Jan 2011


Update re Suzy's place below.

A number of PCRG members are keen to get together on Saturday and help with a cleaning project. I've been contacted by the Gold Coast Airport Marathon office and they're keen to come up to Brisbane for a day to lend a hand. Tomorrow (Thursday) or early next week is when they "may" be available. The contact there is Stephen Lock 5668 9811.

Do you know of a house or any venue which may need our assistance? If so please advise via reply email.

Please advise via reply email if you're available on Saturday. Sorry but at this point in time I'm unsure of the location, and time wise it will be more a matter of turning up when it's suitable for yourself. I'll advise details in a Newsletter on Friday.

From Suzy:

We wish to thank all of you for your kindness and generosity in offering help this week. The response to Pat's email has been nothing short of wonderful and we are again amazed by the spirit of selflessness so alive at PCRG and in the wider Brisbane community.

As Pat is now aware (since he was down there too to assist this morning), the pumping out and gaining access process is taking longer than expected at the unit block in West End due to the accumulation of toxic fumes, particularly in the lower level garage. Safety is always the top priority, so we need to make sure the environment is totally clear before we do any more.

That being the case, we are telling people that help is not required for now. If anyone has any free time on Thursday or Friday, please feel free to head down to Arriva Apartments, 28 Ferry Rd West End. However, please call or sms Suzy (0403 731 066) or Andrew (0431 816 967) first to check it is necessary.

Thanks again to PCRG and the people of Brisbane for the help we have personally received at all of the 3 affected places we have been closely linked to during the flood (my daughter, my parents, and this place in West End). Our own home is safe though, so we are amongst the lucky ones.


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