Recipe for Recovery

Recipe for Recovery by Kerith Duncanson The two nutrition priorities after a big training session or race are rehydration and glycogen replacement. Endurance athletes are well-aware of the need to replace fluids, but carbohydrate consumption is equally important after a training or racing as you will have depleted muscles of glycogen and the only […]

The Carb Connection

The Carb Connection by Kerith Duncanson Carbohydrate is the ultimate fuel source for exercise. It is found in the blood as glucose and stored in muscles and liver as linked sugars called glycogen. The level of sugar in your blood stays about the same, even during exercise. GLYCOGEN stores are used to keep the […]

Practice makes Perfect

Practice makes Perfect by Kerith Duncanson Many runners place so much emphasis on training that they overlook race practice in preparation for an event. Try to consider all aspects of your preparation, including nutrition, so that your best performances are not left on the training track. For races up to one hour duration, ensure […]

Benita Willis on track for fourth Olympics

The former world cross country champion, now 32 years of age, finished second in the Houston Marathon (2:28:34) behind Alemitu Abera winning time of 2:23:14.

Ethiopia bans Olympic champion

Ethiopia has indefinitely banned 35 athletes – including Olympic men’s 5,000 and 10,000 metres champion Kenenisa Bekele – from competition in a row over training.

Alpha Magazine – The Long Haul by Pat Carroll

Check out an article I wrote for Alpha Magazine titled “The Long Haul“      

The toughest man alive

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Barefoot Running

The science of sport: Barefoot running article

80 year old runs 3.15 for a Marathon

Great article from Inside Haton: 80 year old runs 3.15 for a Marathon

Tribute to Pat Farmer