PCRG group run "This Sunday"
Nov 2012
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  • Pat,

    I was recently approached by Tony Hegarty who asked if it would be possible if PCRG could support a 24hr "continual" charity bike ride around Mt Coot-tha this weekend. Yes that's right - Tony and his brother (Martin) will continually ride around Mt Coot-tha for 24hrs - between 10am Sat and 10am Sunday.

    Martin's son (Declan - 9 years old) has a malignant incurable cancer that is extremely aggressive. Doctors recently had to cut through Declan's vertebrae and open up his spinal cord to get to the tumor to remove as much as possible. Declan now requires around the clock care and has lost all functions of his body below thoracic vertebrae 10 (belly button) and is wheelchair bound.

    You can read more about Declan's story here.

    You can donate online here.

    The support Tony is hoping for is in the way of "Team PCRG" running a lap of Mt Coot-tha during the 24hr ride. A sign of moral support for Tony and Martin. Possibly when they're tiring @ 4am they'll get a lift through knowing a group of runners will be offering support in a few hours.

    I'm UP for it and I hope you are also. Let's lock in this Sunday @ 7am @ JC Slaughter Falls car park. It's close on 10k around the Mountain and for those looking for a longer run could possibly run a lap prior.

    I know a few of us will be having a drink Saturday evening at the PCRG Xmas party however given the time of year we're approaching it's only fitting that we offer support for a family that is truly challenged.

    Please advise via reply email if you're UP for it.

    Tomorrow: Qld Uni and I hope you can make it!



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