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  • ''Sayonara Michael''
  • Jodie Willett 'uncut'
  • No Watch 1k
  • Brisbane Running Group ''3K CHALLENGE''
  • Camp Quality T Shirts
  • Next weeks training
  • Bribie Beach Bash
  • Group runs this weekend
  • Noosa Triathlon
  • Pat,

    The Brisbane Running Group 3K Challenge is only days away, Friday week. We have a full team which is fantastic, however there are a few runners who are under an injury cloud. We still need more runners to ensure we put in a strong showing on the night.

    Please contact me ASAP if you will be running and your name does not appear below. Also, please contact me ASAP if your name appears below and you are unable to run. I will also need some help with traffic control/timing etc.

    Pat/ Jodie/ Claire/ Theresa/ Jan/ Mark J/ Allyson/ Sarah/ Tori/ Kate/ Scott W/ Michelle W/ Liz/ Andy/ Karen/ David L/ Matt/ Rob/ Carl/ Ella/ Phil/ Trevor/ Donna/ Linda/ Glenda/ Nicole/ Gary/ Craig/ Barry/ David Y/ Dan

    I hope you enjoy getting to know Jodie Willett just that little bit better.

    Catch you ALL in the morning.



    ''Sayonara Michael''

    Michael enjoyed his farewell run, especially the melon dress, and when he arrived in Japan he forwarded a brief thank you email.

    Jodie Willett 'uncut'

    I work as a massage therapist, Nike salesperson, Mum etc. I live in a constant state of schizophrenia, have lived in Brisbane since 1995 and joined the Pat Carroll running group in a desperate attempt to meet guys.

    My favourite restaurant is now closed (Sama Sama) but a picnic in the gardens with Andy and some bubbly is perfect.

    My earliest childhood memory is cutting my hair with scissors at school in Grade 1. My haircuts haven’t got any better as an adult.

    My favourite movie is Monsters Inc.

    Brisbane City is extra nice in October because the Jacarandas are flowering.

    My regular holiday destination is bound to be wonderful, when you tell me what a holiday is.

    If money was no option I would travel the world, following the summer so I don’t have to train in the cold.

    It frustrates me when the cork on a good bottle of red crumbles and you get ‘floaties’ in your drink.

    I have been involved in running since Grade 9 and my most memorable running experience is throwing up from dehydration at Kurrawa last year – I didn’t say it was a good memory!

    I enjoy distance running because anything that lasts less than an hour just isn’t satisfying.

    My favourite run is the next one I can do with my partner.

    Motivation is something that will get you everywhere in life.

    Injuries are plaguing me because I don’t do as Pat says.

    2004 was a turning point in my life because it was the first time my life ever made sense to me.

    The Pat Carroll running group are an amazing friendly bunch of people from different walks of life, who may never have met except for a desire to push their bodies and minds to the limit.

    I prefer running in Nike Skylons because knee-high boots kill your quads.

    Running is very difficult NOT to do.

    The best advice anyone gave me was ‘leave nothing’.

    Seeing runners at the back of the pack, giving their all, inspires me to keep going when I’m hurting.

    I will have a go at anything and die without regret.

    No Watch 1k

    Thank you to everyone who took part in the No Watch 1k. Ben was the closest to his predicted time and he will receive a receipt from Camp Quality to the value of $45

    We also raised $180 for Camp Quality from T Shirt sales. Thank you to everyone who purchased a T Shirt. I still have some available @ a cost of $10

    I hope to have your Camp Quality receipts shortly.

    Brisbane Running Group ''3K CHALLENGE''

    "Our Group'' is void of superstars, everyone respects each other regardless of the pace they may run.

    It is my aim to spread the same philosophy throughout the running community.

    The Brisbane Running Group 3K Challenge, on October 21, will reveal the strongest group overall and each runner will play an equal role in determining the outcome.

    If you are available please register your name at training on the reverse of the A frame poster.

    Camp Quality T Shirts

    Camp Quality have provided me with some fantastic ''Camp Quality'' T Shirts to distribute to the group for free.

    If you are prepared to donate $10 to Camp Quality (tax deductible receipt provided) you will be eligible for a free Camp Quality T Shirt.

    The shirts are made by Bonds and are 100% cotton.

    Please advise via return email if you would like me to reserve a T Shirt for you. Please also advise your size.

    Next weeks training

    Tuesday 18th: 2MIN/1MIN/2MIN (X2) + 5MIN

    Thursday 20th: 4 X 4MIN, 45 SEC SR

    Friday 21st: 3K Challenge

    Bribie Beach Bash

    Congratulations to the following runners who ran at Bribie on Sunday.

    Liz – 1st 15km/ Claire – 2nd 15km /Cheryl – 3rd 15km

    Tess – 1st Female 30km/ Jess – 1st Male 30km

    Phil Kliens team won the relay/ Robbie ran – not sure what team but he personally did really well/ Scotty did the 15km/ MaryJane did the scoring and finish line/ Nick Petrie ran 30km

    Group runs this weekend

    The Brisbane Running Buddies and the Regatta Runners are starting at The Regatta Hotel this Saturday starting at 6.00am (note earlier start time). Runners will be doing varying distances from around 8k upwards depending on what they are training for. Brekky/coffee afterwards at The Regatta. All welcome! Contact if further details are required.

    Noosa Triathlon

    Noosa Tri entries are sure to close soon. If you wish to be involved in the Triathlon as an individual or part of a team I strongly suggest you enter NOW.

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