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Sep 2005
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  • Camp Quality T Shirts
  • David Lang 'completely cut'
  • Group member profiles
  • Brisbane Running Group ''3K CHALLENGE''
  • Next weeks training
  • Group runs this weekend
  • Group member blogs
  • Missed it by THAT MUCH
  • Pat,

    It was great to see EVERYONE had an honest session on Tuesday and the effort you all made to get out of bed early was well rewarded.

    I had an email from one of my online clients curious as to why she finds the fast sessions ‘fun’ almost questioning if maybe she should be psychologically assessed.

    I replied with:

    Running fast finds you more ''in the zone'' than what your 40min/1hr/2hr etc runs do. When you are running fast there is no room for any other thoughts to enter your head apart from trying to get from A-B as quick as you can.

    The fact your HR goes through the roof results in your warm down feeling like a stroll in the park. The fact you have totally spent yourself leaves you feeling relaxed and very much ALIVE.

    I hope you enjoy getting to know more about ‘Langy’. David has turned the corner in the last couple of weeks and the Melbourne Half Marathon is looking extremely promising for him.

    Catch you ALL in the morning for a bit more of that ALIVE feeling.



    Camp Quality T Shirts

    Camp Quality have provided me with some fantastic ''Camp Quality'' T Shirts to distribute to the group for free.

    If you are prepared to donate $10 to Camp Quality (tax deductible receipt provided) you will be eligible for a free Camp Quality T Shirt.

    The shirts are made by Bonds and are 100% cotton.

    Please advise via return email if you would like me to reserve a T Shirt for you. Please also advise your size.

    David Lang 'completely cut'

    I work as hard as Slash (probably harder and produce better results). I live in Clayfield and have lived in Brisbane since Melissa and I sold our business in Maleny (mistake). I joined the Pat Carroll running group because I like grouchy red-heads.

    My favourite restaurant isthe one that’s closest, I run, I'm hungry.

    My earliest childhood memory ismy brother pulling the boiling kettle on himself and all of us driving to hospital.

    My favourite movie is The Untouchables or The Shawshank Redemption

    Brisbane City is Ok (just) because it has great running buddies but is not home.

    My regular holiday destination is Woodgate Beach: fishing,crabbing, training, drinking, it's all good.

    If money was no option I would buy a better boat and live on the ocean front somewhere quieter.

    It frustrates me when I have to take public transport (most days)

    I have been involved in running since I was at high school (best way to get out of the house) and my most memorable running experience is the Adelaide Half a few years ago (going under for the first time) and my first Ultra at Glasshouse in May this year (53 kms of hilly trails).

    I enjoy distance running because it soothes the throat and clears the nose, or is that Vicks Vapour Drops?

    My favourite run is a section of trails just outside Maleny, no noise other than birds and insects.

    Motivation is something that Matty has in abundance. I like to think he has a chemical imbalance in the brain.

    Injuries are Goddam Awful.

    The Pat Carroll running group is bloody terrific, luv ya's all.

    I prefer running in Mizuno running shorts because I'm a sexy beast – yeah baby!

    Running is most difficult when you get stood up by your running buddy – don't let it happen again.

    The best advice Mum gave me, was never to run with a knife in my hand.

    Dedicated and passionate people inspire me even if I might not agree with them.

    I will always regret taking up law as a career – it simply sucks. Other than that I'm pretty well balanced.

    Group member profiles

    At the bottom on my sites GROUP RUNS page you will find a link to previously posted group member profiles.

    Brisbane Running Group ''3K CHALLENGE''

    "Our Group'' is void of superstars, everyone respects each other regardless of the pace they may run.

    It is my aim to spread the same philosophy throughout the running community.

    The Brisbane Running Group 3K Challenge, on October 21, will reveal the strongest group overall and each runner will play an equal role in determining the outcome.

    If you are available please register your name at training on the reverse of the A frame poster.

    Next weeks training

    Tuesday 4th: 3K Time Trial

    Thursday 6th: 6 X 2MIN, 45 SEC SR + NO WATCH 1K

    Group runs this weekend

    The Brisbane Running Buddies and the Regatta Runners are starting at The Regatta Hotel this Saturday starting at 6.00am (note earlier start time). Runners will be doing varying distances from around 8k up to about 25k depending on what they are training for. Brekky/coffee afterwards at The Regatta. All welcome! Contact if further details are required.

    Mark Jones will be leaving @ 6am on Sunday – cnr Payne Rd and Dillon Road, The Gap. Hilly out and back forest trail run – choose your own distance.

    Group member blogs

    Theresa is the most recent group member to join ‘the blogetts’. You can access all of her thoughts via her blog.

    Missed it by THAT MUCH

    Yes I am a Maxwell Smart fan. The phone booth, the cone of silence, the whole box and dice.

    Don Adams RIP.

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