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July 2005
  • Mark Kenney 'uncut'
  • Noosa goals
  • Pace runners required for Noosa Journal Half Marathon
  • Group runs - this weekend.
  • Pat,

    Welcome to the first of the ‘new style’ Pat Carroll Brisbane running group newsletters.

    One of the best things about being an Australian is that if you forget, or don’t know, someone’s name you can always get by with 'Hi Mate'.

    In an attempt to avoid as many 'Hi Mates' as possible, within the group, I will slowly introduce everyone via this newsletter. Mark Kenney is first cab off the rank and as you will see by one of Mark’s comments below he has made a frivolous attempt to gain some brownie points with his better half. Nice try Mark!

    Prompts are in bold and Marks comments complete the text. I will maintain a archive of all of the interviews on my GROUP RUNS page.

    I have a number of digital photos from the dinner courtesy of Kris, Glenda and Claire. If you would like a souvenir of the night please feel free to email me and I will send your photo to you.

    Have a great weekend and I look forward to seeing you ALL at the 3K Time Trial next Tuesday.



    Mark Kenney 'uncut'

    I work as a Principal Policy Officer ( Strategic Legal and Legislation) for the Department of Main Roads, live in West End, lived in Brisbane since 1972 and joined the Pat Carroll running group in November 2002.

    My favorite restaurant is Echo Bistro but I can't usually afford it.

    My earliest childhood memory is doing a wee on a tree in the backyard of my parents house in Mount Isa (just ask Pat how liberating he still finds it).

    I am yet to become an adult or so my wife tells me whenever I drink rum.

    My favorite movie is High Society because the Score is by Cole Porter, sung by Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby and Louis Armstrong with Grace Kelly on top for window dressing, what more could you ask for?

    Brisbane City is not a small marsupial because it is actually a medium sized sub tropical city.

    My regular holiday destination is indeterminate. I try and get somewhere different each time. This year it has been the Hunter Valley and will hopefully be Western Australia later in the year.

    If money was no option I would retire and play golf, fish, drink nice wine etc.

    It frustrates me when fat people walk three abreast and then seem surprised and put out when you politely ask them to move aside so you can run past.

    I have been involved in running since 2002 and my most memorable running experience is the gold Coast Marathon 2004 when I nearly broke 3 hours, something I hoped for but never really thought I would get close to after poor runs in the two preceding years.

    I enjoy distance running because anyone can run 10 km but it takes hard work to run longer distances so you know you are part of a small club.

    My favorite run is West End because I am nearly home and can have a beer soon.

    Motivation is something beginning with M.

    Injuries are fortunately not an issue for me.

    Parenthood was a turning point in my life because nothing is ever the same again - sleep, sex - nothing.

    Most of the people at the Pat Carroll running group are really nice but I am not so sure about that red headed bloke who keeps yelling at me and asking me questions about what reps we are doing that I cannot answer.

    I prefer running in clothes because if I don't I get bruises on my calves from where the old fella swings around (well I can dream).

    Running is difficult (very true ).

    The best advice my Dad ever gave me was that I should keep that one (my wife of course).

    Peter Beattie inspires me because if a chubby bald bloke can lead the State, then I can rule the world.

    Noosa goals

    The Noosa Journal Half Marathon and Noosa 10k is only 3 weeks away. It’s time to lock in your goal.

    Pace runners required for Noosa Journal Half Marathon

    This is what David Waldon had to say following his experience as a pace runner at the 2005 Gold Coast Half Marathon:

    Being the 2.20 half pacer, although a bit slow, was the most enjoyable half marathon I have ran. The conversation flowed throughout with various runners. It was great to hear all those stories from the real running battlers. The most memorable moment was Trish who was very emotional in my arms at the end as she had set a PB by 5 min and said she could not have done it without me.

    Group runs - this weekend.

    There are a few of us running Sunday 6:00AM from cnr Dillon Road and Payne Rd The Gap. All welcome. Simple in and out gravel road, nice forest, hilly, no cars. Best to carry a little water. Mark Jones

    Starting from The Ship Inn on Saturday at 6.30am. All welcome. Theresa Fabian

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