April 2014
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  • Pat,

    PCRG continues to be one of Australia's strongest running groups. We have had a number of "Gold Coast Campaigns" over the years and looking back it was the time we adopted the "NO SOFT OPTION" slogan which filled the group with a courageous heart.

    I believe it's high time I started to be more encouraging and to instill the very same level of commitment which enabled me to ACHIEVE.

    I believe it's time to "HARDEN UP"! With this is mind the next 10 week period will be known as the "PCRG Harden Up Campaign". The Gold Coast Airport Marathon/Half Marathon & 10k will conveniently take place at the end of this 10 week period. This will be an ideal opportunity to put into play your 10 weeks of "hardening up".

    PCRG Gold Coast Group Entry Procedure (Closing Friday May 16)

    PCRG members will be rewarded for attending PCRG over the next 10 weeks. Our generous sponsors have enabled me to secure a number of "PRIZES" which can be won at the conclusion of every PCRG session. You will be entitled to "one" entry for every PCRG session you attend over the 10 week period - up to a maximum of 10 entries.

    Our great Sponsors:

    Please submit your entry when you arrive @ PCRG (prior to session commencing).

    Catch you in the am for 500's @ Roma St. I don't give two hoots what the weather is doing - it's time to "HARDEN UP"!




    PCRG is one of Australia's most supportive community running groups.

    Please join us if you're ever visiting Brisbane.

    If you live in Brisbane - what's stopping you?

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