Laing O'Rourke/PCRG Gold Coast 2009 Campaign )
April 2009
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  • Laing O'Rourke - PCRG Gold Sponsor
  • Laing O'Rourke/PCRG Gold Coast 2009 Campaign
  • Scody - PCRG Silver Sponsor
  • Twilight Running Festival < 2 weeks to go!
  • intraining - PCRG Sponsor
  • Tribetterealestate - PCRG Sponsor
  • Mizuno - PCRG Sponsor
  • The Ship Inn - PCRG Sponsor
  • Jodie Willett Massage - 0410 199710
  • Timex
  • R4YL - PCRG Sponsor
  • Your next run is only as good as your last recovery!
  • PCRG Feedback
  • Canberra Marathon < 3 weeks to go!
  • Pat,

    PCRG will take place this Friday. I have discovered over the years members enjoy attending PCRG on public holidays because they are free of the rushing to work routine.

    Dan Kelly is a long term PCRG member, although it did initially take a fair amount of gumption on Dan's behalf before he attended for the first time. Dan is now well and truly hooked and his supportive nature was evident last Tuesday when he paced Anna to a recent 3k improvement.

    The Gold Coast Airport Marathon "was" firmly in Dan's sights and he was attempting to do everything he could to ensure he was going to be the best that he could be on July 5.

    Unfortunately it has only taken one fall off a bike to bring Dan's shoulder and his Gold Coast campaign crashing to the ground. A major shoulder operation late last week will find Dan sidelined for the remainder of 2009 - fingers crossed it's earlier.

    My message to you is short and sweet. Never take your running for granted! Sure, there are far more important things in life however it's often the things we take for granted (and enjoy) that enable us to cope with life's greater demands.

    Dan is envious that you are injury free and able to take part in PCRG sessions and I hope that you embrace every opportunity that you have to run without the need to be dealt a major wake up call.

    Injury Prevention and Nutrition Talk: Tuesday April 21 @ 6.30pm sharp - The Ship Inn. Please note this date in your diary.

    Twilight Half Marathon photos.

    Members who were involved in the Twilight Half Marathon are welcome to attend tomorrow morning however you will be encouraged to opt for a light 20min run while the core of the session is taking place. A number of members have advised they will be taking this option.

    Catch you in the morning < 13 weeks to go!



    P.S. dankelly@qldbar.asn.au

    Hang in there Dan!

    Laing O'Rourke - PCRG Gold Sponsor

    Laing O'Rourke began operations in Australia in 2004, laying the foundations for a significant development and construction business. The acquisition in 2006 of Barclay Mowlem, one of Australia's leading multi-disciplined construction and services companies, brings additional scale, resources and capability enabling us to accelerate and deliver on our ambitious plans.

    Today, we offer a Total Solution Partner - bringing finance, development, design, construction and maintenance solutions to clients throughout Australia and the Asia Pacific region.

    Thank you Laing O'Rourke for being a PCRG sponsor!

    Laing O'Rourke/PCRG Gold Coast 2009 Campaign

    More details about our Laing O'Rourke/PCRG Gold Coast 2009 Campaign will be posted here - stay tuned!

    Scody - PCRG Silver Sponsor

    The Scody online shop has the latest Scody clothing as well as discounted stock.

    Thank you Scody for being a PCRG sponsor!

    Twilight Running Festival < 2 weeks to go!

    Intraining invite you to participate in The Twilight Running Festival on April 5, 2009. This is a unique event. Starting at the University of Queensland St Lucia, and making its way over the Eleanor Schonell "Green Bridge" with a spectacular finish line at the University of Queensland Athletics Track.

    intraining - PCRG Sponsor

    Make sure you visit intraining @ Park Rd Milton for all your running needs.

    Thank you intraining for being a PCRG sponsor!

    Tribetterealestate - PCRG Sponsor

    When the time comes to sell your home I promise that you will receive my very best service, dedication and commitment, as well as achieving the highest possible sale price in the shortest time.

    Thanks Bette for being a PCRG sponsor!

    Mizuno - PCRG Sponsor

    intraining stocks a full range of Mizuno shoes and apparel.

    Thank you Mizuno for being a PCRG sponsor!

    The Ship Inn - PCRG Sponsor

    Thank you ''The Ship Inn'' for being a PCRG sponsor!

    Jodie Willett Massage - 0410 199710

    Performance Podiatry
    90 Vulture Street
    West End

    Contact Jodie - 0410 199710


    You can purchase Timex watches directly from me @ 20% off RRP.

    Please contact me via return email or touch base with me @ PCRG if you wish to order a watch.

    R4YL - PCRG Sponsor

    R4YL collaborate with some of Australia's top athletes, nutritionists, physiotherapists, masseurs and sports doctors to compile the most up-to-date and relevant running information available today. Each full colour issue is an interesting and valuable source of information for runners at all levels, from beginners through to the elite.

    Thank you R4YL for being a PCRG sponsor!

    Your next run is only as good as your last recovery!

    If you fail to follow a sensible diet your body will not gain full benefit from all of those enjoyable and challenging runs and you won't recover as well as you possibly could.

    Kerith Duncanson is an accredited dietician as well as a former International class runner. An online dietary assessment by Kerith may assist you to achieve your goal.

    Kerith offers 20% off her advertised fees to any runners involved with me through online coaching or any runner who is a regular member of PCRG.

    PCRG Feedback

    Possibly you attended a PCRG session and felt the session could have been conducted differently, or possibly you enjoyed your PCRG experience.

    Your valuable (anonymous) feedback will ensure future PCRG sessions are enjoyable and rewarding and I welcome any feedback you may wish to offer.

    Canberra Marathon < 3 weeks to go!

    A perfect "early 2009" Australian Marathon.

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