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We're currently experiencing some trying conditions in Qld however the dams are receiving the rainwater which is a welcomed relief.

It's a challenge to step out the door for a run when the weather God's are against us however it's a test, and one that should always (within reason) be confronted head on. Distance running has made me a stronger person and I'm always up for a challenge. Give me a flight of stairs over an escalator any day!

Even though I've pushed my body to the limit of the years I'm well aware that there are others who face constant challenges in their daily lives.

I recently met with a group of ladies who've formed a charity (A Brighter Future) committed to improving the well-being of children with Cerebral Palsy and supporting their families in Queensland. After talking to the ladies and meeting their lovely children (including Fearghus, pictured below) I was convinced that PCRG had chosen a worthy charity in conjunction with our 2009 Gold Coast Airport Marathon campaign.

I'll be running in the Gold Coast Half Marathon on July 5 and I'm inviting you to sponsor my run and to help me raise funds for "A Brighter Future".

I've established an online sponsorship page and any support you can give via a small donation would make a big difference. You can visit my sponsorship page here.

You can also leave personal messages and feel free to use:

  • Ride a scooter and go for the win!
  • Good on you Pat for being a great role model for senior citizens.
  • or maybe: Good on you for making a difference Pat!
Donations over $2 are tax deductible and a receipt will automatically be emailed to you.

If you prefer to contribute via EFT you will find all the relevant information here.

Thank you!

Pat Carroll

We can help provide "A Brighter Future"

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