Nov 2007
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  • Les Rootsey ''uncut''
  • Tribetterealestate/PCRG Summer Series (Dec 3 - Feb 15)
  • PCRG Apparel
  • Lockeroom - Injury prevention products
  • PCRG Xmas Party - Friday - Dec 21 - 5.30pm
  • Timex
  • Scody
  • All Aces Services
  • in2life personal training
  • Majer Recruitment
  • Jodie Willett - Massage
  • The Ship Inn
  • intraining
  • pb sports nutrition
  • Your next run is only as good as your last recovery!
  • Pat,

    The Tribetterealestate/PCRG Summer Series will kick off in two weeks and I am about to take delivery of the 30 ($199) Timex Icontrol watches that will be won by PCRG members over the 11 week period - (Dec 3 - Feb 15). Also not to forget the numerous random draw prizes that will also be on offer.

    The Tribetterealestate/PCRG Summer Series is proudly supported by Timex/Scody/
    All Aces Services/Intraining/in2life personal training and Jodie Willett (massage). More information here.

    I also wish to acknowledge the fantastic support PCRG receives from Majer Recruitment (monthly breakfast) The Ship Inn (our base) and pb sports nutrition.

    When Summer well and truly hits there will be no room for error when it comes to getting out of bed around 5am and those post PCRG swims (non compulsory of course) in the South Bank pool will be extremely enjoyable.

    PCRG is made up of great people from all walks of life and I know that you will be impressed to discover that Les Rootsey is not only a former Socceroo but he has also lectured in Mathematics at Bond University. I enjoyed reading Les's profile and I hope you enjoy getting to know Les Rootsey just a little bit more also.

    Photos from Thursdays PCRG session can be viewed here.

    Photos from Fridays PCRG session can be viewed here.

    Well, another week is amongst us and I hope your visits to PCRG allows you to maintain a strength that will enable you to cope with whatever comes your way.

    Catch you in the morning for a perfect PCRG start to your day.



    Les Rootsey ''uncut''

    I work as a publisher. I live in both the Gold Coast and South Bank, have lived in Brisbane since 2004 and joined PCRG in 2004

    My favourite restaurant is My Place - cause I like what I cook - and the service is great (well most of the time).

    My earliest childhood memory is organising all the kids in my street into a club for games and sports. Been organising people (and myself) ever since!

    In my adult years, I've been a university lecturer in Mathematics at Bond Uni, then after 20 years as an academic took a 'mid life change' and took up journalism. Worked in both electronic and print media for many years as a journalist and photographer and now publish a lifestyle publication called TAN - the world's best selling naturist magazine. I now get to travel and get paid to do it - O'boy!!!

    My favourite movie is South Pacific - cause I'm a born romantic who loves the old-time musicals!

    Brisbane City is fantastic because of the wonderful system of cycleways and rollerblading and jogging routes.

    My regular holiday destination is Lord Howe Island - THE most beautiful island in the world!

    If money was no option I would spend each season in a different location, such as winter in Brisbane/Gold Coast - spring on Lord Howe Is - summer in New Zealand (South Island) and autumn in Canada (their spring).

    It frustrates me when people don't think before they act - or put their 'brain in gear' before they speak!

    I have been involved in running since 1970 and my most memorable running experience is winning the athletic teams division of the City to Surf in 1976 and numerous individual age division categories ever since. I competed as a professional athlete for many years prior to the demise of 'shamateurism' and along with professional football it paid my way through university.

    I enjoy distance running because it gives me time to think and 'absorb' the world around me with every breath.

    My favourite run is the Sydney City to Surf - it is one of the most spectacular courses in the world and it's where I found my running talent. The pity is that I think that talent was left on that course a few years ago and I can't find it again!!!

    Motivation is something I don't take too seriously. If you ain't enjoying it - don't do it! For those things that MUST be done, it's a matter of position - 'Head down' is the best one to get it done!

    Injuries are the PITS. Snapped my achilles three years ago playing squash and haven't been able to run properly ever since.

    Selection for the Australian Socceroos in 1973 was a turning point in my life because it made my dad proud as punch and he's been my hero all my life! My greatest disappointment was narrowly missing selection for the Socceroos World Cup team in 1974.

    PCRG is a great way to get me out of bed. Pat's runs are fun!

    I prefer running in nothing (when and where possible and appropriate) because it makes sense. Duh!

    Running is the greatest sport/activity because it is simple, inexpensive, invigorating, healthy and a great way to meet great people. Getting out of bed on a cold morning is difficult but it gets easier the more you do it. The best advice my dad gave me was to do what you enjoy. If you enjoy it, you're sure to be good at it!

    My 28 yo daughter inspires me because she loves LIFE, despite disadvantages most of us will never experience. I will keep running for as long as my two legs keep my bum off the ground and regret nothing I've done in life. Live - Love - Laugh!

    Tribetterealestate/PCRG Summer Series (Dec 3 - Feb 15)

    Imagine walking away from a PCRG session on a high because you just had a fantastic session and ALSO because you had just won a $199 Timex Icontrol watch or possibly one of the great random draw prizes.

    PCRG Apparel

    PCRG Apparel also available for purchase @ PCRG.
    Discounted ($25) PCRG cannibal men's singlets available. They were slightly marked during the printing process.

    Lockeroom - Injury prevention products

    Products also available for purchase (discounted price) @ PCRG

    PCRG Xmas Party - Friday - Dec 21 - 5.30pm

    There is a limit on the number of people that the venue can hold and unfortunately I am unable to add any names to the current list however it is possible that some people may withdraw.

    Please contact me via email if your plans have changed and you wish to reduced the size of your party or withdraw altogether.

    If your name is not on the list and you wish to attend please contact me via email and I will possibly add you to the list should someone withdraw.


    Thank you Timex for being a PCRG sponsor.


    The Scody online shop has the latest Scody clothing as well as discounted stock.

    Thank you Scody for being a PCRG sponsor.

    All Aces Services

    All Aces Services is a restoration services company offering cleaning, protection, and restoration services for residential and commercial customers.

    Gary Carroll (PCRG member) is the company director.

    Thank you All Aces Services for being a PCRG sponsor.

    in2life personal training

    in2life's vision: Uniting health, fitness and injury-prevention, promoting a fun workout that will not only have you looking and feeling great, but will also keep you mobile, flexible, balanced and fit for living.

    Brad Langmack (PCRG member) is a in2life personal trainer.

    Thank you in2life personal training for being a PCRG sponsor.

    Majer Recruitment

    Brisbane's own ''Majer recruitment'' was recently voted Australia's favourite Generalist Small to Medium sized recruiter.

    Majer competed against the nation's top firms in the Seek Annual Recruitment Awards.

    Thank you Majer Recruitment for being a PCRG sponsor.

    Jodie Willett - Massage

    Jodie works out of her home studio in morningside and will also travel to you.

    You can contact Jodie - 0410 199710

    The Ship Inn

    Thank you ''The Ship Inn'' for being a PCRG sponsor.


    Make sure you visit intraining @ Park Rd Milton for all your running needs.

    Thank you intraining for being a PCRG sponsor.

    pb sports nutrition

    Thank you pb sports nutriton for your ongoing support in providing product which is used at the group sessions.

    Your next run is only as good as your last recovery!

    If you fail to follow a sensible diet your body will not gain full benefit from all of those enjoyable and challenging runs and you won't recover as well as you possibly could.

    Kerith Duncanson is an accredited dietician as well as a former International class runner. An online dietary assessment by Kerith may assist you to achieve your goal.

    Kerith offers 20% off her advertised fees to any runners involved with me through online coaching or any runner who is a regular member of PCRG.

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