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Dec 2005
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  • Xmas run
  • Pat Carroll 'uncut'
  • Xmas gift - Online Coaching
  • Photos from last Thursdays session
  • Group runs this weekend
  • Runners World Calendar
  • Australia Day Fun Run - Jan 26
  • Apparel
  • Canberra Marathon ''15 WEEKS TO GO''
  • pb sports nutrition
  • Run On Down
  • Pat,

    I am looking forward to our Christmas run in the morning and I hope we can see out 2005 in style by having as many people involved as possible. If you have not been able to join us for some time hopefully you can come along or if you have always wondered if all of the stories about out positive and friendly group were true then maybe tomorrow morning is the perfect opportunity to discover first hand.

    There will be no charge for the Christmas run and your attendance will not be recorded on the s/s. Please feel free to bring a non gender specific present, this is not compulsory though.

    We will be starting @ 5.40am from the Ship Inn and we will finish the session at the South Bank pool. My daughter will set up at the pool while we are running.

    Most importantly please involve your family if at all possible. Susan will look after the kids while we are running and will ensure they are doing their best to soak us with their water pistols.

    Please be aware there will be NO TRAINING next week, this being Tuesday/Thursday between Christmas and New Year. We will definitely be back in full force as of Tuesday 3rd of January.

    I have decided to submit my own profile and I hope you enjoy getting to know me just a little bit more. Best of luck though for this is something my X never succeeded in doing right from the very start!

    You have most likely heard me say before how proud I am to be involved in such a way with the PCRG. We do have something special, 2005 was a great year for our group and 2006 will be no different.


    Catch you ALL in the morning.



    Xmas run

    It would be fantastic to see as many people as possible attend the Christmas run tomorow morning and help place a close to what has been a most memorable year for our group.

    If you have not attended a group session for some time this will be an ideal opportunity to catch up with everyone.

    Pat Carroll 'uncut'

    I work as a running coach in the real world as well as in cyber space. I am also involved in the promotion of events such as the Gold Coast Marathon. I live in Camp Hill, have lived in Brisbane since 1961 and joined the Pat Carroll running group in ''ha''.

    My favourite restaurant is any restaurant which serves a spicy meal. I love Indian!

    My earliest childhood memory is: Well, those of you who are as old as me will remember the washing machines where you placed the clothes between the moving rollers to wring then out. I was intrigued by the rollers and somehow I thought my hand could slide through them whilst the rollers were moving. I was wrong! My fingers jammed the machine and off to the Doctor I went.

    The other night I was walking around the house with my pants pulled up high whilst wearing a pair of ski goggles. I guess it would be true to say that I don’t act like an adult at times. My X often referred to me as Peter Pan (she didn’t really like that side of me).

    My favourite movie is Mr Holland’s Opus. Only because it is the only movie that has brought me to tears. Love Kath and Kim!

    Brisbane City is great for running because there are heaps of bike paths which hug the river and a couple of hours of running seems to fly by effortlessly.

    My regular holiday destination is anywhere I can hear the ocean as I am falling off to sleep.

    If money was no option I would not endlessly smother my kids with presents. On the other hand I would have a ball.

    It frustrates me when people take shopping trolleys home. Speaking of shopping trolleys, I would love to meet the wanker who designed them and take him to task about the bottom front bar which is exactly the same height as an Achilles tendon.

    I have been involved in running since 1980 and my most memorable running experience is when I won Gold Coast for the fourth time. I crossed the line, arms in the air, and for some reason I walked back into the finishing straight to share my win with the people who cheered me in. To my complete surprise the first person I came across was my Mum.

    I enjoy distance running because it is the ultimate way to stay fit and the feelings you experience during and especially after you run leave you in a ‘life’s pretty damn good’ type state.

    My favourite run is along Main Beach, looking across the ocean when the sun is just starting to appear. Ummmm second reference to the ocean, maybe I will go down the coast in the morning!

    Motivation is something which will never be an issue as long as you set short term and long term goals.

    Injuries are inevitable when you are doing a lot of running. How you manage the injury determines how severe it will become and how long you will be cheering from the sidelines for.

    My Brother suffering from cancer (he is fine now) at 20 years of age was a turning point in my life because it scared the hell out of me. Not because of what he was going through but more my own realisation that we are not here forever. My X often told me I was a selfish prick!

    The Pat Carroll running group is out of control and full of energy. It is such an honour to be at the helm and first timers are always impressed as to how friendly and positive everyone is. If a clairvoyant told me 10 years ago that I would be responsible for bringing the best part of 50 people together for a training session twice a week I would have laughed, that’s just not in me I would have thought. Our group philosophy “A fun and supportive environment free of elitism and categorisation’’ will live forever!

    I prefer running in the morning because for some reason I have always felt that early mornings are when you are suppose to exercise, it has a real freshness about it.

    Running is not difficult without any kit on. Believe me, I know!

    The best advice Rob De Castella ever gave me was “You may have lost the battle, but not the War”.

    Susan inspires me because I can harbour a grudge and be ‘Mr Grumpy’ for as long as it may take but she can move on and start with a clean slate immediately. I seem to have a slow emotional repair mechanism and Susan has a true awareness that life is here to be enjoyed, build a bridge and get over it type thing. I will eventually be an old man and no doubt I will pull up at a set of traffic lights and find a 40 year old glancing at me wondering what I had been up to for the past 80 odd years. My aim is to be free of regret when looking back at him.

    Xmas gift - Online Coaching

    If you would like to surprise someone at Christmas time with 4 weeks/ 12 weeks or 24 weeks online coaching with me (Pat Carroll) simply enter your details via the link below and I will email a gift voucher to you.

    The online coaching gift can be used whenever the recipient feels the time is right, it does not have to be used immediately and there is no use by date.

    Photos from last Thursdays session

    Group runs this weekend

    Saturday 24/12 - 6am at The Regatta Hotel Runners will be doing varying distances from around 8k up to about 25k or more depending on what they are training for. Some are doing a flat run and others are running over Mt Coot-tha from there. Brekky/coffee afterwards at The Regatta.

    Sunday 25/12 - 5.30am at the athletics track at UQ An annual event. A warm-up of 2km or so and then 400m reps on the track, and then a warm down. Champers and/or OJ follow (BYO). Session should be wrapped up by around 7.30am so plenty of time to get home for the normal Christmas Day festivities.

    Tuesday 27/12 - 5am at The Gap (corner of Payne Rd and Dillon Rd) Another annual event - 'Fats Festive Fatass Run'. The course is on fire trails up to Mt Nebo. You can run all or part of it. You will have to carry water and bring some cash it you plan to have a pit stop at the cafe at the top (22k) before heading back.

    Saturday 31/12 - 5am at Jolly's Lookout at Mt Nebo A road run to Mt Glorius and back (28k total). A hilly but spectacular run. You can run all or part of it. Barby at Jolly's after the run (BYO everything you wish to eat and drink).

    Everybody is welcome at all of the above - the more the merrier! All runs are free (unless the groundskeeper at UQ is working Christmas morn and then we may have to pay a couple of dollars each). For more info contact me at

    Runners World Calendar

    This limited edition wall calendar features public holidays and dates of major race in Australia and NZ, as well useful websites.

    You can receive the 2006 Runner's World calendar for only $18.00 (plus $2.00 P/H) giving yourself motivation and inspiration the whole year through.

    Australia Day Fun Run - Jan 26

    5 WEEKS TO GO Apparel

    I managed to get a good deal on some Mizuno clothing so I am happy to reduce the usual cost of the singlets etc.

    If purchased at training:

    Singlets $35, T Shirts/Crop Tops and Bra Tops $40

    I also have some men’s running shorts in M/L & XL at a cost of $25

    You are welcome to take any item home to try before you buy.

    Canberra Marathon ''15 WEEKS TO GO''

    This could be your first major challenge in 2006.

    pb sports nutrition

    Thank you to pb sports nutriton for your ongoing support in providing product which is used at the group sessions.

    Run On Down

    Run on Down offers generous discounts to Pat Carroll Running Group members.

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