Please let me know if attending barbeque and more info
June 2014
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  • Pat,

    Just a reminder there'll be a PCRG Tent in the Teams Area this weekend. Feel free to use this as your base - your friends/family can also. Tea and Coffee will be available as well as a barbeque post Half Marathon and Marathon. Our Tent is smack/bang on the finish straight (after you exit) highway. Here's a map.

    It would be great if a few people could volunteer to look after the barbeque. Please advise me if you can assist. I'm thinking maybe around 10am onwards would be great. Feel free to whack on some snags and onions at "any old time" though.

    Please advise via reply email if you'll be making use of barbeque as this will help "greatly" with catering. There's no need to advise if you noted your name on Tuesday @ PCRG. Adults $10 and Kids $5.

    PCRG will not take place this Friday OR next week.

    I've had a long association with the Gold Coast Airport Marathon and always enjoyed the weekend. It's always been special to me - always will. I can still recall my first Marathon @ the Coast back in 82 when I stayed in a modest "motel" @ Broadbeach with my Father and one of my brothers. Little did I know then what the future had in store for me. Like I said in an email the other day - "I'm BLESSED to live my life the way I do and to be partly responsible for fellow runners striving to achieve their goals.

    PCRG is made up of great people like Louise Gruhl and Oliver Schweizer. A 10k Fun Run was a challenge for Louise when she first attended PCRG but now with the support from her running buddies and family, Louise is about to tackle her "DEBUT" Marathon. Ollie - well God only knows how he fits running in with young triplets but he somehow does - you're fortunate to have such a supportive wife mate! Louise and Ollie prepared for Sunday to the best of their ability and are indicative of what the core of PCRG consists of.

    To ALL: We only get one crack at this earth gig - good on you for living life! Run with fire in your soul and passion in your heart!

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    P.S. Please let me know (reply email) if you'll be attending barbeque.

    Go Louise - Go Ollie - GO PCRG!


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