PCRG Xmas Run
December 2010

Fact re above photo: Karen Clarke (left of Santa - looking @ photo) purchased her outfit from a shop that caters for Adults only!

PCRG Christmas Run tomorrow morning: The core of the session will take place in the Botanical Gardens and it will be a "challenging" session.

Partners and children are most welcome. Your kids may like to keep us cool with their water pistols given it will be "sunny" (thank God for that) and warm.

We'll be departing from The Ship Inn as per usual and the session will finish @ the South Bank pool. Your keys, along with anything which is stored in my car will be available for collection @ the South Bank pool.

One of the great things I like about Christmas is the fact you're excused for dressing up in a colourful way. They don't call it the "silly season" for nothing. With this in mind you may like to come dressed a tad Christmassy. These photos from last years PCRG Christmas Run will give you an insight into what tomorrow morning will be like.

Photos from last nights PCRG Christmas Party can be viewed here.

FYI: PCRG will be taking place Thursday and Friday of this week and will not be taking place next week.

Catch you in the am - HO HO HO!!!

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