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Sep 2005
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  • Nice try Greg!
  • Claire Bellenger 'uncut'
  • Group member profiles
  • Brisbane Running Group ''3K CHALLENGE''
  • Next weeks training
  • Group runs this weekend
  • Pat,

    Congratulations to everyone who ran in last Sundays River Run. There were numerous personal bests run on the day.

    One lady who did run extremely well is Claire, running a personal best performance in the 10k of 44.50. Claire is one of the more vocal members of the group and to be honest I would prefer to have her no other way. You need individuals like Claire to balance out the quiet achievers, such as the likes of Mark Kenney and David Lang.

    I have never had the pleasure of chatting with Claire after she has had a few drinks but I have heard she often uses this time to offer advice on certain matters relating to her former profession.

    I hope you enjoy getting to know Claire just that little bit more.

    Catch you ALL in the morning.



    Nice try Greg!

    There was recent speculation that the dude on the far right of picture is yours truly.

    Greg Sockhill tried is hardest to follow in my foot steps.

    Claire Bellenger 'uncut'

    I work as hard as I can. I live in great comfort compared to all the homeless people at West End. I have lived in Brisbane since 2002 and joined the Pat Carroll running group in 2004.

    My favourite restaurant is any that my darling husband will take me to! Our absolute Favourite is the Hanuman in Darwin.

    My earliest childhood memory is being shot in the bum by my brother who inherited our granddadís rifle.

    As an adult I donít think anyone would dare threaten me with a rifle. Anyhow I can run pretty well.

    My favourite movie is The Colour Purple.

    Brisbane City is a great place to live because it is full of addicted runners like me.

    My regular holiday destination is the bedroom Ė I like to sleep. Oh yeah and Hervey Bay.

    If money was no option I would have lots of babies and build a large homeless centre to feed, clothe and house the less fortunate that we all turn a blind eye to everyday. And I have a mad desire to buy my husband a Porsche.

    It frustrates me when my legs wonít run as fast as I want them to.

    I have been involved in running for as long as I can remember and my most memorable running experience is always the last PB I did.

    I enjoy distance running because it is hard, requires effort yet is extremely rewarding.

    My favourite run is any run I do with friends. Actually as long as Pat is not on my shoulder yelling for me to push harder, itís a good run.

    Motivation is something I donít need any help with. I am keen to run faster, longer and harder and will do what is required to get there.

    Injuries are #% ^&@#@#

    1974 was a turning point in my life because I learnt to walk, and that always helps when you want to be a runner.

    The Pat Carroll running group is the best thing I have ever done. Thatís where I met Tesso and all my other running friends.

    I prefer running in the mornings with the Pat Carollers because we are all highly motivated and encouraging of each other. It is a great way to start the day.

    Running is easy. Running fast is difficult.

    The best advice Pat ever gave me was PAIN IS TEMPORARY. I try to remember this often Ė in fact at each of the speed sessions when I am in immense pain.

    Tesso inspires me, her constant motivation and encouragement to other runners and her general commitment to the running community in Brisbane is greatly admired. I will never regret attending Patís speed sessions. Though I will regret not giving 100%.

    Group member profiles

    At the bottom on my sites GROUP RUNS page you will find a link to previously posted group member profiles.

    Brisbane Running Group ''3K CHALLENGE''

    "Our Group'' is void of superstars, everyone respects each other regardless of the pace they may run.

    It is my aim to spread the same philosophy throughout the running community.

    The Brisbane Running Group 3K Challenge, on October 21, will reveal the strongest group overall and each runner will play an equal role in determining the outcome.

    If you are available please register your name at training on the reverse of the A frame poster.

    Next weeks training

    Tuesday 27th: 6 X 500M, 1 X 1K, 1MIN RECOVERY

    Thursday 29th: 2 X 2K, 1 X 1K, 1.30 RECOVERY

    Group runs this weekend

    We are starting at The Ship Inn this Saturday starting at 6.30am. Runners will be doing varying distances from around 8k up to 35k or more depending on what they are training for. Brekky/coffee afterwards at The Ship Inn. All welcome! Contact if further details are required.

    Mark Jones will be running from the Ship Inn @ on Sunday.

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