Altitude training for elite distance runners

Ever since the 1968 Mexico City Olympic Games which was held at an altitude of 2300 m, the use of altitude to improve performance has been widely used by endurance athletes. Since then there has been a wide range of research that has investigated the use of altitude training to improve competition performance in elite […]

Kenya’s marathon men

‘You want to know what the secret is? That there is no secret.” Brother Colm O’Connell, a retired Irish priest and one of Kenya’s top running coaches, is almost spitting with delight as he talks to me. We are standing in the grounds of St Patrick’s school in Iten, Kenya. On the grass in front […]

These Kenyan runners, how do they keep on winning?

A Kenyan winning the New York, Boston or London marathon has become such a constant feature of the athletic landscape that we don’t question it anymore — it is one of those things that just come with being a Kenyan. But beyond Kenyan borders, athletes and sports pundits are still baffled at how a tiny […]

Deadlier than dehydration

Like many marathon runners, Kate Mori always drank plenty of fluids before, during and after a race, rather than waiting until she got thirsty. “I’d always been taught you had to ‘stay ahead’ of thirst and that being thirsty was a sign you were already dehydrated,” says the 42-year-old sports scientist. Read more:

Even pace running

I’ve been involved in distance running for over twenty years and the methods I try to instill in runners have come about via my successes and failures, and also what I’ve observed in others. One of the most common questions I’m asked relates to competition and what would be the best way to successfully achieve […]

Sports Nutrition Training Session

Brisbane / The Ship Inn (South Bank) / Saturday April 28 /7.30 am / $220 The session will be conducted over a 1 hour training session. More details here

Australia’s Jessica Trengove has run an Olympic qualifier

South Australia’s Jessica Trengove has run an Olympic qualifier in her debut marathon in Nagoya, Japan.A consistent 72 minute half-marathoner over the past few years, 24-year-old Trengove finished 14th to record a time of 2:31:02. More here

Australians to compete in New York Half Marathon

Australians Ben St. Lawrence (debut), Collis Birmingham (1:05:46) and Michael Shelley (1:02:10), and Lisa Jane Weightman (1:09:00) will compete in the NYC Half Marathon on March 18. More here.

Racing Better

One of my online clients recently contacted me frustrated by the fact he runs much better in training than in races. All of his performances in training (including a 10min 30sec 3k) indicate a Sub 40min 10k is possible however ten consecutive 4min k’s is a feat which is becoming more of an indestructible blockade […]

Abdi running for his life

IN 1996, Algerian Youcef Abdi had 24 hours to decide. One day to make up his mind about where to spend the rest of his life. One day to escape. Abdi was in an Algerian military training camp in the desert. He was meant to be in a camp for elite athletes but a foul-up […]