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Dec 2005
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  • Christmas run
  • Robbie Lofthouse 'uncut'
  • Xmas gift - Online Coaching
  • Photos from Tuesdays session
  • Next weeks training
  • Group runs this weekend
  • Runners World Calendar
  • No Watch 1k
  • Apparel
  • Canberra Marathon ''16 WEEKS TO GO''
  • pb sports nutrition
  • Run On Down
  • Pat,

    Commencing tomorrow morning, until further notice, the group sessions will commence @ 5.40am.

    Back in the 80’s there was a ‘skeg’ driving down the Gold Coast highway in his sandman panel van listening to his favourite ‘cassette tape’ which consisted of songs by: The Hunters/ ACDC/ The Angels and of course, ‘Australian Crawl’.

    Earlier in the year this same guy/former skeg offered encouragement to James Reyn (lead singer of Australian Crawl) as James ran past us @ New Farm. The encouragement was similar to:

    “Come back to the Kedron RSL soon James, we loved you there’’.

    James (who was actually running at the time in a pair of floral board shorts) didn’t offer a response. I wonder if he prefers to remember the days when he and his band played at slightly larger venues!

    Robbie Lofthouse is the former skeg in question and if you ever get involved in a conversation with Robbie about running and/or 70’s/80’s music you had better make yourself comfortable because it won’t be a brief chat by any stretch of the imagination.

    I hope you enjoy getting to know Robbie Lofthouse just that little bit more.

    Catch you ALL @ 5.40am in the morning.



    P.S Did you manage to get your photo taken on Tuesday? You will find a link to Tuesdays photos below.

    Christmas run

    It would be fantastic to see as many people as possible attend the Christmas run on Thursday 22nd of December and help place a close to what has been a most memorable year for our group.

    If you have not attended a group session for some time this will be an ideal opportunity to catch up with everyone.

    Robbie Lofthouse 'uncut'

    I work because I was never good enough to make it as a professional sports person. I’m currently employed as a Purchasing Officer for Queensland Government. I live in something resembling a house, have lived in Brisbane since 1959 and joined the Pat Carroll running group in 2003.

    My favourite restaurant is: Tongue & Groove at West End

    My earliest childhood memory is: Watching the ‘Flowerpot Men’ on TV. I admired ‘Bill and Ben’ because of their relaxed, easy going lifestyle. At times, I even tried to talk like them in class which shocked some of my primary school teachers.

    Being an adult makes you view the world in a different way. You never stop learning and yet at the same time you hope that you can be someone that your peers admire and respect.

    My favourite movie is: ‘Getting Square’. Destined to be an Australian gangster classic, the performance by David Wenham in the court scene just broke me up.

    Brisbane City is a great place to live because of the scenic River Runs, the fantastic outdoor cafes and is also close to some of the world’s best beaches (I used to be a bit of a skeg in my carefree days of the 1980’s).

    My regular holiday destination is: Kingscliff (Nth Nsw) I started going there in the late 80’s, when my personal life was a mess. Back then it was nice and quite – a good place to escape the world and develop a positive attitude again (Running has been instrumental in developing a good perspective on life).

    If money was no option I would: (1) Find a decent lady who likes travelling and enjoys doing races in far flung parts of the world. (2) Buy a unit at Main Beach, Gold Coast and live there and enjoy the lifestyle.

    It frustrates me when: (1) Motorists shout at you – ‘Get a Life”. (2) People question you as to – “Why are you running''. “It’s so boring and pointless”. My answer is, there’s too many people in Australia who fit the ‘Australian Norm’ image that the media likes to convey.

    I have been involved in running since 1981 and my most memorable running experience was back in the summer 2004 when a very attractive lady bought me a ‘Paddle Pop’ ice block after a hot Ferny Grove run.

    I enjoy distance running because: The people you meet are friendly and positive and the challenge it presents. Being in this sport develops a commitment and ethic which you can apply in other areas of your work life and relationships.

    My favourite run is: The Warwick Pentathlon. A series of 5 races held over 2 Days. The total distance equals that of a marathon. It forces you to dig deep.

    Motivation is something which running has given me in large doses.

    Injuries are frustrating but they have taught me one thing. Get massage regularly and use it as part of your holistic approach to running. Don’t wait until injuries happen before you decide to get a massage.

    Ballooning out to nearly 16 stone back in the late 70’s was a turning point in my life because I knew then that I had to start another sport. Rugby League was starting to hurt.

    The Pat Carroll running group are a fantastic group of individuals because everyone there is so positive. It’s far better than running by yourself.

    I prefer running in Winter because all my PB’s were set in the cooler months.

    Running is difficult at times but the satisfaction you get from setting a goal and then achieving it on race day far outweighs the difficulties.

    The best advice a friend once gave me was “Why live on the edge, when you can dance on the ceiling” No, he wasn’t smoking those funny cigarettes when he said that).

    Seeing Australians do well in International Athletics competitions inspires me e.g. Craig Mottram, Benita Johnson. I will never regret the day I said goodbye to my teenage Rugby League career and did my first jog around a school oval. I lasted 60 seconds and then stopped and walked. It was the start of a new era and something which has changed my body shape and lifestyle forever.

    Xmas gift - Online Coaching

    If you would like to surprise someone at Christmas time with 4 weeks/ 12 weeks or 24 weeks online coaching with me (Pat Carroll) simply enter your details via the link below and I will email a gift voucher to you.

    The online coaching gift can be used whenever the recipient feels the time is right, it does not have to be used immediately and there is no use by date.

    Photos from Tuesdays session

    We are certainly fortunate in Brisbane to have so many great running venues to choose from. The Botanical Gardens is one such venue and I was impressed at the level of determination within the group as you all charged up the hill.

    A special thanks goes to Susan for coming along and helping out.

    Next weeks training

    Tuesday 20th: 8 X 1MIN, 45 SEC SR (New Farm)

    Thursday 23rd: Efforts & Hills (Gardens)

    Group runs this weekend

    Mark Jones and friends will be meeting on SUNDAY @ Landsborough Street side of Regatta Hotel. Start run at 5:30am.

    To find out where the Brisbane Running Buddies are off to on Saturday please contact Theresa Fabian

    Runners World Calendar

    This limited edition wall calendar features public holidays and dates of major race in Australia and NZ, as well useful websites.

    You can receive the 2006 Runner's World calendar for only $18.00 (plus $2.00 P/H) giving yourself motivation and inspiration the whole year through.

    No Watch 1k

    Thank you to everyone who donated a gold coin to Camp Quality last Thursday.

    We collected $40 and Tory was 'spot on' with the time she ran!

    Tory will receive a receipt from Camp Quality to the value of $40 Apparel

    I managed to get a good deal on some Mizuno clothing so I am happy to reduce the usual cost of the singlets etc.

    If purchased at training:

    Singlets $35, T Shirts/Crop Tops and Bra Tops $40

    I also have some men’s running shorts in M/L & XL at a cost of $25

    You are welcome to take any item home to try before you buy.

    Canberra Marathon ''16 WEEKS TO GO''

    This could be your first major challenge in 2006.

    pb sports nutrition

    Thank you to pb sports nutriton for your ongoing support in providing product which is used at the group sessions.

    Run On Down

    Run on Down are holding a Xmas Run on the 20th of December.

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