Thank you Thank you Thank you!!! )

Well where do I start!!

Thank you to everyone who contributed in some way to my surprise backyard blitz, words can't even describe how I felt when I came home on Monday (or am still feeling now). When I heard about how many people had put in such a huge effort to make this happen and by people who I have never even met before, the generosity just blew me away. It made my first day of chemo and radiation probably one of the most memorable days of my life (for all the right reasons) because of what I came home to. I didn't sleep on Monday night as I lied in bed laughing and crying to myself just thinking about what had been going on while I was enjoying a relaxing weekend at the coast (feel a bit guilty now knowing about all the hard work that was going on)! I know it will be extremely difficult to ever make a decision to even contemplate selling my place in the future because of the sentimental value it now holds.

People who I know who don't play sport or have never participated in groups like Activ Cycle Coaching, PCRG, Redman, Wazzaconda or Chem-Mocha Riverloop, often ask me why I get up at 4:30am most mornings of the week to go to one group or another, even when I'm injured or sick (yes I know that is bad!) and I have always said, its just as much about the keeping fit aspect as it is about the people I meet along the way. The majority of my friends, as you may well have seen (and I am sure you have experienced yourselves), I've met through one sporting arena or another. A lot of which I know will be life long friends. It's what makes being a part of these groups pretty special and invaluable.

I intend to, in the New Year (as people are generally pretty busy in the lead up to Xmas) and after my surgery, to have a get together at my place for everyone who contributed in one way or another.

Again, a bit thank you for the special memory that you have all given me and I hope that I see most of you out on the road sometime soon.


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