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Jan 2006
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  • was the silly season!
  • Peter Hallahan 'uncut'
  • Group runs this weekend
  • Runners World Calendar
  • Australia Day Fun Run - Jan 26
  • Apparel
  • Canberra Marathon ''LESS THAN 14 WEEKS TO GO''
  • pb sports nutrition
  • Pat,

    Well how hot has it been! “DAMN HOT” I say. It is great to see however that the high temperatures are not playing havoc with the number of runners attending the group sessions. The warm temperature certainly ensures the icy cold ice blocks after training are enjoyable and yes Theresa, they do still make sunny boys.

    Due to the fact we had a weeks break I have delayed the 3K Time Trial till next Tuesday and we will be running 1k efforts @ West End tomorrow morning.

    It is amazing the power the New Year can bring when it comes to people taking stock of their lives which finds them stopping for a second or two and working out where they are heading. In the last few days I have had a higher than normal amount of runners signing up with me for online coaching. I recall the same trend occurred this time last year.

    You will discover in Peter Hallahan’s profile that New Year 2000/01 was a turning point in his life for that is when Peter was encouraged to take up running.

    I have run with Peter at the last two Gold Coast Marathons and it was most enjoyable to see him achieve SUB 3 on both occasions. By reading Peters profile it is evident that he gets a great deal of satisfaction from his involvement in running. I hope you enjoy getting to know Peter Hallahan a little bit more.

    As you give thought as to what 2006 has in store for you I hope that you take the initiative to lock in a goal or two and to possibly go one step further by writing your goal on the reverse of the A frame sign at training.

    If you have a goal, you have purpose.

    Catch you ALL in the morning.



    P.S. INTRAINING will now be sponsoring our Athlete of the Month award and I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank Dale and Christine @ Run on Down for their past generous support. was the silly season!

    My next door neighbour grew up in the bush and he's a real man's man.

    The poor guy didn't know what to think when I greeted him with ''Hi Gav'' as I just continued mowing.

    Peter Hallahan 'uncut'

    I work as a middle-aged Chartered Accountant. Which would probably make me the most boring person in the group. There is some pop- psychology about however that says runners are subconsciously running away from their lives. Maybe I was meant to be a Geologist after all (Which really would make me the most boring person). I live in Coorparoo. I have lived in Brisbane since 1988 and joined the Pat Carroll running group in March 2004.

    My favourite restaurant is The Mughal Palace Indian restaurant in Mt Gravatt.

    My earliest childhood memory is running away from my older brother.

    Being an adult means I don’t have to run away from my brother as much as I used to. Besides, he wouldn’t catch me anymore.

    My favourite movie is “The Mission”. It was around for about a second in the mid-eighties and had a great sound track. Can’t even get it on video any more.

    Brisbane City is a great place to live, raise a family and run because we have everything we need and can still live a relaxed life-style.

    My regular holiday destination is New York (Sorry – just showing off now. It’s the geologist coming out in me)

    If money was no option I would get a map showing all the world’s deserts and see how many of them I could visit/explore.

    It frustrates me when I meet people with no sense of curiosity.

    I have been involved in running sincemy early twenties (although I have had a few long “rest days”) and my most memorable running experience is running at the Gold Coast with PC and breaking 3hrs in my first marathon.

    I enjoy distance running because it means I don’t have to be a geologist. (We don’t know any geologists do we Pat?)

    My favourite run is Southbank/Kangaroo Pt/New Farm. Brisbane really is a great place to run. I am looking forward to The Green Bridge being opened.

    Motivation is something that comes with the emails every week sorting out who is meeting whom for why. Running around Brisbane with like-minded folk is about as good as it gets.

    Injuries are a serious issue for those of us with a pathological need to keep doing the things which get in the way of a reasonable recovery. It’s is the sort of thing which sets PCRG members apart from the great unwashed – much to our detriment at times.

    Seeing my brothers at New Year 2000/01 was a turning point in my life because they encouraged me to take up running again after a ten year lay off. They had just ridden their push bikes from Canberra to The Blue Mountains to see me and my family.

    The Pat Carroll running group is a bunch of very strange folk with an odd addiction to putting their bodies on the edge. Makes them very likeable people.

    I prefer running in daylight because it helps to avoid the rabbit holes.

    Running is only difficult if you don’t embrace it as a way of life.

    The best advice PC gave me was “We’ll see”. It was the first time I met him and I had just gone to some effort to explain that I was a broken-down hack well past my prime and that I would never again run under 82 minutes for a half- marathon.

    Taking up running again inspires me to be involved in all sorts of life’s activities which can easily be set aside if we choose to disengage. I spent a great week walking with Heather in NZ earlier in the year. I will never regret meeting Mark Jones. He said: “come and run with the Pat Carroll mob”.

    Group runs this weekend

    The Brisbane Running Buddies and the Regatta Runners are running from The Regatta Hotel this Saturday (7th Jan). A few are starting at 4.30am and doing a 30k river loop. The rest are starting at 6am running varying distances from around 8k up to about 25k - some are doing a flat run and others are running over Mt Coot-tha.

    Brekky/coffee afterwards at The Regatta. All welcome!

    Contact if further details are required.

    Runners World Calendar

    This limited edition wall calendar features public holidays and dates of major race in Australia and NZ, as well useful websites.

    You can receive the 2006 Runner's World calendar for only $18.00 (plus $2.00 P/H) giving yourself motivation and inspiration the whole year through.

    Australia Day Fun Run - Jan 26


    You can obtain an entry form from me at training. Apparel

    I managed to get a good deal on some Mizuno clothing so I am happy to reduce the usual cost of the singlets etc.

    If purchased at training:

    Singlets $35, T Shirts/Crop Tops and Bra Tops $40

    I also have some men’s running shorts in M/L & XL at a cost of $25

    You are welcome to take any item home to try before you buy.

    Canberra Marathon ''LESS THAN 14 WEEKS TO GO''

    This could be your first major challenge in 2006.

    pb sports nutrition

    Thank you to pb sports nutriton for your ongoing support in providing product which is used at the group sessions.


    Make sure you visit INTRAINING @ Milton for all your running needs.

    INTRAINING kindly sponsors our ''Athlete of the Month'' prize.

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