Oct 2007
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  • Your next run is only as good as your last recovery!
  • Pat,

    Australia's Chris McCormack won the Hawaii Ironman on Sunday. Ironman Triathletes have my utmost respect! The workload required to train for the gruelling event is immense.

    Margaret and Michelle Williams are (pretty much) identical twins and their vibrant personalities bring a healthy glow to each PCRG sessions they attend.

    Margaret and Michelle are fashion designers and I had a look through their web site and was impressed by what they produce.

    You can see what Margaret and Michelle get up to during the day (and night no doubt) on their mxm couture web site here.

    So how do you tell the girls apart? Margaret wears her hair in plats and Michelle doesn't. I hope you enjoy getting to know Margaret Williams just a little bit more (see below).

    Photos of PCRG members at the Melbourne Marathon and Half Marathon can be viewed here.

    Photos from last Fridays PCRG session can be viewed here.

    Two reasons to help ensure you attend PCRG tomorrow morning:

    1) There is no denying that it is far easier to rise out of bed when there is daylight compared to those cold dark winter mornings when there can be a tendency to have a love affair with the snooze button. It is now (almost) daylight @ 5am and in another month or so it will be (almost) daylight @ 4.30am. Therefore, when it comes to attending PCRG, this time of year certainly makes the initial effort required to get out of bed a great deal easier.

    2) You only need to skip through all of the group profiles to discover that we all have a great sense of pride in Brisbane City. We are certainly fortunate to be able to run through the gardens with the sun glistening on the river while chatting away or possibly deep in thought. Top this up with the fact that tomorrow morning you will have the opportunity to step out of your comfort zone with runners of a similar ability - warm down through South Bank - refreshments @ The Ship Inn - priceless!

    Catch you in the morning for a perfect PCRG start to your day!



    P.S. Please contact me if you or your company would like to be involved as a sponsor with the PCRG Summer Series.

    Introducing Margaret Williams

    I work as a fashion designer, designing high end Bridal and Evening wear one off''s for our own label mxm couture, Michelle (my sis) and I started MXM in 1989. I live in Windsor and have always lived in Brisbane. I joined PCRG in March 07.

    My favourite restaurant is the Mecca bar at the Emporium in the Valley, also the Jazz bar at Toowong.

    My earliest childhood memory is Michelle and I always escaping from our room at midday sleep time. My earliest memory as an adult is being so painfully shy.

    My favourite movie is...hard to say. Anything funny, also love going to the Dendy for non mainstream movies and also love House of Elliot.

    Brisbane City is beautiful and easy to live in. It is unique because of the Brisbane River winding through. I love South Bank, and the relaxed feel Brisbane has.

    My regular holiday destination is the Sunshine Coast (Coolum) not often enough though.

    If money was no option I would help some dear friends that are struggling.

    It frustrates me when I don't learn from my mistakes.

    I have been involved in running since the end of 2004 after swaggie my old dog died. My most memorable running experience is the 2007 Gold Coast Airport Marathon, my first.

    I enjoy distance running because it is a good detox for my mind, and I love to be outdoors.

    My favourite run is every run especially in good company.

    Motivation is something I get from my dad! He is the most motivated person I know.

    Injuries teach me patience!

    Moving MXM to home was a turning point in my life because I now I have more time.

    PCRG is a refreshing/interesting/loveable bunch of people that I look forward to seeing every Tuesday and Thursday morning.

    I prefer running in the morning because it's my favourite part of the day, it's also a great way to start the day.

    Running is a friendly low maintenance sport, unlike my past sport 'horse riding' which I competed in for 13 years. Horse riding involves a great deal of preparation and running suits my busy life better. Running is only difficult when I can't catch my sister he! he!

    The best advice my nana gave me was to never go to sleep at night stewing over an argument and also not to sleep on negative thoughts.

    It always inspires me when people put energy into whatever they do, regardless of what it may be. I will always strive to look forward and try not to ever look back with regret.

    Lockeroom - Injury prevention products

    Products also available for purchase (discounted price) @ PCRG

    PCRG Apparel

    PCRG Apparel also available for purchase @ PCRG.
    Discounted ($25) PCRG cannibal men's singlets available. They were slightly marked during the printing process.

    Majer Recruitment

    Brisbane's own ''Majer recruitment'' was recently voted Australia's favourite Generalist Small to Medium sized recruiter.

    Majer competed against the nation's top firms in the Seek Annual Recruitment Awards.

    Thank you Majer Recruitment for being a PCRG sponsor.

    The Ship Inn

    Thank you ''The Ship Inn'' for being a PCRG sponsor.


    Make sure you visit intraining @ Park Rd Milton for all your running needs.

    Thank you intraining for being a PCRG sponsor.

    pb sports nutrition

    Thank you pb sports nutriton for your ongoing support in providing product which is used at the group sessions.

    Your next run is only as good as your last recovery!

    If you fail to follow a sensible diet your body will not gain full benefit from all of those enjoyable and challenging runs and you won't recover as well as you possibly could.

    Kerith Duncanson is an accredited dietician as well as a former International class runner. An online dietary assessment by Kerith may assist you to achieve your goal.

    Kerith offers 20% off her advertised fees to any runners involved with me through online coaching or any runner who is a regular member of PCRG.

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