Sep 2010
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  • Pat,

    In keeping with my continued ambition to eliminate any "same ol same ol" experience @ PCRG I've decided to trial a new venue. Let's give Suncorp Stadium a shot! I spoke to a security officer there yesterday and he advised that boot camps (etc) are welcome to use the surrounds of the stadium.

    I ran there this morning and "surprisingly" it's only 3.6k from the Ship Inn.

    Same route that we take to West End. Don't go under Kurilpa Bridge, continue along Montague Rd and take the "pedestrian side" of the Go Between Bridge.

    Ok, this is where PCRG members will need to be attentive.

    • You will exit the pedestrian ramp onto the bike path which hugs the river. At this point you will cross onto the far side of the bike path (watching out for cyclists) and head towards the Regatta Hotel.
    • You will keep to the "very left" of the path all the way (RIVER SIDE).
    • 300metres or so down the path is a tunnel which takes you under Coronation Drive. Check for cyclists in ALL directions prior to crossing the path into the tunnel.

    Enter Coronation Drive footpath, after 200 meters turn left into Cribb St, left into Milton Rd and take the pedestrian bridge over to Suncorp Stadium.

    The entire warm up will be traffic free apart from a road crossing along Cribb St.

    I urge ALL PCRG members to take extreme caution whilst using the bike path between the Go Between Bridge and tunnel, and to be constantly aware that cyclists will be all over the shop.

    Catch you in the morning and it's predicted to be a carbon copy of the ripper we were blessed with this am.



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