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Nov 2005
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  • Rick Curtis 'uncut'
  • Gerrard Gosens
  • Congratulations Kate
  • No Watch 1k
  • Next weeks training
  • A message from Tori
  • Group runs this weekend
  • Noosa Triathlon
  • Motivation
  • Pat,

    Tomorrow mornings session will conclude with our monthly ‘No Watch 1k’. Please try to remember to bring a gold coin for Camp Quality.

    We have out first dual winner of the Athlete of the Month award. More details below.

    Rick Curtis has been sitting by his lap top eagerly awaiting the release of this week’s newsletter.

    As you will see by Ricks profile he does have a certain amount of wit however judging by where the majority of his thoughts lie I wonder if his time would be better spent as a B105 breakfast announcer.

    Rick has not revealed all and just to give you a further insight into this unusual individual his favourite song of all time is a dead heat between Chris de Burgh’s ‘Don’t pay the ferry man’ and the song which is revealed once you click on his photo below.

    I hope you enjoy getting to know Rick just that little bit better.

    Catch you ALL in the morning.



    Rick Curtis 'uncut'

    I work as a) a gigolo but it has been pretty slow for over a decade. B) wholesale footwear and clothing business. I live in a) a big shoe with Mrs Hubbard in a kind-of Toy Boy arrangement. b) a house at Camp Hill, have lived in Brisbane since that guy smacked me on the ass and made me cry and joined the Pat Carroll running group in a) a moment of complete insanity. b) March “04, c) all of the above.

    My favourite restaurant is a) anywhere that serves Brussell Sprouts and Tofu. B) Bedi’s Indian Restaurant—South Melbourne.

    My earliest childhood memory is a) completing a perfect piano rendition of Beethoven’s No.5 symphony at age 4. b)being in trouble for eating the dead moths that collect behind the curtains (but that was weeks ago now).

    Getting caught coming out of an adult shop by your parents really sucks.

    My favourite movie is a) Police Academy 6 b) The Shawshank Redemption.

    Brisbane City is just north of the gold Coast because I looked on a map.

    My regular holiday destination is a) Ipswich b)Port Douglas.

    If money was no option I would a) run Forest Gump style across America for 10 years b) buy an island in the Bahamas and invite my closest 50 female friends(or strangers) for month long pool parties.

    It frustrates me when every time I need to pass wind when running, there are always lots of females around.

    I have been involved in running since 2002 and my most memorable running experience is the runs I did in 2001. None!

    I enjoy distance running because it makes me appreciate lying on the couch.

    My favourite run is a) running away from the cops after committing a break and enter b) byron bay---along the beach, around watego’s, up to the lighthouse and back, then to dinner with no guilt.

    Motivation is something a)that others seem to have plenty of b) that will go away if you ignore it.

    Injuries are a) pain disguised as worse pain b) natures way of saying “take it easy”.

    Turning gay was a turning point in my life because I realised the guy I have been sleeping with for the past 6 years had been lying when he said that he was just checking my temperature.

    The Pat Carroll running group is getting larger despite Pat’s reputation (see next question).

    I prefer running in the nude because all the elite runners do it and I hope that it will rub off. (their performance that is).

    Running is difficult (nothing more to say here).

    The best advice Wayne Carey ever gave me was to treat other peoples wives as you would treat your own.

    Kim Beazley inspires me to keep running. I will probably regret writing these silly comments but conforming has never been my strong point.

    Gerrard Gosens

    Gerrard is a long time friend of mine and also a long time blind person. Gerard has been blind since birth and has competed for Australia in the Paralympic Games and World Championships on the track and also in the Marathon.

    Gerrard needs guide runners to help him train and unfortunately his guide runner reserves are light on at present.

    As a result I have invited Gerrard to join us at the group sessions. So, keep a look out for the blind guy at training, you are sure to see him before he sees you!

    If you are interested in helping Gerrard and being one of his guide runners you can contact him on 0407144211. Please feel free to contact me if you would like to know more about what being a guide runner involves.

    Congratulations Kate

    Congratulations kate, you've done it again!

    Just in case you have seen Kate in this pose at training the reason is she will be leaving us soon and has been practicing her goodbyes.

    No Watch 1k

    So far this year we have raised $910 for Camp Quality. At an average cost of $500 to send a child affected by cancer on camp we are well on the way to making a difference to two lives.

    Next weeks training

    Tuesday 8th: Hills - Botanical Gardens

    Thursday 10th: 2 x 10min, 1 x 5min

    A message from Tori

    Just letting you know I have a friend who is a good triathlete who is looking for a runner for noosa as he has hurt his leg. He will do swim and bike. His phone number is : 0422527941.

    Anyone going up sat that needs a ride I will be going Sat leaving Sunday arvo.

    Group runs this weekend

    The Brisbane Running Buddies are starting at The Ship Inn at South Bank this Saturday starting at 6.00am. Runners will be doing varying distances from around 8k up to about 25k or so depending on what they are training for. Brekky/coffee afterwards at The Ship Inn. No cost. All welcome! Contact if further details are required.

    Mark Jones & friends will be leaving @ 6am Sunday from the Ship Inn .

    Noosa Triathlon

    All the best to all of the group members competing at Noosa on Sunday.

    With microphone in hand I will be calling the Bolt on Saturday night.

    This will be the first time Australia’s premier 5k road race will be held under lights. It should be a hoot!


    "Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great."

    - Mark Twain

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