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Krishna Stanton recalls marathon bond with Jackie Fairweather and Kerryn McCann

She is the sole survivor of a triumphant moment in Australian sport, when three women and friends were bonded by a clean-sweep of marathon medals at the 2002 Manchester Commonwealth Games. But Krishna Stanton smiles first, then cries, looking at her framed silver medal and photograph, signed by Australian teammates that day – Kerryn McCann [...]

Andrew Lloyd – Commonwealth Games 5000m GOLD

As the 14 finalists toed the line on February 1, 1990, for the final of the men’s 5,000 meters at the Commonwealth Games, there was no indication that the fans in Auckland’s Mount Smart Stadium were about to witness one of the most exciting races of all time. A Kenyan sweep seemed the most likely [...]

Men’s Muscle and Health article – Pat Carroll

Men’s Muscle and Health caught up with Pat Carroll. Here’s the article…

Polarized training still comes out a “winner”

This is a neat training study that compares two broad approaches to endurance training: what they refer to as a “polarized” model versus a “threshold” model. You can divide training into three basic zones: the low-intensity zone is easy mileage; the high-intensity zone is hard intervals; and the medium-intensity zone in the middle is sustained [...]

Managing the distribution of training intensity: the polarized model

The following video is a great insight into the “importance” aerobic running plays in enabling a runner to be the “best that they can be”.

Don’t burn the candle at both ends!

There are a variety of likely culprits that may cause a runner to feel fatigued. The first step is to find the root cause. The second is to fix it. This article lists possible culprits and how to modify your life to recover, adapt, and run strong again. Check out this Runners World article.

Where have all the good times gone: By Len Johnson

Next year’s London marathon will mark the 10th anniversary of the previous occasion on which an Australian man broke two hours 10 minutes for the marathon. That’s unless someone does it in the meantime, of course, which would be welcome, but seems unlikely. More here…

Club of the Month: Pat Carroll Running Group

The man whose name fronts the Pat Carroll Running Group needs little introduction to the running community. “Coach Pat” represented Australia 18 times, competing in three Commonwealth Games, and is currently the fourth fastest Australian marathoner and half-marathoner of all time. Also the holder of the Australian all-comers half marathon record for his amazing 61.11 [...]

Jogging: A road to good health

There’s no denying that jogging is good for you. A study from Stanford University School of Medicine tracked 500 older runners for more than 20 years. It found the now-elderly runners had fewer disabilities, a longer span of active life and were half as likely as ageing non-runners to die early deaths. Read more:

Steve Moneghetti “born to run”

Former Olympic athlete Steve Moneghetti always felt like running was something he was born to do. But the 50-year-old long distance runner has also helped drive a nationwide interest in marathons and fun runs, that are part of what he calls a ‘running revolution’.