Jan 2011


PCRG will not take place this week, our energy is best placed elsewhere. Sure we need running to keep balance and sanity in our lives however affected members of our community need our help.

Please post a message on PCRG's facebook page if you're in need of help.

Suzy Stark has a house in West End and is yet to gain access. Suzy will need a hand as of Tuesday or Wednesday. You can sms Andrew on 0431 816 967 or Suzy on 0403 731 066.

I'm just thinking allowed here but maybe we could arrange to meet as a PCRG crew next Sat/Sun and jointly take part in a house clean up.

The camaraderie on display in amongst the affected areas has to be seen to be believed. I encourage you to unite with fellow Queenslanders and to GET DIRTY!

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