Why does a runner need IRON?


Iron is very important for carrying oxygen in the blood and for making new red blood cells. Adequate iron helps you to feel energetic and healthy. Iron deficiency (anaemia) can make you feel tired, look pale and generally feel unwell. More here…

Men’s Fitness Marathon guide by Pat Carroll


Always wondered what it would be like to run a marathon, but find it difficult to unglue your arse from the couch? Here’s your chance. Aussie running great Pat Carroll, who has a 2:09.39 PB and is a four-time winner of Queensland’s Gold Coast Airport Marathon, has put together a 20-week training guide for rookie […]

The Carbo Load for Marathon Runners


Carbo loading (for a Marathon) occurs naturally over the last week or so prior to race day given you’ve cut back training (but not food!!!). Ideally you’ll be replacing some non carb foods with carb choices (more rice less stir fry, more cereal less yoghurt etc) and decrease protein and fibre, just so you can […]

Masters combine to shine at Games


TWO Olympic gold medallists and a Commonwealth Games long-distance runner are the impressive ambassadors for the eighth Pan Pacific Masters Games on the Gold Coast. More about Glynis Nunn-Cearns, Natalie Cook and Pat Carroll here….

Natalie Cook, Glynis Nunn-Cearns & Pat Carroll launch Pan Pacific Masters Games


More than 12,500 people are expected to take part in the eight-day event from November 3, with more than 450 from New Zealand, 200 from Papua New Guinea and 200 from other regional countries. Additionally, there will be 39 sports, with the inclusion of AFL 9s, athletics beach mile, calisthenics, cycling and outrigger canoeing. More […]

PCRG raises $45,000 for charity


PCRG raised $45,000 for Harri Creevy and Luke Farrelly during PCRG’s 2012 Gold Coast Airport Marathon Campaign. Harri/Matt (Harri’s Father) and Pat Carroll were featured in the Courier Mail. Here’s the article.

Body + Soul article featuring Pat Carroll


The attached article appeared Nationally in Body_Soul on July 15 2002. Here it is.

Athletics Australia is out of touch!


IT had been a rare good run for Athletics Australia until last week’s enlightening Genevieve LaCaze selection fiasco. In recent weeks AA selectors, endorsed by the AA board, overturned their own high performance manager Eric Hollingsworth’s  tougher marathon selection criteria and picked three men for the Olympic road race. Then AA sensibly also picked Melissa […]

Men’s Fitness article by Pat Carroll


I was asked by Men’s Fitness to pen a 6 week 10k training program for the Gold Coast Airport Marathon 10k. Here it is.

Class-Action Lawsuit against Vibram/Fivefingers


Last week, Berman DeValerio, one of the country’s (USA) premier class action law firms focused on business litigation, has filed a class-action lawsuit against Vibram and Vibram FiveFingers in the U.S. District Court of Massachusetts. The complaint seeks a jury trial on the grounds that Vibram is making “false” health claims about its product. More […]