About Pat

I was a relatively late bloomer. I made the school cross country team as a junior and basically left it at that until I was inspired and returned to the sport with a vengeance when I was twenty years old.

Twenty odd years later I am still running (retired from major competition 2001) and channel my energy into helping runners achieve their own goals via online coaching and PCRG.

Some of my more memorable achievements are as follows:

  • 1st place – 1995 Beppu Marathon (2:09:39)
  • 4 time winner of the Gold Coast Marathon 83/84/88/97, where there was 14 years separating my first and fourth win
  • 2 time winner (94/96) Sydney Morning Herald Half Marathon
  • current holder of the Australian all comers record for the Half Marathon: 61min 11sec
  • member of Silver Medal Australian Team @ 1993 World Half Marathon Championship
  • awarded Australian Sports Medal
  • one of Australia’s most versatile distance runners ever having run 3.39.03 for 1500metre’s (3.56 mile) and also a 2:09:39 Marathon
  • represented Australia 18 times
  • finished in the top 8 at three Commonwealth Games
  • 1988/1999 Australian Marathon Champion
  • 1991 Australian Cross Country Champion
  • twice runner up in Sydney’s City to Surf
  • Qld record holder: Half Marathon/Marathon

International Ranking

When I ran 2:09:39 for the Marathon (1995) and 61:11 for the Half Marathon (1994), both performances were 13th fastest & 12th fastest in the World for the respective years.

I’m ranked 4th on the Australian all-time list for the Marathon behind Rob De Castella, Steve Moneghetti and Derek Clayton.

I’m ranked 5th on the Australian all-time list for the Half Marathon behind Darren Wilson, Steve Moneghetti, Collis Birmingham and Lee Troop.

Marathon Rankings 1911 – 2011

Must have been early 90’s during a track session.
The other guy could run a bit!

1999 World Championships

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1988 Australian Cross Country Champs

1995 Beppu Marathon
1st place 2.09.39

1997 Gold Coast Airport Marathon

1994 smh half marathon 61:11

Runners I’ve helped

Since hanging up my “fast” runners, I’ve helped hundreds of runners achieve their goals. Sub 3hrs for a Marathon – Sub 2hrs for a Half Marathon or to be able to run continuously for 5km. Feedback from runners I’ve helped achieve can be found here.