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July 3 2005
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  • Australia Day Fun Run - Tomorrow
  • Gary Mayor ''uncut''
  • Photos from Tuesdays session
  • Group social calendar
  • Group runs this weekend
  • Next weeks training
  • Apparel
  • Canberra Marathon - LESS THAN 11 WEEKS TO GO
  • pb sports nutrition
  • RUNNERS WORLD - Feb 2006 issue on news stands now!
  • Pat,

    The group session is definitely taking place tomorrow morning – Australia Day.

    The Australia Day Fun Run which starts @ 8am at South Bank is in need of volunteers. If you can spare some of your valuable time please contact Dave Fitter on 0400263873.

    Last Thursday’s session involved those torturous 4min efforts in the Botanical Gardens and I am well known for, at the last minute, extending the distance of the final effort to include running to the top of the grass hill infront of the riverside stage.

    As you are all aware I called out during the last rep advising that if you dug deep all the way to the end that you could leave the grass hill out.

    As I was picking up the markers I thought to myself wouldn’t it be amazing if you ALL decided to run up the grass hill regardless of the fact I gave you ALL a pardon this time.

    I turned the corner into the riverside stage and there you ALL were, at the top of the hill.

    I am being honest here, "I felt proud". I felt proud because you ALL decided not to take the soft option. I felt proud because I believe I am starting to make a difference via instilling the fact that you will only get out of this, what you put in. By having such an attitude you will be rewarded with a level of fitness you only dreamed about and the joys you will receive via achieving your goals will exceed any dream.

    It’s an honour to be involved with you ALL.

    Over twenty years ago I met five runners who took me under their wing and provided the foundations for my distance runner career. The magnificent five were:

    • Barry Dobson
    • Eddie Salmon
    • Paul Francis
    • Graham Upton

    Well Pat has left one person out is what you are more than likely thinking. Well ladies and gentlemen the missing name from the magnificent five is profiled in this newsletter.

    Gary Mayor is not only a guy who has a ridiculous array of running shorts but he also played a major role in the early days of my running career.

    I hope you enjoy getting to know Gary Mayor just a little bit more.

    Catch you ALL in the morning.



    Australia Day Fun Run - Tomorrow

    The 4k and 8k Fun Runs start @ South Bank.

    The event is in need of course marshals. If you can help out please contact Dave Fitter on 0400263873.

    Gary Mayor ''uncut''

    I work as a Resident Unit Manager, more commonly known as RUM, but prefer bourbon. Have spent most of my life employed as a Boilermaker. I live in Herston, have lived in Brisbane since 1974, spent the first twelve years of my life in the UK and joined the Pat Carroll running group in it’s infancy, but have been very spasmodic until October 2005, becoming a RUM has helped me become a more consistent PCRG member.

    My favourite restaurant is anywhere that serves good Italian, Thai or Indian.

    My earliest childhood memory is my father coming into my room one night and urinating at the end of my bed. He was really drunk and thought he walked into the bathroom. Living in England at the time, and in mid winter, that warmness soon became quite chilly.

    Being an adult you assume you rarely get asked for ID when going out. Enter 2004, and in my 40’s, some bouncer with very poor eye sight says “Sorry mate, no ID no Entry”. To which I replied “Mate you are a f######t”. You would think after that my night was doomed. I went to the conciliation, it was arbitrated within 5 minutes, the bouncer was replaced, an apology was forthcoming, and I was in. I was a very determined adult.

    My favourite movie is The Life of Brian.

    Brisbane City is heavenly because it houses the fourth fastest marathon runner in Australia.

    My regular holiday destination is Sunshine Beach.

    If money was no option I would invite all my favourite bands to play at my next birthday party on a Whitsunday Island.

    It frustrates me when you want to go and see U2, but can’t because they’ve sold out, then hundreds of people who bought tickets, and have no intentions of seeing them and want to sell theirs at ridiculous prices.

    I have been involved in running since 1973 and my most memorable running experience is running a 5km track pb in 1986 of 14.34, I felt great the whole way & it seemed so effortless at the time. (Tend to remember Pat being in the race that day)

    I enjoy distance running because it gets you high legally.

    My favourite run is Daisy Hill State Forest & Brookfield.

    Motivation is something I once had lots of, but is gradually coming back.

    Injuries are part of running life, it doesn’t matter how many, or how long to recover, we always come back to have another crack.

    Having laser eye surgery was a turning point in my life because I no longer lose contact lenses down the plug hole.

    The Pat Carroll running group is a great way to spend your Tuesday & Thursday mornings and currently my main source of motivation to stay involved in distance running.

    I prefer running in darkness because I enjoy scaring the crap out of people when coming from behind.

    The best advice my boss gave me, “Don’t be a Boilermaker all your life”.

    Ron Peters inspires me as he is setting the benchmark for us mature folk.

    I will never regret seeing The Psychedelic Furs four nights in a row when they toured Brisbane in 1983: The Surfair, Festival Hall, The Playroom and Bombay Rock. (where have all the music venues gone?)

    Photos from Tuesdays session

    Nicky managed to find some air at the bottom of the hill.

    Did you get your photo taken?

    Group social calendar

    A number of people met at The Ship Inn last Friday night and there will be plenty more opportunities to chat to fellow group members over a cold drink or three.

    Group runs this weekend

    The Brisbane Running Buddies and the Regatta Runners are running from The Regatta Hotel this Saturday starting at 6am, running varying distances from around 8k up to over 30k. Brekky/coffee afterwards at The Regatta. There is also a small group starting at The Ship Inn at 5am and running a river loop of around 30k. All welcome at either run.

    Contact if further details are required.

    Mark Jones and friends are running Sunday morning @5:45am and leaving from cnr Payne Road and Dillon Road The Gap.

    Next weeks training

    Tue 31st:

    • 2 x 1k, 5 x 500m (or)
    • 2 x 1k, 7 x 500m

    Thurs 2nd:

    • 2 x 2k, 1 x 1k (or)
    • 3 x 2k


    Make sure you visit INTRAINING @ Park Rd Milton for all your running needs. Apparel

    I managed to get a good deal on some Mizuno clothing so I am happy to reduce the usual cost of the singlets etc.

    If purchased at training:

    Singlets $35, T Shirts/Crop Tops and Bra Tops $40

    I also have some men’s running shorts in M/L & XL at a cost of $25

    You are welcome to take any item home to try before you buy.

    Canberra Marathon - LESS THAN 11 WEEKS TO GO

    The Canberra Marathon could be your first major goal in 2006.

    pb sports nutrition

    Thank you to pb sports nutriton for your ongoing support in providing product which is used at the group sessions.


    INTRAINING stocks an extensive range of TIMEX watches.


    INTRAINING stocks an extensive range of MIZUNO shoes and running apparel.

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