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Pat Carroll Runners World Article

Three-time Australian Commonwealth Games representative Pat Carroll has won the Gold Coast Airport Marathon a record four times and has held the Australian half marathon all-comers record since 1994. So, you could say, he knows a thing or two about running. Here are Pat’s top training tips…….{more here}

Runner injured ONLINE!

I’ve been involved in distance running for over 30 years and witnessed a number of changes during this time. Hygiene has certainly improved. Back in the day we would cool & “HYDRATE” ourselves with a sponge. We would throw the sponge on the ground – a volunteer would pick the sponge up – place it […]

How to taper for your race

Article by yours truly (Pat Carroll) here it is….

How to mentally prepare for a marathon

Article by yours truly (Pat Carroll) here it is….

Why interval training is good for runners

Article by yours truly (Pat Carroll) – here it is.

Men’s Fitness Marathon guide by Pat Carroll

Always wondered what it would be like to run a marathon, but find it difficult to unglue your arse from the couch? Here’s your chance. Aussie running great Pat Carroll, who has a 2:09.39 PB and is a four-time winner of Queensland’s Gold Coast Airport Marathon, has put together a 20-week training guide for rookie […]

Body + Soul article featuring Pat Carroll

The attached article appeared Nationally in Body_Soul on July 15 2002. Here it is.

Men’s Fitness article by Pat Carroll

I was asked by Men’s Fitness to pen a 6 week 10k training program for the Gold Coast Airport Marathon 10k. Here it is.

Even pace running

I’ve been involved in distance running for over twenty years and the methods I try to instill in runners have come about via my successes and failures, and also what I’ve observed in others. One of the most common questions I’m asked relates to competition and what would be the best way to successfully achieve […]

Racing Better

One of my online clients recently contacted me frustrated by the fact he runs much better in training than in races. All of his performances in training (including a 10min 30sec 3k) indicate a Sub 40min 10k is possible however ten consecutive 4min k’s is a feat which is becoming more of an indestructible blockade […]