2018 Gold Coast Marathon

Pat Carroll Online & Onland Pace Runners


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The Gold Coast Marathon will be providing pace runners in the Southern Cross University 10k/ Gold Coast Marathon and Asics Half Marathon. The pace runners will be known as the “Pat Carroll Online & Onland Pacers”.

If you have a desire to complete the 10k/ Half Marathon or Marathon within a certain time frame it’s highly likely a Pat Carroll Online & Onland pace runner will be able to assist you greatly. The pace runner facility is offered free to all participants.

Peter Gangemi was thrilled with how the 4hr pace runners took control @ the Coast:

I just wanted to say the two 4hr pacesetters were simply outstanding in their work, in particular “Keith”. I was sitting about 90 seconds off the group for the first 20km and made the effort to catch up by 28km and without doubt his energy and motivation got me over the line in under four hours yesterday. His tips although perhaps obvious – like small steps over the Southport bridge, sitting up to ensure everyone got drinks, not going ahead at 30km or you will blow up at 37 – were very good as well for those who were running their first (I learned the hard way in my first Marathon in Sydney 2009!). I hope this man got multiple medals for his work!

Pat Carroll Online & Onland pace runners will do their best to maintain an even pace throughout the entire race with the aim to have you finishing slightly faster (30sec or so) than the pace groups relevant target time.

Each pace group will have two (A & B) pace runners:

A: Pacer runner positioned at the front of the pace group and will be locked into “Gun Time”. This being the time appearing on the finish clock.
B: Pace runner positioned at the rear of the group and will be locked into “Chip Time”. This being the time it takes you to complete the distance once you’ve crossed the start line.

Pace groups:

10k: 40min, 50min, 60min, 70min

Half Marathon: 1.24/ 1.30/ 1.40/ 1.50/ 2hrs/ 2.10/ 2.20

Marathon: 3:00/ 3:10/ 3:20/ 3:30/ 3:40/ 3:50/ 4:00/ 4:15/ 4:30/ 4:45/ 5:00

2017 Pace Runners

10k (A pace runner is named first)

60minLibby Maxwell & Jodie Teixeira

40min  Keith Hong & Anderson Moquiuti
50min  Pat Carroll & Jarrod Gibson & Steve Fairbanks
60min  Libby Maxwell & Jodie Teixeira


Half Marathon   (A pace runner is named first)

1.24  Adrian Fisher & Daniel James
1.30  Jarrod Gibson & Benson Harrington
1.40  Pat Carroll & Andrew Stolz & Thanuj Kumer
1.50  Steve Gamble & Andy Baxter
2hrs  Theresa Fabian & Claire Bellenger & David Jackson
2.10  Mal Grimmett & Joel Lim & Wenx Hansen
2.20  Ian Fabian & David Jaffe


Marathon   (A pace runner is named first)

 3hrs  Brett Weick & Daniel Ramage
 3.10  Shayne Steenson & Ricky Arnold
 3.20  Thomas Robertson & Sally Saeko
 3.30  Craig Millikan & Keth Hong & Chris Walker
 Hayden Allsop & Corinna Black & Humberto Alvarez
 3.50  Erin Wallace & Paul Dack
 4hrs  Craig Mann & Sam Little
 4.15  Andy Steele & Guy Roberts
 4.30  Bruce Hargreaves & Maurice Gregory
 4.45  Peter Large & Jake Malby
 5hrs  Justin Russ & Teresa Cheung



Register: Brisbane registration centre Gold Cost Marathon Expo (Pat Carroll Online & Onland booth)Registration is not compulsory however this does allow us to keep track of how successful the pace runner concept is. All runners who register will receive a wrist band with km splits noted.

Race day: Pace runners will be assembled in the start area 15min prior to race start and will be holding a large sign depicting the relevant finish time they’ll be achieving. There’ll also be stationary signs at various points at the sides of the start area.


Pace runners will be identifiable throughout the race via their pace runner singlets and also by large helium balloons.Pace runners will offer encouragement to runners throughout the race.

Apply to be a Pat Carroll Online & Onland pace runner:
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I wish you all the best with your preparation for the 10k/ Half Marathon or Marathon and please feel free to take advantage of the services offered by a Pat Carroll Online & Onland pace runner on race day. If you need help with your campaign: I can assist by being your online mentor. Details here.Pat Carroll