Oct 2011
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  • Hi,

    When woken by the teaming rain this morning at around 3am I wondered what the turnout at PCRG would be like, even though I was confident the rain wouldn't hold out. True to form the drops of water stopped falling at 5.15am and we were blessed with the best dry running weather imaginable - all 10 of us that is.

    Yep - that's right - 10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean come on, surely you don't want to slip into lazy mode given summer is just around the corner.

    The only reason I'm sending this brief email is because I know it will trigger a guilt nerve. You'll regret rocking along to work two days in a row minus your running hit. My role is to motivate you and I can assure you that tomorrow mornings session will be well worth your while.

    I've recently taken to running a lap of Mt Cootha. I'm wondering if we could meet early on a Saturday morning and enjoy a refreshing drink in the car park after. It's just short of 10k around and it's smooth sailing once you knock over the initial 2k climb. I ran past a guy whilst running along the top last weekend and asked him what he was training for. "Mental Health" was his reply.

    Catch YOU in the am!



    PCRG Sponsor: Intraining

    Make sure you visit intraining @ Park Rd Milton for all your running needs.

    Thank you intraining for being a PCRG sponsor!

    PCRG Sponsor: Mizuno

    Intraining stocks a full range of Mizuno shoes and apparel.

    Thank you Mizuno for being a PCRG sponsor!

    PCRG's Best Sponsor of all time!

    The Ship Inn has been PCRG's home since inception and we're forever grateful.

    Thanks heaps John!

    Hilly Socks - second to none!

    I met Ron Hill pre 1986 London Marathon - Ron is a true legend! This meeting encouraged me to try "Hilly Socks" some 25 years later. I'm particularly impressed with the Mono Skins and can honestly say they're the best fitting sock I've ever worn.

    Hilly Socks are professionally made with comfort second to none!


    PCRG is one of Australia's most supportive community running groups.

    Please join us if you're ever visiting Brisbane.

    If you live in Brisbane - what's stopping you?

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