Why does a runner need IRON?

Iron is very important for carrying oxygen in the blood and for making new red blood cells. Adequate iron helps you to feel energetic and healthy. Iron deficiency (anaemia) can make you feel tired, look pale and generally feel unwell. More here…

The Carbo Load for Marathon Runners

Carbo loading (for a Marathon) occurs naturally over the last week or so prior to race day given you’ve cut back training (but not food!!!). Ideally you’ll be replacing some non carb foods with carb choices (more rice less stir fry, more cereal less yoghurt etc) and decrease protein and fibre, just so you can […]

Deadlier than dehydration

Like many marathon runners, Kate Mori always drank plenty of fluids before, during and after a race, rather than waiting until she got thirsty. “I’d always been taught you had to ‘stay ahead’ of thirst and that being thirsty was a sign you were already dehydrated,” says the 42-year-old sports scientist. Read more:


Breakfast by Kerith Duncanson Whether you are a morning person who bounds out of bed or a night owl who doesn’t function well in the early hours, breakfast can give your day a kick-start. How many times have you been told that you SHOULD eat breakfast, because it is “GOOD FOR YOU”?  Honestly, who […]

Nutrition tips for woman on the run

Nutrition tips for woman on the run by Kerith Duncanson Nutrition is an issue that has become increasingly important to women who compete in sport. Our expanding knowledge of how appropriate nutrition can enhance performance and how poor nutritional habits can impair performance has followed the progression of our sporting endeavors from a recreational […]


HYPONATRAEMIA by Kerith Duncanson During exercise, more sodium is lost in sweat than is usually replaced by food and fluids. Your body can tolerate a degree of imbalance for a short period of time. If the imbalance continues for too long, sodium in the bloodstream is diluted and hyponatraemia (low concentration of sodium in […]

Recipe for Recovery

Recipe for Recovery by Kerith Duncanson The two nutrition priorities after a big training session or race are rehydration and glycogen replacement. Endurance athletes are well-aware of the need to replace fluids, but carbohydrate consumption is equally important after a training or racing as you will have depleted muscles of glycogen and the only […]

The Carb Connection

The Carb Connection by Kerith Duncanson Carbohydrate is the ultimate fuel source for exercise. It is found in the blood as glucose and stored in muscles and liver as linked sugars called glycogen. The level of sugar in your blood stays about the same, even during exercise. GLYCOGEN stores are used to keep the […]

Practice makes Perfect

Practice makes Perfect by Kerith Duncanson Many runners place so much emphasis on training that they overlook race practice in preparation for an event. Try to consider all aspects of your preparation, including nutrition, so that your best performances are not left on the training track. For races up to one hour duration, ensure […]

Train Low/Race High