Merry Christmas
December 2010

As Bruce McAvaney would say, this morning was "special". How fortunate we are to live in the best Country/State and City, and to be able to enjoy such a magical morning with great friends.

I received a Newsletter yesterday and the author noted:

"Whether you consider that you have had a good year or not, perhaps the most important aspect of life itself is taking the teachings of another year and using them to grow, develop and continue to move forward. Here are the things that 2010 has taught me;"

15 separate "things" (for want of a better word) were noted. I could reduce this to my top 10, or possibly my top 5 but I'll leave it to just the 1:

  • Life's a roller coaster at the best of times but it's the challenges that make us stronger. We challenge ourselves with our running goals which are rewarding however at the end of the day it's family that makes up the most important part of the pie. Family can delve great challenges but "man" when you come out the other side - it's "special". I realised this @ 3.30am this morning when I dropped my son at work.

Photos from this morning PCRG Christmas Run can be viewed here.

PCRG will be taking place Thursday/Friday of this week and we'll be having a well earned breather next week.

I wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas. Thanks for making PCRG what it is and, 2011 here we come!


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