March 14
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  • Pat,

    Yet another severe blow! Japan was my home away from home for many years. A society we can only hope to be on par with given the fact the Japanese people are so warm and caring. I have so many great stories I could share. One being the day I was looking to leave my wallet somewhere whilst I went for a run. My manager said to me "You can leave it on that seat, I can guarantee you it will be here when you get back".

    Here's a brief article I wrote some time ago about one of my Japanese experiences.

    We need to lock in our PCRG/Gold Coast 2011 charity. 10 charities have been nominated and you can view all 10 worthy charities here.

    Voting is restricted to PCRG members. Reason being that we need to run with a charity the majority of PCRG members are in favour of. This will ensure the chosen charity gains strong support. Please refrain from encouraging non PCRG member votes.

    You can cast your single vote here.

    Heena Akbar has a Twilight Half Marathon entry she's willing to hand over and this needs to be done by Friday: You can contact Heena 0423460211

    Catch you in the am for a perfect Tuesday "pick me up"!



    Online Coaching - Gold Coast Special Offer

    Being involved with me as an online client will provide you a plan suitable with where you're currently placed fitness-wise.

    You may have a finish time in mind or may be shooting for your debut half or full, and would like to know that you're doing everything possible.

    Your motivation levels may improve knowing you're accountable to me.

    Special Offer: Sign up NOW (16 weeks to go) and my 12 week fee will apply!

    Intraining - PCRG Sponsor

    Make sure you visit intraining @ Park Rd Milton for all your running needs.

    Thank you intraining for being a PCRG sponsor!

    Mizuno - PCRG sponsor

    Intraining stocks a full range of Mizuno shoes and apparel.

    Thank you Mizuno for being a PCRG sponsor!


    PCRG is one of Australia's most supportive community running groups.

    Please join us if you're ever visiting Brisbane.

    If you live in Brisbane - what's stopping you?

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