



    Who is the runner in the B2B logo?

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