Recently I was driving to an early morning group session when I noticed that summer was slowly disappearing and what was daylight at the very same time only a few weeks ago was now pitch dark. It made me aware of the challenges that early morning runners face as the days grow shorter. Mottram would […]


The 4 weeks prior to any major race is always an exciting time. Training is in full swing and conversations are filled with talk of possible personal bests and post race celebrations. It’s not only about the last 4 weeks That’s 4 weeks before, but what about 20 weeks before? 20 weeks prior to a […]

A top read reflecting back on Peter Snell’s mile world record

For Sir Murray Halberg, it was a night tinged with death and sadness. For Peter Snell, it was the moment he realised he wasn’t just an 800m runner. For athletics official (and an athlete himself) Toby Bowyer, it was a time when the police detective didn’t mind suffering ‘grievous bodily harm’ at the hands of […]

My Beppu Experience

When I was progressing through the ranks in the early 80’s I spent a great deal of time training with Lawrie Adams who inspired me to contest a marathon in Japan. Lawrie had a personal best of 2:15:59 which he had clocked at the Beppu Marathon in Japan. I eventually discovered that Japan had five […]

Beppu-Oita Mainichi Marathon live online Feb 3

Japan hosts a number of elite Marathons with tough qualifying criteria. I managed to run all of them during my career including three visits to Beppu – 94 (4th) 2.11.51 – 95 (1st) 2.09.39 and 99 (7th) 2.11.39. Beppu will take place this Sunday (Feb 5) and Australia’s own Jeff Hunt will be towing the […]

R4YL article “Ignoring the Voices”

Lisa Scholfield put together this great article and yours truly gets a word in: In a perfect world, each training run would be perfect, the sun would be shining, you’d be strong and motivated and you’d feel the wind beneath your feet. But we all know that life isn’t perfect and there are days when […]

Ashero, Mergia win Dubai Marathon

Ayele Abshero of Ethiopia won the Dubai Marathon on Friday, setting a course record of 2 hours, 4 minutes, 23 seconds in his first marathon. Four men broke 2:05 in the race, eight broke 2:06, 10 broke 2:07, 14 broke 2:08, 15 broke 2:09, and 17 broke 2:10 – all records as fastest-ever times for […]


Breakfast by Kerith Duncanson Whether you are a morning person who bounds out of bed or a night owl who doesn’t function well in the early hours, breakfast can give your day a kick-start. How many times have you been told that you SHOULD eat breakfast, because it is “GOOD FOR YOU”?  Honestly, who […]

Nutrition tips for woman on the run

Nutrition tips for woman on the run by Kerith Duncanson Nutrition is an issue that has become increasingly important to women who compete in sport. Our expanding knowledge of how appropriate nutrition can enhance performance and how poor nutritional habits can impair performance has followed the progression of our sporting endeavors from a recreational […]


HYPONATRAEMIA by Kerith Duncanson During exercise, more sodium is lost in sweat than is usually replaced by food and fluids. Your body can tolerate a degree of imbalance for a short period of time. If the imbalance continues for too long, sodium in the bloodstream is diluted and hyponatraemia (low concentration of sodium in […]