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Sep 2005
  • Brisbane Running Group ''3K CHALLENGE''
  • Matt Phillips 'uncut'
  • Group member profiles
  • Next weeks training
  • River Run September 18
  • Pat,

    Most of you will be aware by now of the Brisbane Running Group 3K Challenge which will take place on the 21st of October. This is sure to be a great night and possibly an opportunity for your families to witness the caliber of people you associate with a couple of times a week. No doubt they will be impressed!

    Our monthly ‘NO WATCH 1K’ will take place tomorrow morning, Thursday, please try and remember to bring a gold coin for Camp Quality.

    I hope you enjoy getting to know more about our ‘excitable’ Matt Phillips and congratulations to everyone who came along to Tuesdays 3k Time Trial.

    All the best to Michael, Theresa and Campbell, have a great run in Sydney on Sunday.

    Catch you all in the morning.



    Brisbane Running Group ''3K CHALLENGE''

    "Our Group'' is void of superstars, everyone respects each other regardless of the pace they may run.

    It is my aim to spread the same philosophy throughout the running community.

    The Brisbane Running Group 3K Challenge, on October 21, will reveal the strongest group overall and each runner will play an equal role in determining the outcome.

    If you are available please register your name at training on the reverse of the A frame poster.

    Matt Phillips 'uncut'

    I work as a Senior Reader/Weekend Supervisor at Media Monitors Queensland, live at Wavell Heights and have lived in Brisbane since 1983 and joined the Pat Carroll running group in August, 2004.

    My favourite restaurant is the Breakfast Creek Hotel, for those rumps, washed down with XXXX off the wood.

    My earliest childhood memory was as a 4yo is sitting with Mum in the backseat of the family Holden, in the garage during a bushfire that burnt down the neighbour’s house. Dad was on the roof with the garden hose soaking the house.

    Who said I was an adult???

    My favourite movie is "Without Limits" featuring the life of Steve Prefontaine because it inspires my running and reinforces the message of one of my favourite quotes "To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift" - Steve Prefontaine.

    Brisbane City is the greatest city on earth because of the fabulous climate, livability and perhaps most importantly, it is host to the mighty Broncos, Lions, Bullets, Reds, and Bulls.

    My regular holiday destination outside weekend getaways for a race is Moonee Valley Racecourse in Melbourne each October for the Cox Plate.

    If money was no option I would re-invest it to topple Kerry Packer from #1 on the BRW Rich 200. How else can money give you an endorphin rush?

    It frustrates me when I feel that dreaded ache coming from my shins.

    I have been involved in running on and off since 1984 and my most memorable running experience was my debut marathon at the Gold Coast in 2004, but not for all the right reasons. Hooked up to the IV drip after the race, I vowed to make every post a winner from then on.

    I enjoy distance running because the rush that accompanies the accomplishment of your goals has few equals

    My favorite run is running from the Nundah cycling criterium along the bitumen path next to the Kedron Brook out to the Nudgee Boat Ramp.

    Injuries don't kill me they make me stronger.

    Framing the General George S.Patton quote "Accept the challenges so that you can experience the exhilaration of victory was a turning point in my life because it finally channeled my energies towards running a marathon, which I had wanted to do for a long time, but never got around to starting. What was intended to be a 6 month journey into running, has now become a way of life.

    My team mates in the Pat Carroll running group are some of the most inspirational people one could hope to meet and all extremely modest about it. The group camaraderie is remarkable and better than many sporting teams I‘ve played on.

    Running is never difficult, even in the pink melon dress.

    Sub 2:45hr Marathoners inspire me because they are where I want to be.

    Group member profiles

    At the bottom on my sites GROUP RUNS page you will find a link to previously posted group member profiles.

    Next weeks training

    Tuesday 13th: 20 X 30SEC ON 30 OFF (JR)

    Thursday 15th: 15 MIN OF FARTLEK - (Alternate between 1min/ 30 sec and 15 sec efforts with same time as jog recovery. This being: 1min fast 1min jog/ 30sec fast 30 jog/ 15 sec fast 15 jog. Repeat cycle 4 times)

    Please remember to bring a gold coin tomorrow (Thursday) for Camp Quality.

    River Run September 18

    My first Fun Run was the now defunct Warana Fun Run. The race started and finished at South Bank, the very place Brisbane’s River Run is now staged.

    If you are in Brisbane, do yourself a favour and keep September 18 free, I hope to see you there.

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