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Feb 2006
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  • Pat,

    I would like to lock in some common goals for ALL group members.

    It’s time to get out your diaries Ladies and Gentlemen for there are 4 events on the distance running calendar that I would like us ALL to aim for. Locking in the following 4 events will mean that the group environment is not the only reason you front up on a Tuesday and Thursday morning. It is going to get ‘colder and darker’ soon and that drive to South Bank may be less inviting. Sharing common goals with fellow group members will help keep those motivation levels sky high!

    • Good Friday 10k (April 16)
      < 11 WEEKS TO GO
    • Brisbane Marathon or Half Marathon or 10k (April 30)
      < 13 WEEKS TO GO
    • Doomben Half Marathon or 10k (June 4th)
      < 18 WEEKS TO GO
    • Gold Coast Airport Marathon or Half Marathon or 10k (July 2)
      < 22 WEEKS TO GO

    There is ample room on the reverse of the A frame poster at training to declare what you wish to achieve and I look forward to seeing your goal displayed for everyone to see.

    There is no secret to the fact that there are a number of lawyers in our group. There are also a number of police officers and I will be introducing them to you over the next few weeks. Anna-lise is a Scenes of Crime Officer who loves chocolate and has never had an injury. Maybe I should be considering providing chocolate as a post run anti-inflammatory! I hope you enjoy getting to know Anna-lise just a little bit more.

    Catch you ALL in the morning.



    Anna-lise 'uncut'

    I work as a Scenes of Crime Officer with the Queensland Police Service (If I could have a dollar for every time I hear “just like CSI”, I’d be extremely wealthy!). The difference between fiction and reality is as follows: I don’t have my hair and make up done at the start of every shift, I wear either overalls or a two piece “blokes” uniform, with “Redback” work boots to complete the look. At times I smell really, really bad depending on the last job I’ve been to and I work on my own (probably a good thing reading the last comment I made). But apart from that I’m really very spoilt and enjoy my job. I live in a house and have lived in Brisbane since 1996 and joined the Pat Carroll running group in Feb 2005.

    My favourite restaurant is Chumley’s in New York and Home Hill in Tasmania (it’s a winery restaurant in the middle of nowhere and just a nice place to relax)

    My earliest childhood memory is grabbing my mother from the back seat of the car (she was the front passenger) and trying to bite her neck because she wouldn’t stop at the shop to buy me a chocolate. The poor woman has never been the same since!. I can also remember my first day at preschool, it took my mother and the teacher all of their strength to drag me into the classroom. My sister was sooooo embarrassed because she said she could hear me from her classroom which was miles away and everyone was asking “who is that screaming”. She denied that we were in any shape or form related. Believe it or not, I’m actually a really gentle, kind and generous person, I just need a lot of chocolate and didn’t want to go to preschool.

    I love being an adult because I can buy my own chocolate and I don’t have to go to preschool.

    My favourite movie is As Good As It Gets because behind the harsh exterior is a heart of gold.

    Brisbane City is the place I chose to live because the weather is great and it’s relaxed with everything I like close at hand.

    My regular holiday destination is usually Coolangatta, Straddie or Tasmania to relax, but anywhere overseas is always great for an adventure.

    If money was no option I would donate all the money needed to ensure the Guide Dog Association could provide dogs for the blind. I’d also make sure every nursing home had air conditioning in all rooms and I’d love to spend time travelling and studying all creatures great and small (I love animals). On a purely selfish level I’d live in New York, Denmark and Sydney and I’d race V8’s and Superbikes and shop constantly.

    It frustrates me when people don’t have the guts to apologise for doing the wrong thing and blame others for their actions.

    I have been involved in running since 2004 and my most memorable running experience is the Noosa Half marathon.

    I enjoy distance running because it relieves a lot of stress and it gives me some “me time” where I’m alone and no one bothers me.

    My favourite run is anywhere where it’s peaceful and relaxing.

    Motivation is something I have a lot of thankfully.

    Injuries are something I don’t have to worry about (touch wood).

    Moving to Brisbane was a turning point in my life because I grew up in Tasmania, lived in Melbourne and Adelaide and decided that Brisbane was the place I wanted to stay.

    The Pat Carroll running group are a motivating and inspiring group of people, who make the effort to get up early in the morning to better themselves.

    I prefer running in Spring and Autumn because in summer I melt and in winter I freeze.

    Running is at times really difficult because on longer runs it not only tests your body but also your mind.

    The best advice I gave me was “leave that man, he’s a nutter”.

    A young man involved in a really bad traffic accident inspires me because when I initially saw him he wasn’t supposed to live and a year later he tracked me down and asked if he could see me to say thankyou for helping him. Although he still had difficulty walking and talking he told me his plans for the future. Anyone who jumps over hurdles to reach their goal is an inspiration to me. I will do my best not to regret anything.

    Photos from Tuesdays session

    Allyson enjoyed a bit of ‘me time’ during her cool down.

    Did you get your photo taken?

    Group runs this weekend

    The Brisbane Running Buddies and the Regatta Runners are running from The Regatta Hotel this Saturday starting at 6am, running varying distances from around 8k up to over 30k. Brekky/coffee afterwards at The Regatta. All welcome.

    Contact if further details are required.

    Mark Jones and friends are running on Sunday from Landsborough Street side of Regatta Hotel. Starting run @ 5:45am.

    Next weeks training

    Tue 7th: 3k Time Trial

    Thurs 9th: 50min + No Watch 1k


    Make sure you visit INTRAINING @ Park Rd Milton for all your running needs. Apparel

    I managed to get a good deal on some Mizuno clothing so I am happy to reduce the usual cost of the singlets etc.

    If purchased at training:

    Singlets $35, T Shirts/Crop Tops and Bra Tops $40

    I also have some men’s running shorts in M/L & XL at a cost of $25

    You are welcome to take any item home to try before you buy.

    Canberra Marathon - LESS THAN 10 WEEKS TO GO

    The Canberra Marathon could be your first major goal in 2006.

    pb sports nutrition

    Thank you to pb sports nutriton for your ongoing support in providing product which is used at the group sessions.


    INTRAINING stocks an extensive range of TIMEX watches.


    INTRAINING stocks an extensive range of MIZUNO shoes and running apparel.

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